Ginette Claudette

Ginette Claudette

 New York City, New York, USA

Ginette Claudette’s story comes through the speakers as Edge with a Pop Soul feel, telling the story of love she’s had and love she hopes for on her upcoming 2011 Universal Motown debut. Her unique voice expresses sincerity in every word, every note. A true songwriter and self taught NYC musician, Ginette calls it likes she see's it.


For 19-year-old Ginette Claudette relying on fond memories like singing with her older sister in the hospital before she passed away or performing at the Apollo Theater, fulfilling the dream of her father, who is also gone, help to keep her balanced. "Music is completely my outlet," she says. "It's what's kept me sane."

After a slight tilt of her head, a sweet gaze, and a deep breath the singer-songwriter unleashes her soulful and impacting tone, recalling any idea that she’s just another teen dream. But when she speaks she reminds you that she is in fact a young lady full of giggles and eager anticipation. "I, like, smile from ear to ear," says the New York native when summing up the emotions surrounding her budding music career. "What 19-year-old gets to really live out their dream like this?"

Singing since the age of 8, Claudette dreamt of becoming a performer after watching her mother sing professionally in the Dominican Republic. At 12 she picked up a guitar and began writing.

Signed to Universal Motown, Claudette was discovered when introduced to Producer/songwriter Todd Muhammad. Todd Muhammad then teamed up with production team Sham & Motesart and soon went label searching.

Sharing studio time with Wayne Wilkins (Beyonce, Natasha Bedingfield), Rico Love (Usher, Keri Hilson), Chuck Harmony (Mary J. Blige, Rihanna), Nasri (Justin Bieber, Chris Brown), and Maylay (John Legend, Big Boi), has led Claudette to aim for a “soulful pop, hip-hop, feel-good” vibe on her debut album, due early 2011.

"She's an amazing talent with a powerful voice and an even more powerful personality,” says Rico Love. “A superstar to say the absolute least."