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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Gina Citoli Performance - Media Max Expos and Events"

“The most life enriching performance I have ever had the privilege
of listening to. The lyrics were up-lifting and delivered in such a way
that I felt Gina was communicating one on one with everybody in the
audience. A real refreshing experience, if you get a chance jump at any
opportunity to listen.”
- Rick Martinek - Media Max Expos

"Peace Concert - Turtle River Press"

“The concert was awesome - so talented - who would have thought that big huge voice could come out of a little body!

Very professional stage presence that draws people in.

I see huge successes for this music! Keep up the great work.”

- Turlt River Press - Connie Bickman

"Our Culture Global Villages"

By Franz Nahrada

How did you commemorate September 11th? I went to a meeting of people that are absolutely out of the cycle of fear, anger and revenge. Hanswerner Mackwitz and Magdalena Reinberg were showing their film "The sudden disappearance - Bioplastic is winning our future" featuring the miracles of "green chemistry" and a biogenic turn away from petrol-based chemistry.

But the real sensation of the evening was visionary songstress and scribe Gina Citoli, a classic rock singer with incredible voice. She agreed that her songs were used on the soundtrack of the film, and she came over to Austria to participate in the first public viewing of the film. She sang four songs and each one seemed to be more energizing than the other. I hardly found an artist who can convey that much light energy on the spot. - By Franz Nahrada

"Spring Event Review"

“As far as an artist giving a performance all they have, Gina takes front stage in this arena. Her sets are meaningful and passionate, not to mention charged with pure electricity and magic. When you are in the room with her you feel the soul of the music permeate every fiber of your being. It is an amazing experience.”
- OKP Events

"The Magick CD - Fireworks Magazine - London"

Thoughtful, powerful, female-fronted melodic rock music.
It is conceptual, ethereal and life-enhancing music, which focuses upon the spirit of the human race and the possibilities that we can unlock with an environmental and spiritual consciousness and awareness, encouraging the best from each and every one of us.

It is enthralling, intoxicating stuff! Repeated plays have certainly paid dividends, and I am sure will continue to do so."
- Fireworks Magazine - London

"“Bridging The Water Gap” - International Water Conference"

A Cabaret of Consciousness is one of the shows that is a must see for all ages. Gina's ability to communicate and engage with the audience is nothing like I have ever experienced before. Her voice is like a choir of angels. Gina's sense of humor and her stage presence had me laughing, crying and just purely in a state of bliss. This one woman show was beyond any expectations I could have had......."look out Broadway here she comes."

AquaEssence ReSource

- AquaEssence ReSource

"Body Mind, Spirit FM 107"

A Cabaret Of Consciousness is one of the most awe-inspiring, shows ever!

Gina connects the mind, body, spirit and emotions in her message to heal ourselves and the world. Her information takes us on a journey within…..where all healing begins.

Gina’s voice is a messenger of spirit connecting us with a higher vibration. She leaves us with a feeling of love and joy. - Tina Johnson

"Variety of Short Quotes from Radio, Internet and other Media."

The magic that is produced is intensely necessary. ...Great sentiment and expertly channeled."
Ben Ohmart - Music Dish, New York

"Fantastic !" - Gaia's Vibes Radio Australia

“Stunning theatrical style lead vocals with tremendous instrumental arrangements.”
Russ Elliot - Musical Discoveries

“Gina Citoli welds it all together with a voice that pours out quicksilver streams. And the songs!”
Scott Martin - Morgaine Records

"The star quality Voice, the thought provoking and soul touching lyrics, the engaging music.. Riveting, exciting, and spellbinding! Gina's live performances are more than just a show, they are health food for the spirit."
United Earth Alliance

Gina's songs These Are The Days and It All Come Down To Love are fantastic. They ring with soul and inspiration and with relevance for our times. They should be our new national anthems.
Burt Berlow - Spirit Road Radio & Minnesota Peace Alliance

"Gina Citoli commands your attention with a power that evokes Grace Slicks Anthems of Love and Peace stated with an even greater sense of urgency."
The Edge Magazine Minneapolis.

- Various


5 Cd's:

The Magick, Alchemy VII, & White Raven written and recorded with the band Alchemy VII.

A Cabaret of Consciousness - The sound track of Gina's one-woman musical.

Singles by Gina - A variety of music that written and recorded with different writers and musicians.



Gina is an outstanding singer, songwriter, playwright, performer and dreamer.
Her music ranges from rock to powerful ballads as well as jazzy novelty songs for the environment.
She has traveled the world with her music which has won awards, been used by NASA, in film on the environment
and in international CD compilations for peace. Two of the songs listed for you to hear These Are The Days and
It All comes Down To Love have been produced by Grammy winning producer Barry Goldstein and are
part of Gina’s one-woman musical “A Cabaret of Consciousness”.

Gina's influences have been from all walks of music and life experiences and has a strong theatrical background as well.