Gina DeSimone

Gina DeSimone


Party Recipe:Start with one woman, Gina, a bunch of guitars, and a whole lotta blue fire. Set on a solid foundation of Ron's steady beats & tireless wit. Add Pat's unstoppable energy of on bass & harmonies. Top with mind blowing solos by David on cornet & harmonica. Dance Your Pants Off!


Nominated for Best Contemporary Folk Istrumentalist in the 2007 Wammie Awards!

Nominated for Best Contemporary Folk Recording and Best Contemporary Folk Instrumentalist in the
2005 Wammie Awards!

Acoustic Groove.
That's what Gina calls her brand of music.
Acoustic guitar marked by bass lines and rhythmic percussive playing that will have your toes tappping, your head bobbing and your body moving.

Although Gina's style leans towards blues, her music runs the gamut of styles.
She'll start you off with a jumpin' Chicago blues then fingerpick a Delta blues tune, turn around and she throws in a folk ballad or jazzy piece.
Crowds are invited to howl in her song "Howlin' at the Moon" and yell out "Straw Broom Boogie" for this boogie tune. One audience member remarked, "I just came in for one drink, but when I got up to leave Gina played a completely different song. I ended up staying all night just to see what was coming up next. I never got bored."


Slow River

Written By: Gina DeSimone

I’m tired like a slow river
I’m going on back to the sea
I’m tired like a slow river
This ramblin’s got the best of me

The steep slopes are just a memory
The rocks and the raging falls
I ran so fast, so crazy
I was ready, ready to do it all

Now I’m stuck in the swamps of this delta
She won’t set me free
These banks they used to give me shelter
Now there just a prison for me

I’m tired like a slow river
I’m going on back to the sea
I’m tired like a slow river
This ramblin’s got the best of me


Oh Lord, I gotta stop this wanderin’
Oh Lord, I got to find some peace
I gotta get back to my beginnings
Oh Lord, I’m down on my knees

I’m tired like a slow river
I’m going on back to the sea
I’m tired like a slow river
This ramblin’s got the best of me

The Seven Sisters

Written By: Gina DeSimone

On the other side of never
Wherever that may be
Across the hallowed bridge and back
The depth of eternity
The seven sisters roam the skies
Never do they rest
They travel all throughout the night
Then sink into the west

And when their fire falls down from the sky
They'll steal your breath away
And when the day it seems dark as the night
You'll kneel down to pray

Beautiful and terrible
Dangerous and kind
Their temper unpredictable
Their will it turns the tide
They speak to those who listen
To those who read the signs
But those live in ignorance
They’ll all be left behind


They ride on steads of fire
The unicorns of old
They live the unknown mysteries
Of heros never told
Looking down with ancient eyes
Across this mortals earth
The seven sisters great and wise
Will judge what life is worth

Did You Love Me

Written By: Gina DeSimone

You layed your burden on me
I carried it like a stone
I went down to the river
I could not let it go

When it came to sunset, I thought
Its time to sink or swim
One way or another
I’ll start all over again

If I swim away across this great river
Would you know I’d gone
Would you know I still long
For you?

I tried to walk away
But I could not resist
Your voice inside my head cried
The promise of the love I’d missed

Turning back, I thought
Don’t go turning back
The love that I recall
It could never be like that again

The water was so warm
I braved the coming storm
A light flashed in my eyes
And lifted me into the sky


"The Moons of Jupiter" 2005
"Drifting" 2000

Set List

Set length varies according to need.
45 -50 minutes is typical.
We can do 2-3 hrs worth of music with a mix of originals and covers

Leave it all Behind
Moons of Jupiter
Slow River
This Old Soul
No Serenading
Howling at the Moon
City on Fire
Dance Around My Heart
Sand in My Shoes
It'll Come Along

Stray Cat Strut
In the Dark - Nina Simone
Straw Broom Boogie - Del Rey/Memphis Minnie
Gimme One Reason - Tracy Chapman
Viper - '30' blues tune
Men are Like Streetcars - '30' blues tune
Kansas City - Muddy Waters
Lean on Me - Bill Withers
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
Going Down Slow - Billy Oden
Tappin' that Thing - Yank Rachell (delta blues)