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"About Nik's songs"

Nik sings like hes drawing on a thousand years of experience and time has just been suspended. - Second Sunday

"Down and Dirty"

Down-and-dirty hungover blues, Ray Davies style. - Viva Lewes

"Brighton's Finest"

Brighton's finest country-blues band! - The Latest


2006/7 Nikolas Barrell and The Gin Club
2008 Gin Club EP
2009 Gin Club Tour EP



Gin Club is the result of some of Brightons finest musicians and songwriters coming together to play the music they love with the people they love. A wealth of musical knowledge and experience supports this band and you can hear it in the details of Gin Clubs music. Gin Club is not a band thrown together in order to 'make it' - GinClub have been living and working together for many years and there is a depth of musical understanding between its members that can only be achieved with time. GinClub are not reliant on industry, fashion or hype, we are a band who's focus is song, music and friendship and we leave the rest to life.About Our Music
GinClubs Brighton Blues Explosion is the heir of many, many nights of great music and good times that our city is justly famous for. Our music is wonderfully, crafted rock n roll - naked, soulful, and unpretentious - rhythm and blues inspired. Every summer when were not in a venue, GinClub are to be found busking and spreading the word about great music, kept simple and direct.
2007 Started as duo of Nik and Dave playing in and around Brighton, UK. Spotted by a local producer they put out a largely acoustic album under the name Nikolas Barrell and The Gin Club.
2008 Al joined GinClub replacing album drummer Pat West 01/08. Charles, depping for occasional gigs, became a full member in the summer.
2008 Several gigs at festivals nationwide including Out of The Ordinary, Rocket and Brunswick Festival.
2008 Release of self recorded 4 song EP entitled GinClub.
2008 October: our first tour in Mallorca, Spain.
2008/9 New Years Eve special at The Thomas Kemp Pub in Brighton.
2009 Release of second EP entitled GinClub Tour France.
2009 February: short tour of northwest France.
Individual Details
Nik has been writing, playing and hanging around studios since his mid teens, when he had a development contract with Island Records. Prior to GinClub, his group Bareskin Rug had considerable label interest. Prolific, versatile and extremely accomplished, Nik has always got a new song for the band to work into the set.
Daves first band was local reggae favourite ‘One Big Party. Always in demand for dep work for bands such as Deep Mamboo and Lost Albatross, Dave has a reputation as being one of the finest bass players in Brighton.
Als first instrument is piano but he is conspicuously multi-instrumental. His detailed, witty drumming betrays a knowledge of music beyond his tender years! At 19, Al toured with Electric Soft Parade. In addition to Gin Club, he plays bass and keyboards in art band Foxes.
Charles has honed his flamboyant lead guitar in bands since the late 80s. Behind the stagemanship there is however, a musical mind informed by his considerable song writing experience (charleyville), constantly seeking the fresh expression that can send sparks flying and performances to catch fire.