Gil Velazquez

Gil Velazquez


One-Stop Licensing... An guitarist/composer with a dynamic spectrum of emotionally filled instrumental electric guitar compositions from alternative, techno, latin, advant garde, new age and experimental styles mixed within the realm of Rock. One-Stop Licensing for multimedia, stage, film and TV.


His Musical Direction Spans Influences from all Genres of Music with One-Stop Licensing for all Platforms.

With each new piece he writes, Gil feels a story is essential to the writing process. "Since lyrics are not the main voice, it is imperative that I visualize an event, emotion, a point in someone's life, something that can be translated into music with the guitar as the primary voice". I feel that too often, the synthesizer, along with computer generated samples have dominated the media scoring environment for quite some time and we have lost the organic, yet unpredictable dynamics of the electric guitar as a voice to support the message on film, screen or stage.

His influences have ranged from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Carlos Santana, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck and Miles Davis.

While performing, Gil also sees the live experience as a part of his method of songwriting and composing. Whether engaged in open jams, or solo performances, he is always looking to make his compositions accessible to his audience, while never quite predictable.


Callin 4 an Answer

Written By: Gil Velazquez

Dialin out
to find what I need on the other side
is there somebody on the line
picking up my call for an answer

Are U there?

Reachin out
I think I have the right number
am I callin out or callin in?
Just callin for an answer

why haven't you returned my calls
is there anybody there
anybody to answer

I'm just calling 4 an answer
we are all callin 4 an answer
if you have the number
why don't you pass it along

Do Ya Thing

Written By: Gil Velazquez

What's the time
gotta go unwind
to do the thing
that makes you shine

Dont' look up
and don't look down
just drive ahead
and make your sound

Do ya thing
right right now

Do ya thing

Do ya thing
come on baby now
just do ya...


His first debut CD "My Introduction" was released in 2008. Currently his tracks have aired on WCRX- Chicago, RadioUgly of New York, New Jersey Home Grown Radio and the Penguin (Asbury Park, NJ). In addition tracks from "My Introduction" has been included in the PumpAudio Music Library for placement in TV, Film, Game and Web applications.

Set List

Due to the performances being comprised of a solo artist, a typical set is 2 hours (includes 20 min break).