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..if you liked the music that Adams put out before his recent, alleged retirement, you'll probably enjoy the country numbers on Love Me Not. Start with "Barglow." - WURL FM - Jeremy can see Gin Betty! tonight at 8 p.m. The outfit will commemerate the release of its album "Love Me Not" with a set of "music to dance by, brood by, and drink canned beer by" - three activities to which the Issaquah band's swell music is particularly well-suited. If you liked Whiskeytown (and I did - so much more than I like Ryan Adams solo), you'll love this band. Tickets are priced to move at $10, a meager fee which Gin Betty's! supporting acts this evening - Widower, Random Manor and the mighty Pufferfish - could each justly earn on their own. - The Spellout

January 29, 7:32 PM
by Brian, Brandon and Gabe, Showbox Examiners

On February 7th 2008 Gin Betty played their first club show within the cozy confines of the Showbox Green Room. Now one year later they have climbed the ranks to host their very own CD release party on the main stage of the Showbox at the Market. Here are the not so secret, but often over looked keys to success.

1.) Good music. This is the most obvious ingredient to the equation, but is often overlooked when bands are in a rush to play out. If your music is good then people will eventually catch on, and will want check you out live.

2.) Large crowds that do good bar numbers. Bringing in a large crowd is essential to keeping clubs happy. When people don’t come to your shows we can’t pay our bills!

3.) Gin Betty treated all employees of the club with respect. No matter whether it is the sound guy, or the door guy, make sure to be friendly, and polite to all staff members under all circumstances. There is no excuse to be a jerk to anyone in the club.

Follow these steps and you will be sure to climb the club ranks. Play well. Bring fans. Be nice!

Gin Betty headlines their CD release party Friday February 6th at Showbox at the Market. Opening the show will be Widower, Pufferfish, and Random Manor


Love Me Not – 2009



Six of them with 600 different influences, some God given talent and one common goal... to make music that falls short of fitting into any one genre and to have a sweet ass time doing it. From country to pop, blues to hard rock, Gin Betty! has found a way to fit in a little of everything and translate it in a clean and engaging way. Songs with speed and energy and songs with depth and refrain... Challenged by the diversity of their influences, they have found it hard to generally categorize their musical styling. This easily sets them apart from so many other cookie cutter bands.

Aaron McDonnell’s bare and emotive vocal style, acoustic guitar, and occasional harmonica work is similar to the sounds of singer/songwriters and country musicians such as Ryan Adams, Johnny Cash, and Jeff Tweedy.

Kyle Larson’s engaging, face-melting, lead guitar is heavily influenced by blues and classic rock in the style of Stevie Ray, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix. One can also hear subtle guitar influences from more recent bands like Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins.

Nate Perrone, in addition to playing bass for Gin Betty!, is also a proficient guitar player and this has influenced his rare melodic bass lines which add a deep, soulful color to Gin Betty!’s sound.

Bryan Crawford's drumming hits hard and crisp and adds the necessary finishing touches to Gin Betty!, creating a much more powerfully charged and energetic experience.

Sam Allen’s keyboard work is influenced by classical and pop standards. He rounds out the group by providing a lush layer of background keyboard sounds and piano accents, bringing additional texture to Gin Betty’s full sound.

Emily Perrone's precision harmonies are equally influenced by her chorale roots and her love of classic and progressive rock. Her strong and clean vocal style is the perfect backing complement to McDonnell's raw, country baritone.

Influenced by the greats such as: Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Ryan Adams, Pearl Jam, Wilco, Willie Nelson, and Pixies.