Ginette Genereux

Ginette Genereux

 Langley, British Columbia, CAN

Country music is so alive and real, give me a freight train beat and a banjo and I’m ready to rock, Country style! My music is a mix of classic country, pop country and country rock! From party time tunes to honest ballads, it all comes from the heart...a true reflexion of a TOMBOY GIRL!


From her first performance singing Christmas carols in front of her family’s fireplace, Ginette displayed a natural ability to shine in the spotlight. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Ginette currently resides on the west coast, in Langley, BC. Formally trained in dance, voice, and piano, Ginette has also figure skated competitively at a national level.

A Tomboy Girl at heart, she spends her down time dirt biking, wake boarding, and basically doing any sport that is fast or extreme. “I grew up in a neighborhood of boys and developed an anything they can do, I can do attitude”. This motto provided the inspiration for the title track and first single from Ginettes debut Country CD, Tomboy Girl. “It is so great to have a song to perform that totally expresses who I am and what I want to say. Country music is so alive and real, give me a freight train beat and a banjo and I’m ready to rock, Country style!”

Ginette has already logged some tremendous live performance experience… Over the past 2 years she’s had the chance to share the stage with artists such as George Canyon, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Patricia Conroy, Duane Steel, Diane Chase and Matt Minglewood! She has sung for our Canadian troops overseas in Germany, Belgium, Egypt, and Alert in the Canadian North, as well as appearing on the Main Stage at the 2007 Merritt Mountain Music Festival along with some of Nashville’s top hit makers. 2008 brought the release of her debut country single TOMBOY GIRL, followed by her second single I’M ALL OVER THAT, which is currently flying up the Canadian Country Music Charts! Mid March found Ginette once again in the Persian Gulf singing for the troops…she loved it so much that she went back in May, this time to Afghanistan… 2008 came to a close with 3 BC Country Music Award nominations for Rising Star,Humanitarian of the year and her website. This is just the tip of the ice berg for Ginette… She says it best in her own words, “ I can’t picture living my life any other way… the amazing energy you feel from the audience is the most exhilarating thing in the world…I’m totally hooked!”


Tomboy Girl!

Written By: Ginette Genereux, Lynda McKillip, Ron Irving, Sue Irving

You got your arm around me and were stumbling to the truck
After seven double rums that’s quite a trick
Were joking, laughing, groping, now were wrestling for the keys
When you ask me baby, can you drive a stick

What you see ain’t all you get
Baby you don’t know me yet

I’m a Tomboy, Tomboy girl
Throw like a boy, kiss like a girl
Dirt bike ride and a string of pearls
Tomboy, Tomboy girl
Steel-toe boots, painted nails
Baseball cap and a bustier
You won’t find nothing better in this world,
Than a Tomboy girl

I over heard you tell the boys you’re in for Friday night
For a 4-by and a 2-6 at the lake
Well I guess you think that drinking, scratching, fishing ain’t for girls
Well I never met a hook I couldn’t bait

What you see ain’t all you get
Baby you don’t know me yet

I’m a Tomboy, Tomboy girl
Cuss up a storm, born to flirt
Muddy old jeans or a mini skirt
Tomboy, Tomboy girl
Don’t break a nail swinging an axe
Never cry getting a bikini wax
I’m just a contradiction in terms
I’m a Tomboy girl


Baby don’t look so surprised, just open up those big blue eyes,
You’ll see a

Tomboy, Tomboy girl
I’ll stand my ground, never hide
Melt you down with my tender side
Tomboy, Tomboy girl
What I mean is what I say, when I love it’s all the way
You won’t find nothing better in this world
Than a Tomboy girl


Tomboy Girl~ EP

Set List

1 (50 min )set
Consists of several orginals and some covers
1.Tomboy Girl (Original)
2.I'm all over that (Original)
3.You made your bed (Original)
4.23 Days (Original)
5.On the Verge (Original)
6.Before I give my heart to you (Original)
7.Midnight Special (CCR)
8.Sweet Home Alabama (Lynard Skynard)
9.Something to talk about (Bonnie Raitt)
10.Hotel California (Eagles)