acoustic Afro-Brazilian music infused with percussion.Rich with singing.


Ginga97's mission is to spread our message of unity,peace,love,and The enjoyment of live through music.We've been around since 1996 under our parent name Capoeira Mandinga Michigan.Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian dance rooted in martial arts and music created by African slaves brought to Brazil. Ginga97 performs many Afro-Brazilian dances including Capoeira, Puxada de Rede, a fisherman’s dance, Maculele, a stick fighting dance, and Samba de Roda, a social dance. . In addition to performing around Michigan, the US, and Canada, Ginga97 believes in giving back to our community.We offers classes and workshops for every age and skill level

Set List

our songs are usually traditional Capoeira songs.
our sets generally 15 minutes