Gil Ron Shama

Gil Ron Shama


Gil Ron Shama is an internationally acclaimed artist, musician and writer. A founding member of the hugely successful Israeli band Sheva, his artistic work incorporates world music sounds together with poetry of the Jewish heart and African rhythms beating side by side with electronic beats.


Gil Ron Shama is an acclaimed artist, musician and writer and an ambassador of goodwill on behalf of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Muslim countries.

His artistic work incorporates world music sounds together with poetry of the Jewish heart, African rhythms beating side by side with electronic beats- the ancient touches the futuristic and cultures meet beyond space and time.

Gil Ron Shama has traveled all around the world, studying drums and stories from tribes and locals. In Israel, he has founded theatres and theatre groups, acting, directing and performing throughout the country. He studied yoga and meditation in India and in 1997 was one of the founders of Sheva (Seven) band, which grew to be one of Israel’s favorite and most successful bands, and an internationally renowned band on the world music scene, having performed at major international festivals and venues worldwide. In 2006, Sheva won Best Live Album of the Year at the prestigious Independent Music Awards (IMA). Now, more than a decade after the band's formation, the group’s success continues with regular perfomances both in Israel and internationally.

In 2003, Gil Ron, together with Alon Amano Campino founded The Diwan Project – a unique cultural experience that brings musicians and audience together in a mutual song meeting of sacred music.

The Diwan Project album was released in October, 2008 to high critical praise and continues to sell extremely well in Israel.

For over a decade, Gil has been fulfilling his vision as a communicator between streams, nations, religions and cultures, carrying a message of peace, dialogue and harmony through music, words and listening. He is also an ambassador of goodwill in the Arab world in Muslim countries who don’t have regular diplomatic relations with Israel. Gil is also responsible for translating the admired Sufi poet Jalal a-din Rumi from English to Hebrew.

At the heart of Gil’s work is the connection between Judaism and Islam, the theological, cultural and human likeness of the two religions and the ways in which the similarities can be highlighted over the differences. His ground-breaking work is forging the way for both young Israelis and Jews from around the world to reconnect to their heritage and traditions. In Israel, Gil Ron's music projects have been hugely successful, sparking somewhat of a cultural and spiritual renaissance through his fresh, youthful, Oriental vibe.


The Diwan Project (2008)
Sheva - Live in Australia (2005)
Sheva - Garden (2002)
Sheva - Day & Night (1998)
Sheva - Celestial Wedding (1997)

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Set List

Shalosh Asara Midot
Ce ayal ta'arog
Nishmat Kol Chai
Mor v'levoona
Sar Ha'memoona
Ben Adam
Lecha elai
Ha Kol Ya'avor
Atzola L'panim
Ya'alah Ya'alah
Eem Betoch Ha'aish