The Waterbase Project

The Waterbase Project

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Waterbase is a CD of New Age music with water as its unifying theme. Ambient soundscapes were created by combining nature sounds with a variety of acoustic instruments, electric and fretless bass and the synth midi bass. The resulting lush, evocative atmospheres make Waterbase ideal for relaxation.


As a professional musician in the Mid-Atlantic region for the past 20 plus years Gina has offered her talents to such artists as Gary King (New age artist and composer for Warner Bros.) Singer - Songwriter Sheryl Skye (Soma River Records) Judith Pennington (Eagle Life Communications) and various variety bands .

As a producer Gina has worked with some great musicians local and regional. Ie.Vini Banchi (saxophone in the NYC-Pocono area) and Jamie Haddad (Percussionist-Paul Simon), to name just a few.

As a full time private music instructor Gina is now bringing her experiences and knowledge to students of all ages.

The innovative creator of New Age Relaxation musical work WATERBASE Gina hopes to keep creating musical works to help people reach their inner peace and enjoy life more through music and nature sounds.
Gina Balducci’s musical sketches emerged from her own playing on bass. The innovative creator of  WATERBASE is not the first artist to discover in music a link to the subconscious mind. She hears in the abundance of nature's sounds the essence of the rhythms and melodies that define music. She is one of the few to emerge with a genuinely inspired soundscape that transforms the spirit and energy of water into music.
Encouraged to further pursue this musical journey to overcome her own tension and insomnia, Gina began to search for a personal link to that deeper center that defines each of us and to examine for herself how music affects the body and mind. As she read, researched, meditated, and listened, an enthusiasm took hold. What began as an exercise to calm her own mind, became a communal journey.
WATERBASE unites Gina's creativity in composing and writing songs with her drive to produce an experience of sound that communicates pictures.


Waterbase CD re-released 2009 Cd Baby and available on iTunes.
Rain. Aired on Echoes radio program 1997-1999. Morning Call write up Feb 7 1998. New works to be release sometime in 2010
Composer for Guided Meditation Works of Judith Pennington and released 2009 for Eagle Life Communications.
Produced and played bass guitar on "Ripple" CD for singer/songwriter Sheryl Skye, 1998. Original bass player for the Large Flowerheads

Set List

City Creek, Rain, The River, The End of the Day, Central Park, any new works.
New Age style.