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When Love Finds It's Way

Written By: Gina Quartaro

We talk about love when it’s nowhere in site
And we dream with no one by our side
It’s like wishing on a star on a cloudy night
Until love finds its’ way into your life

As we rise to a new day, hope fills the air
With those three little words that we long to hear
My emotions run wild whenever you’re near
Every night I hope and pray that you’ll always be there


Cuz when love finds its’ way into your life
And you’ve walked alone for the very last time
I’m talking about you and me baby, it’s such a natural thing
Something words cannot explain
When love finds its’ way.

Now I can’t help but wonder what took you so long
From the first time I saw you I knew you were the one
You pretended not to notice, but I knew just the same
And I’ve waited for that spark to turn into this flame



You’ll all I’ve ever wanted
You say you feel the same way too
If heaven and earth collide baby
This love would see us through