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The best kept secret in music


"Gina W...New Pop Princess?"

Sure, there's Britney, Christina, Mandy and Jessica who all claim to be queens of pop. With these powerful pop girls dominating the industry, is there any room for one more pop princess? We like to think so.

One of the girls that we have been watching closely is Malibu native Gina W. She's not your typical Malibu girl. In fact she didn't exactly grow up in Malibu either. At a young age, gina W. moved to Colorado with her family and began taking her music career seeriously by the age of four. Unlike any musicians who have come before her, this girl not only sings, but she dances, writes, produces, acts, and plays the guitar and piano. This mages Gina W. a septuple threat.

We caught up with the artist that the Los Angeles Times, Malibu Times and Rockit News agreed was a sensational performer. She spoke with us during a break from her rehearsal for her November 4th performance at The Gig on Melrose.

When and how did you first become interested in music?

I've been into music since I was very young. In our home we had a huge living room and my mother didn't put any furniture in the living room because that was my space for dancing and singing. I would always have my girlfriends over and I would make them sing and dance and dress up. I have always loverd to perform, and I have been fortunate to have the support of my parents who would take me to musicals, plays, and even got me involved with the church choir at a young age.

How long have you been involved with music?

I started taking voice and dance lessons when I was 4 years old and I haven't stopped since.

What are your musical influences?

I have so many influences but one of the biggest ones has to be Shania Twain, even though I don't sing country music, I admire the fact that she writes her own music, she sings, and she produces, and above all the fact that she is so down to earth. I also have been very influences by artists such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and of course Madonna, she is such an amazing performer.

Does anyone else in your family play music?

They sing in the shower, does that count? Actually no one in my family has ever pursued a career in music, but they have always supported me and encouraged me to learn and experience all types of music.

What else do you do besides play music?

I sing, dance, write, and am learnng from my producer how to produce. He has been like my guardian angel, he was the first one to suggest that I use my diary entries to produce my own songs. I wrote every song on my forthcoming CD, I was very excited about that, and nervous because I didn get very personal with them. Aside from that I enjoy acting and am currently taking acting lessons. Music is my first love but I would definitely love to do some acting.

So in your bio I noticed that you are originally from California and then you moved to Colorado. How do you like being back in California after spendingf a few years in Colorado?

I love being in California, I love the warm weather and it is definitely the place to be if you want to be a part of music industry. I am very fortunate though because I get to go back to Colorado and visit often. I get to meet people in both places and keep in contact with my friends and family.

- LA's The Place online magazine

"Rising Star To Perform"

Gina W. and her band will be performing live on April 28 at the Malibu Inn, doors open at 6 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. Special guests to be announced. All ages, dinner and full bar available. This is
a party not to be missed.

Gina W. is a local Malibu girl, who is performing in support of her first album, "Love Conquers All", which is due in stores Spring 2007 on CSG Music. She may be the quintessential California teen, but put her in front of her blazing band of Hollywood rockers and she's instantly transformed into a vocal powerhouse.

- Malibu Times, April 20, 2006

"Gina W. is Focused and Ready"

What were you doing when you were 18? If you are like most people (myself included), you were in class, skipping class, getting drunk (illegally), or hung over. Translation: you were completely lost, with no motivation, and lacking any kind of ambition. But that's OK, because maybe you shouldn't be comparing yourself to Gina W. The reason for that being, most likely you will come out losing...and who likes to lose?

Gina W., who is back in her native California (Malibu to be exact), after living in Colorado for most of her young life, knew exactly what she wanted at the impressive age of 12. And no, she was not at all pushed to pursue a career in show business by demanding, money hungry parents. It was actually the contrary. Gina had to convince her parents, who both thought it was a phase, that she was in it for real, that it was actually her calling. She has, in fact, been a performer as far back as she can remember. Both her dad, who lives back in Colorado, and her mom, whom she lives with in Malibu, now understand and support her 100 percent. If it weren't for her parents, Gina's story would be a totally different one. She knows that and is very grateful for their support.

So, what exactly does Gina do, you ask? Well, she pretty much does it all. From dancing, acting and singing, to writing and producing. That's not all, Gina is always on a quest for growth, knowledge, and perfection. She is currently learning how to play the guitar and the piano. She is also seen daily at her voice coach's office, where she recently stumbled (literally!) across Tyler Hilton. She manages to squeeze in daily pilates workouts too!

Last Wednesday, I was invited to go and check out Gina's sounds live. I couldn't wait to meet the girl behind the hype and, of course, to be a part of a selected few who get the privilege to listen to her rehearse. A studio on Sunset and Wilcox was our meeting place. I was buzzed in through an alley gate, which gave my arrival a top-secret air. The studio was full of dark corridors, people running around looking busy...very rock and roll. I spotted a young blond girl and immediately knew it was Gina. I introduced myself and we got straight down to "business". She confessed that she was excited and that it was her first interview ever. Immediately I felt the pressure to make it memorable, and it was, well, at least to me it was.

I got to know all about her young life, and to be honest, it was quite fascinating. This young girl is on to something. She doesn't even have a boyfriend, she's that focused! Luckily though, she has in the past, which gave her much inspiration to write some of the songs on her 1st album, "You Cant' Handle Me". I guess that's why those two are no longer together. Well, that, and because she's "Daddy's Girl", another one of her songs. Some time later, the rest of the band showed up. The whole crew, including manager Jeff Robert, his assistant Lillian, and the music producer Andrew Rollins, were super cool. I felt right at home, and it seemed like they did too. They were sort of like a big happy family. They, it seems, have a sweet deal, being able to work with and amongst friends.

So, finally Gina hits the stage. She's totally comfortable and has a great stage presence. She feels what she sings, and it radiates. She definitely has the ingredients for success and is totally prepared for what she's about to do. That's right, she's giving her first concert on April 8th, at BB King's Blues Club. Good Luck Gina! - The Rockit News, written by Fernando Pichardo

"The 'W' Must Stand For Wow!"

Don't be so quick to dismiss all teen female vocalists. Oh sure, we've been inundated with vapid Britney wannabes and angst-ridden, adolescent singer-songwriters.

Genuine, vibrant talent still emerges, however. That was the case on April 8th at B.B. King's at the Universal CityWalk. The venue reverberated with positive energy when Gina W. and her band delivered a scintillating set of crowd-pleasing pop rock.

Gina W. shines through the hordes of young singers, the aspiring American Idols. Though the B.B. King's show marked her debut, she demonstrated remarkable poise. She also displayed a vivacious personality, an obvious passion for performing and, most importantly, has an extraordinary, compelling voice.

At age 18, Gina W. already knows instinctively how to command a stage. She dynamically whipped through a selection of instantly grabbing, original tunes. She co-wrote the songs with seasoned composer/producer Andrew Rollins.

The evening's highlights included the emotionally powerful "Two Hearts Collide" and the wistful "Wait For You" as well as the searing rockers "Poison" and "Mistaken". She infused the driving "Too Far Gone" with urgency. "Love Conquers All" proved to be a soaring, anthemic winner. After introducing her father in the audience, Gina W. made him proud with a rollicking rendition of "Daddy's Girl".

The crisp, crunching guitar work of Sean H. and Daniel McManes added an Avril Lavigne-ish edge to the exceptionally well crafted, hooky pop songs. The rhythm section was rock solid -- the throbbing bass of Gregg Cash and outstanding drumming of Ian Brumbaugh. Though confidently holding the spotlight, Gina W. showed a generous camaraderie with her bandmates. Adding polish were the alluring harmonies and smoothly choreographed dance moves she shared with her terrific back-up singers, Lindsey Porchetta and Vanessa Bryan.

Though rehearsed to a fine sheen, the set allowed spontaneity. Gina W. and the group were clearly having fun from start to finish. It was evident that she relished every moment in front of her mesmerized, dancing, head-bopping, cheering audience.

Gina W. emits an undeniable glamour, but maintains girl-next-door appeal. She bubbles with an innocently kittenish excitement. There was no denying the surging stream of electricity she generated B.B. King's.

With her CD "Love Conquers All" scheduled for release Spring 2007, Gina W. is well on her way to stardom. The "W" must stand for "Wow!" - Paul Freeman, LA Times


Debut album "Love Conquers All "comes out Spring 2007.


Feeling a bit camera shy


With the sun-kissed glow of a Malibu beach, Gina W. may appear to be a quintessential California teen, but put her in front of a blazing band of Hollywood rockers and she's instantly transformed into a vocal powerhouse. In less than twelve months, Gina has moved from Colorado to California, finished high school and has written, recorded, mixed and mastered "Can't Handle Me", her debut CD. "I'm not like most girls", she says. "Most of my friends are obsessed with having boyfriends -- that teen thing. I'm really focused on my career right now".

Focus is key: while completing high school, Gina would leave class and drive over the hill into the San Fernando Valley, to write and record with producer Andrew Rollins. In a track-driven age, the two took a decidedly organic approach. "Just a guitar", confirms Gina, "and we'd work on whatever I was feeling." Real life scenarios inspired her lyrics. "I had just come out of my first serious relationship," Gina confides, "so my first songs were about breakups. Now I'm writing about being in control and growing up."

"I've come of age
I'm not a little girl no more
I've turned that page
Those words are older than they were before"

--"Too Far Gone"

Witnessing Gina W. front a powerful assembly of
Hollywood pros, it may be a surprise that this is her
first experience with a band. Back home in Littleton,
Colorado, her first performances were as a soloist in
church. "I loved growing up in Colorado", she confirms. "The people are amazing and there are
340 days of sunshine every year."

Now, at the epicenter of the Hollywood rock world,
Gina W. is fearless in vaulting her artistry into
another dimension. "I never sang my own songs
with a band -- it's like pouring your heart out to
everyone," she confesses. Propelled by a potent
backbeat, Gina's voice occupies the absolute center of the sound as she commands center stage with assurance and authority. Substance, style, and sincerity; at an age where many young hopefuls are still drreaming of the future, Gina W. is intent on making it happen.