Gina Gonzalez

Gina Gonzalez


A veteran to the music scene, Gina Gonzalez has a voice like no other. A mix of rock, blues, folk and pop...her songwriting is as real as she is. Gina is currently touring with Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band and playing solo shows in and around Chicago.


Chicago based Singer/Songwriter Gina Gonzalez is no stranger to the music scene. She has performed at some of the best known venues, including the House of Blues Orlando and Chicago. She has lent her vocal talent to four albums by various artists including Signing Einstein, in which she was featured. Gina is also a member of the world famous Lt. Dan Band featuring actor/director Gary Sinise.
Gina began playing solo shows in and around Chicago. She released her first solo album in 2002 and got a great response. Gina states, “I've always had a love for entertaining, whether it’s for a huge venue or just an intimate gathering ”. Her drive to make a name for herself continued and by the following year she was playing regular weekly performances, as well as opening up for some of Chicago’s best known local bands. She has become well known for her acoustic shows that feature music of various styles. “I make sure to involve the audience and play music according to what the crowd wants to hear” Gina says. She has been performing acoustic shows for over six years now and continues to captivate audiences everywhere. She is currently working on her third solo album.
As an accomplished artist, Gina feels fortunate enough to be able to do something that she loves, and also to share her music with others. She has been featured on Chicago’s very own 93 WXRT Local Anesthetic Capsule and continues to travel around the U.S. and overseas performing. Her original song, “A Letter Home” inspired by her USO tours and written for the troops, is being played on radio stations across the country. As a performer she is able to communicate with her audience, not just play for them. Gina Gonzalez has got the voice and presence to make you feel the music, and she will leave you wanting just a little bit more…


Laugh Out Loud

Written By: Gina Gonzalez

It's been kind of tough since I came back to life but being with you makes everything alright
I don't need much but you give me alot give me all of your time and everything you've got
Everytime I look for answers I get more confused so I'm
Letting go of everything I thought I new with you I'm gonna start all over
I spent five years at a dead end job couldn't take anymore so I packed my car
I moved out west tried to hang with the crowd I swear I heard the angels laugh out loud
Everytime I've tried to change I've stayed more the same so I'm
Letting go of everything I thought I new with you I'm gonna start all over
Put the past around you
tell me what you think you see
Life isn't some fairytale
Now I know what I want to be
Growing old doesn't have to mean sitting around to die so I'm
letting go of everthing I though I knew with you I'm gonna start all over


Vertigo 1999
Sining Einstein 2002
A Letter Home-single 2004
Dreams 2004
Mine is Yours 2008


Set List

Shows can vary from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Cover songs include hits to obscure songs ranging from 1950's to current.

Sample Set List for a 3-4 hour show

1. Redemption Song
2. Strong Enough
3. Clocks
4. Beautiful Disguise
5. Big Yellow Taxi
6. Come to my Window
7. Daughter
8. Don’t Know Why
9. All along the Watchtower
10. Take it easy
11. Margarita’s in the Sand
12. Folsom Prison Blues
13. Mysterious Ways
14. Me and Julio

1. Big Black Horse
2. All I want to do
3. Landslide
4. Crazy
5. Trip on a High Wire
6. Elderly woman
7. Plush
8. Creep
9. Laugh out Loud
10. Santeria
11. Don’t get me wrong
12. Good Riddance
13. If you could only see
14. Can’t Always Get

1. Jane Says
2. Wonder Wall
3. Brown Eyed Girl
4. Joker
5. I Will Survive
6. Jack and Diane
7. We can work it out
8. Traveling Blues
9. Take my picture
10. One
11. Send me on my way
12. The worst thing
13. Before you accuse me
14. Mrs. Robinson