Gina Cook

Gina Cook


Gina Cook is a singer and songwriter, who is also a Breast Cancer survivor. Her lyrics tell a story without you reading a book. Her voice and honesty through her lyrics need to be heard!


I grew up in the music industry. My parents were traveling evangelist and had albums that hit the gospel charts and my sister,brother and I sang together. I have always loved to sing. It was during my time of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2004, that I realized I had the gift of songwriting. I am cancer free now and am living life to its fullest and enjoy singing. I have my first cd out called "Life is Wonderful" and have written all ten songs on my cd. I am looking forward to making more cd's and also writing songs for other major artist and motion pictures and would love to be on a major record Label and share my music with the World! I am so grateful to God for my life and family!


Life Is Wonderful

Written By: Gina Cook

Verse 1:
I got my family,I got my car,
Were gonna have fun, and were going very far
We dont know what life has in store
But were living it up and everything were grateful for because
Life is Wonderful, Life is Wonderful
Life is Wonderful , I can see
Life is Wonderful, Life is Wonderful
Life is Wonderful to me
Verse 2
I got my health, got more time
were gonna have fun and were lving on every dime
We dont know what life has in store
But were living it up and were gonna live it a little more because
Life is good and I cant complain cause theres always sunshine after the rain.
It has its ups and downs but I hope to live it long
Life it happy, live it loud, and life it strong..


Gina has released her first cd "Life is Wonderful".
genres Gina writes : Country,Pop, Gospel

Gina Cook's song "Life is Wonderful" and "Why Me" have been heard on 949 The Bull Country radio in Atlanta, Ga.

Gina Cook has acted in Singer and Songwriter Shamoras "Substance Abuse Tour" and also is furthering her acting career in other plays as well. Her latest is taking on a challenging role as a death and blind women.

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