Sexy Dark Folky Trip Hoppy Love


Hi... I am Gin, a simple girl from a small southern Texas town. I grew up around music, inspired mostly by my Grandfather and Papa who were always singing at me in hopes I would catch on, and I did. At an early age, I was performing small shows in my Grandma's living room, and forming fake bands with my friends and family, I played air guitar and sang to Diana Ross records (thanks to my mama), it was my speciality. At age 13, my papa bought me my first guitar, and I have been writing ever since... molding, sculpting, prodding and poking my sound until I found that the music I was making, was actually something I would listen to. I am a graduate of Full Sail in Orlando FL, where I studied Recording Arts, but mostly just realized that Recording Arts was not for me. After that quick realization I up and moved to Austin Texas in search of some warm bodies and like minds to help make my music come alive. Austin was the right place to do so, Although none of my current members are from Austin. Ironic? I then became a business owner and have been working on writing my debut record, while promoting other local artists. My style is influenced a lot by old jazz vocals and folky strings. It is dark and romantic, and I dwell in my simplicity and cant seem to stray from it. It is a battle with myself, a fluent love story with strawberries and fields, an ongoing feud with casual encounters, and a silly time with dinosaurs and robots. I hope you enjoy it.


Debut record coming soon!

Set List

3:23 AM
Story Of A Girl
Little Bean
The Ghost
Son of A Bitch
End of The World
Fairy Wings and Cigarettes
Summer Verses

We do occasional covers.