Gilpin Railroad Incident

Gilpin Railroad Incident


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Watchin' Over Me

Written By: Becky Bowden

It's 2 o'clock on a February morning, a soft snow is coming down.
I turn my face up to the quiet sky above my sleepy old hometown.
and I wonder if it's my father dropping snowflakes to cool my burning tears,
creating such a pure and peaceful calm that I haven't felt in years.
It's like he knows just when I need him, sometimes he shows up in my dreams
to tell me that we're both OK, and life is simpler than it seems ...
and that he's watchin' over me.
Yeah he's watchin' over me.

Well, Momma, you know I've been in some sticky situations.
I've made mistakes, I've hit the wall, lord knows I've tested people's patience.
And I've been tempted to just give it up, so many times I've come too close.
And when I want you here to guide me, that's when I'm missin’ you the most.
But even on my worst day, I know things can’t be that bad,
cause when I see you in my daughter’s eyes, I know you’ll always have my back ...
and that you're watchin’ over me,
watchin' over me.

Just like anyone who’s had to be the one that’s left behind,
I pray to god you keep on checkin' in from time to time ...
and keep watchin’ over me,
watchin' over me.

I said “Good luck” to a soldier friend of mine just the other night,
and I asked him if he’s scared at all about going off to fight.
He said, “Buddy, I don’t mind telling you I’ve never been so full of fear,
but that’s nothing compared to the love I have for this ground we hold so dear.
And while I’ve never been quite sure if there’s a god for real
it doesn’t mean there’s not some higher power that I’ll feel ...
and it's watchin’ over me.”

And he said, "Like anyone who's had to put their life out on the line
I hope some guardian angel's checkin' in from time to time."
Yeah like anyone who's put their life and love out on the line,
it's good to know there's someone checkin' in from time to time ...
and watchin’ over me, yeah ...

(Watchin' over me) Oh I know you're there
(Watchin' over me) standin' right beside
(Watchin' over me) yeah well I know you're there
(Watchin' over me) Oh forever
Watchin' ...