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Ginger Ale & the Monowhales

Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF | AFTRA

Toronto, Canada | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Pop




"Ginger Ale and the Monowhales' single "Home" is a love letter to Toronto"


"ICYMI: Local band Ginger Ale & The Monowhales make a musical tribute to Toronto"


"Ginger Ale and the Monowhales interview and live preformance on Rogers Daytime TV"


"This Indie Band’s Latest Video is the Ultimate ‘Love Letter’ to Toronto"

If today’s dreary Toronto weather has you dreaming of sunnier times, we have just the cure for your summertime sadness.

Ginger Ale & The Monowhales are a five-piece indie rock band hailing from Toronto and their music video for their new single ‘Home’ will have you feeling all the love for the 6ix.

Shot in a POV-style, the video follows the band on an epic adventure through some of the best parts of the city.

This Indie Band’s Latest Video is the Ultimate ‘Love Letter’ to Toronto
Jasmine Williams August 16, 2016 Arts, Entertainment + Culture, Life, Toronto
If today’s dreary Toronto weather has you dreaming of sunnier times, we have just the cure for your summertime sadness.

Ginger Ale & The Monowhales are a five-piece indie rock band hailing from Toronto and their music video for their new single ‘Home’ will have you feeling all the love for the 6ix.

Shot in a POV-style, the video follows the band on an epic adventure through some of the best parts of the city.

It also doesn’t hurt that the song is super catchy.

“Essentially, we wanted to write a love letter to the city of Toronto and make a video to match,” says the band via Facebook Message.

“The video is a bright and sunny journey through the best day you can have in Toronto. The whole band grew up in Toronto and the video showcases all the landmarks and activities that we’ve grown to associate with our beautiful city.”

High Park, Honest Ed’s, Kensington Market, the newly iconic Toronto sign and even Bunz Trading Zone all make an appearance.

The band takes a quadricycle ride through Toronto Island, fuels up at Sneaky Dees, ends the night with a show at Horseshoe Tavern.

The band worked with Chris Hau from Know Hau Media, a local production and marketing agency, to bring their video to life.

“Chris built a rig to shoot it from the first-person perspective. He mounted a camera on a helmet and wore it around like that the whole day! His neck sure hurt after that,” the band said.

At the time of writing, the video had racked up over 22,000 views on Facebook, and been shared and liked hundreds of times.

“Summer in Toronto has such an amazing vibe, and we wanted to highlight that. Also, Toronto is consistently rated as one of the best cities in the world to live so we wanted to see just how many awesome things we could do in one day.”

To that we say, mission accomplished. -

"Top tracks from Toronto's bright young music makers"

[Quoting Mike Tanner, Toronto's music sector development officer]

“I’m a sucker for a memorable pop melody and ‘Looking Simple’ is an instant classic in this vein: shades of Sleigh Bells, the Raveonettes, maybe a little Portugal. The Man,” he says, noting that the band were featured on the City’s Music 311 program last year. “A great record from a group with one of the best band names in town, along with a not-to-be-missed, high energy, crazy Flaming Lips-esque live show,” - The Toronto Star

"Want To See The City? Look at This!"

There’s this local band called ‘Ginger Ale and The Monowhales’ (Catchy name right?) and they made a music video of Toronto. They captured it beautifully, every land mark that this city is known for is in it. Being the new girl, I’m like “Damn I really need to check out some of these places”.

Can one of you guys just take me to that big castle? That would be pretty rad. - 102.1 THE EDGE

"Watch This Amazing Video Showcasing Scenes From Around Toronto"

Ginger Ale & The Monowhales created this incredible video showing you how to have the best day in Toronto! For those who don’t know Ginger Ale & The Monowhales are a five – piece indie rock band from Toronto who aim to bring high energy to their videos.

I don’t know about you but that video inspired me to get out of my apartment and explore. - KISS 92.5

"Watch This Amazing Video Showcasing Scenes From Around Toronto"

Ginger Ale & The Monowhales created this incredible video showing you how to have the best day in Toronto! For those who don’t know Ginger Ale & The Monowhales are a five – piece indie rock band from Toronto who aim to bring high energy to their videos.

I don’t know about you but that video inspired me to get out of my apartment and explore. - 81.1 CHFI

"Ginger Ale and the Monowhales’ Celebrate Toronto with Latest Single"

Sally Shaar, lead singer for the Toronto band Ginger Ale and the Monowhales, describes the band’s music as eclectic, fun but with a bite to it. Kinda like ginger ale. Kinda like the band itself. And kinda like the city they celebrate on their new single, Home.

Home was recently released and has already hit close to 170,000 views on Facebook. The song is an ode to Toronto and the accompanying video is an infectious, POV romp through some of the better known parts of the 6ix. “We picked these places that are fun and are actual places that we would go to,” says Shaar. A few of the immediately recognizable (iconic) places you will see in the video are Centre Island, Sneaky Dee’s, Kensington Market, the CN Tower and Honest Ed’s.

In describing the band’s influences and music Shaar says, “We don’t like to be put in a box. We love pop, rock, metal. We want to create something new every time.”

Shaar spoke to livin6ix ahead of their latest EP release (BANG) which will take place on October 14 at The Horseshoe Tavern. The Monowhales have been described as “magic” and as being “Catchy, theatrical indie pop that both sparkles and rocks at the same time.” The release promises to be an exuberant unveiling of their latest offering. - The 6ix

"Ginger Ale & the Monowhales "White Walls""

Back in the fall, Toronto pop-rock brigade Ginger Ale & the Monowhales dropped a new video for "Looking Simple." Now, the band are set to showcase their harsher side with brand new single called "White Walls."

The band describe the new track as a "jaw-clenching, neck-breaking, maniacal journey through the darkest depths of a disturbed mind." The darker subject matter gets matched with a harder sound, as eerie piano lines, droned-out fuzz, screeching guitars and smashing drums converge to hit the listener head-on.

Expanding on the meaning behind the track, the band explains that they drew on themes of "an unfulfilled yearning for understanding, the need to escape, and the threads of one's mind coming loose one by one" while brining it to fruition.

You can hear the end result, accompanied by a static-y visualization in the player below; pay special attention just after the three-minute mark for a shocking surprise.

If you want to catch the band live, their next gig is slated for April 22 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. - Exclaim!


August 24, 2016
Samantha Fabro

“Home is where the heart is/Never gonna stop/Gonna make it to the top,” sings Sally of Ginger Ale and the Monowhales in their new single “Home.” As a local band from Toronto, this song holds a special meaning to the quirky group of musicians. Not only does it speak to the incandescent feelings that the word ‘home’ represents, but it also pays homage to the city they grew up in. If you’re from Toronto, then you most likely know how eclectic and invigorating the city can be. If you’re not, you can live vicariously through the Monowhales in their jam-packed video adventure through Toronto.

While the five-piece indie-pop band has stirred up some exciting buzz from their latest single, the Monowhales have found earlier success playing at local rock clubs around the city. Filling out venues such as the historic Horseshoe Tavern, Lee’s Palace, and The Silver Dollar Room, they cultivated a local following that has continued to grow. In 2014, the group released their first EP, “HA!” a collection of songs that show off their eccentric style and lack of inhibitions. This trademarked style has bode well for them both onstage and off. They pride themselves on their diverse use of personality and quirky charm. Citing their performances as “Flaming Lips-esk,” Ginger Ale and the Monowhales is a bubbly mix of punk rock spunk and catchy melodies.

After “HA!” the band has released multiple singles that capitalize on this finely tuned style. “Blue Balls” and “Looking Simple” are fun indie-rock tunes that inspire some great dance floor moves and sing-alongs. “White Walls,” is a bold, rock song that highlight’s the band’s ability to hit it on the harder side.
Now, after feeding off of the energy from “Home,” the Monowhales are preparing for the release of their new EP, “BANG,” set to drop on October 14th. To celebrate the event, the band is holding a show in support of the new EP at the Horseshoe Tavern.

You can buy your tickets online here:

Be one of the first 100 people to purchase a pre-sale ticket and receive a free digital download of the “BANG” ! - THE NU

"Ginger Ale & The Monowhales Music Video Release "Looking Simple""

Upbeat Toronto pop-rock outfit Ginger Ale & the Monowhales delivered a "danceable summer anthem that'll cure the ache in your pants" with "Blue Balls" back in the spring, and they're ready to follow it up with a new clip for the latest single "Looking Simple." While the band will be debuting the video at a release party next week, Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive sneak peak at the new visuals right now.

Bright lights and slow-moving cameras capture the band performing the guitar-driven tune, though the flashy footage has the group dolled up and looking anything but simple. In addition to shots of the band playing, we get a glimpse into the evenings of a few partygoers who aren't having such a glamorous time.

It all works out in the end, though, with Ginger Ale & the Monowhales bringing everyone together for a good time on a tinsel-adorned stage.

You can join the band for a fun time of your own at the video release party on October 16 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. For now, get an early look at the brand new video for "Looking Simple" below. - Exclaim!

"THE RATHBURNS and GINGER ALE & THE MONOWHALES Release Live Video Cover of STROKES Song "Reptilia""

Toronto bands The Rathburns and Ginger Ale & the Monowhales have teamed up with Junction Craft Brewing in association with Live Is Better to record and release a rad cover video of the classic Strokes song "Reptilia".

The video comes ahead of the 2 group's upcoming concert at 3030 Dundas West in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday, May 28th, 2016. The clip features powerhouse female leads Sally Shaar (Monowhales) and Frances Rose (Rathburns) trading verses while various members of both bands hammer through a dirtier interpretation of the familiar tune. - Pure Grain Audio

"Video Premiere: “Reptilia” Cover by The Rathburns + Ginger Ale & The Monowhales"

After releasing their latest single “White Walls” Ginger Ale & The Monowhales are back with a new video for their cover of “Reptilia” by The Strokes. Teaming up with Toronto based band The Rathburns, the video offers an electrifying new take on the classic tune. Featuring powerful harmonies, some epic twin guitar solos, and the bubbling energy of both of the bands, this cover is sure to become your new favourite track.

To celebrate the release of the new video, Ginger Ale & The Monowhales will be playing a FREE show at 3030 in Toronto this Saturday, May 28th along with The Rathburns! Check out the event details here. - Canadian Beats

"Audible/Visual Hoots: Only Wolf, Shy Kids, Ginger Ale & The Monowhales & more"

The video for the buoyant new song “Home” from Ginger Ale & The Monowhales is a totally endearing love letter to their hometown of Toronto. Sally Shaar takes us by the hand and shows us so many of the great spots nestled in and around the city and we even run into some Monowhales along the way. Wherever your “Home” may be, Ginger Ale & The Monowhales will make you sentimental about it. - Grayowl Point

"Photo Review – Ginger Ale and the Monowhales"

Ginger Ale and the Monowhales hosted a party like no other at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto to celebrate the release of their latest single, “White Walls.” Aside from the band’s flawless musicality and crazy showmanship on stage, this was a night to remember due to the group’s hard work in putting on one of the most unique shows possible.

The venue was packed with excited fans who never stopped dancing or moshing throughout the whole night. Decked out in glow paint and glitter, the band knew how to create an atmosphere and completely transformed the venue into their own personal world. As the night went on, the crowd became a mosh pit full of glitter and pool noodles, with an inflatable whale and beach balls being thrown in every once in a while. Canadian Beats has all the photos from the unbelievable evening.

Make sure to check them out at Canadian Music Week on May 6th at The Silver Dollar Room in Toronto! - Canadian Beats

"Ginger Ale & the Monowhales "Blue Balls""

Pop-rockin' Toronto party starters Ginger Ale & the Monowhales are set to unveil their latest single "Blue Balls" this weekend, but you can hear it right now at Exclaim! a couple days early.

"Blue Balls" hears the band taking a poppier approach to songwriting, and the result is brimming with bubbly, bounce-along, sunshine-y sounds. From the infectious opening guitar riffs to the expressive, energetic vocals, the new tune is a bit more upbeat than its title might imply.

A press release notes that the song aims to serve up "sugar, spice, and just enough strife" to really convey the torturous, titular condition. The outlook's not too grim, though, with the band confident that "Blue Balls" is "a danceable summer anthem that'll cure the ache in your pants."

The track was produced by the Monowhales themselves and marks the first follow-up material to last year's debut HA! EP, which was also just released as a "FANCAN."

Ginger Ale & the Monowhales will be celebrating the track's release on April 25 at the Smiling Buddha in Toronto with an event going by the name the Blue Balls Bash, but before you head out to the party, give the new song an early spin in the player below. - Exclaim!

"Ginger Ale and the Monowhales release new single"

Since rocking a stellar show at the Silver Dollar Room back in February, Ginger Ale and the Monowhales are back and ready to hit the ground running with an edgy new single exploring the dark and eery side of their creative capabilities. “White Walls” is an unforgivingly raw journey that takes the listener on a wild ride through the exploration of a disturbed mind. The song can be described as perfectly organized chaos as it merges different musical layers together such as distorted guitars, screeching riffs, and maniacally powerful vocals to create a tune full of madness, strength, and purpose.

The band is set to take over The Horseshoe Tavern on April 22nd, and this will be a show you definitely don’t want to miss! - Canadian Beats

"Show Review – Sun K with Ginger Ale & The Monowhales"

Sun K, along with Ginger Ale & The Monowhales packed the Silver Dollar Room in Toronto to play sets full of lively, upbeat tunes and good vibes. While both groups had a different sound, they possessed the same amount of undeniable energy and on stage charisma. Overall the two bands proved that their live shows are not to be missed, as they kept the crowd engaged and high energy for the entire night.

Ginger Ale & The Monowhales hit the stage [last] and completely tore the place apart, in a good way of course. The crowd began cheering and dancing the second the band started their set and minutes into the show pool noodles were being passed to the crowd until everyone had one and were bopping around to the music.

The band opened their set with “Too Late” off of their EP Ha! and instantly started a party like no other. What starts off as a funky and sassy indie pop tune turns into an unstoppable heavy rock number full of dissonance, chaos, and power. The whole show felt like a mind-boggling trip into another world, and judging from the reactions of everyone in the crowd it was just the trip they all needed.

Another notable number from the night would be “Say What You Want to Say.” This song begins with a quick drum line before exploding into a heavy texture full of synth, more funky riffs, and effective accents on the off beats. The vocalist’s erratic tune ties it all together with a driving melody and the inclusion of some impressive high notes. Some other favourites from the evening included their single “Blue Balls” and cover of The Strokes’ “Reptilia.” - Canadian Beats

"Inside Ginger Ale & The Monowhales Video Release Party"

Holy hell, Monowhales. I bow to you.

Bubbles, balloons, pool noodles and a shimmering drumset…this was The Horseshoe? It is when Ginger Ale & The Monowhales take over. Stopping by on Friday for their video release party, hosted by Exclaim and Indie Week, the band brought out a burst of energy and wrapped it in sexuality, with hairy pink armpits.–I’m going to try to explain, but unless you’ve seen the Monowhales live, you might be able to fully grasp how intense the band is.

When I say took over, I mean, full on, turned the normally dark Horseshoe into an underwater party. Sally Shaar may be small, she walks on stage and reaches for the mic and without warning takes control of everything and everyone in the room. Saying she knows how to rev up an audience is a vast understatement, she knows how to throw a party and make everyone her bitch.

The crowd was in a trance, screaming, partying and throwing themselves forward to get as close to the stage as possible. Balloons rained down on the audience and they jumped sang and waved their noodles in the air. There is a magic about The Monowhales that needless to say is enthralling to watch.

Earlier on in the night, The Bandicoots and Honeyrunners put on strong sets. While Honeyrunners had the crowd cheering, The Bandicoots were more my style. Sounding like a mix of old Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, the band is a throw back to the days of catchy hooks and playful guitar.
The Bandicoots1 - Jesus' Sister


"The Main’s Top 10 New Tracks This Week: Braids, De La Soul, Father John Misty and More"

Ginger Ale & the Monowhales are Toronto party-rockers with a sound that’s easily compared to a more feisty Hey Ocean! “Blue Balls” is a pop, dance, fun, summer–infused new tune. With a catchy chorus and a playful guitar riff this track is sure to be “a danceable summer anthem that’ll cure the ache in your pants,” at least according to the band. - Tha Main

"Meet The Badass Women of Indie Week"

Ginger Ale & The Monowhales

With a song titles like Blue Balls and a sound just as exciting, conflicting and exhilarating. Ginger Ale & The Monowhales is a band that makes you want to dance like no ones looking, in your brightest clothing with a spotlight on you. Lose yourself in their fast-paced fun indie rock that’ll make you flush with happiness. These crazy kids will have you ,at the very least, smiling as they tame the room into a full on dance party of their very own. Playing The Horseshoe Tavern on Oct. 16th for their video release party, you can be sure, the glittery stage and dark room will be filled with light, fun and an epic performance. - Jesus' Sister

"Album Reviews: July 23rd"

HA By Ginger Ale And The Monowhales

This 4 song EP is as bubbly as you’d expect from a band called Ginger Ale And The Monowhales. Every track on “HA” is sugary. It’s biggest achievement is being silly and ridiculous without ever veering into novelty song territory. “Told You So” has a distinct Kimya Dawson vibe, only heavier. The band invites comparisons to candy so “HA” is probably Fun Dip; sweet with some kick and finished too early. Physical copies come in twist off jars with the music on a usb and a bunch of art work. - Last Frame Pictures

"POP Music"

So there I am sitting at the Second Cup on King and Bathurst chatting about music with Sally from the up-and-coming band "Ginger Ale & The Monowhales", when she decides to pull out the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life (slight exaggeration)! She casually whips out a blue pop can with their band logo on it. Not impressed yet huh? I mean if your band has the words 'ginger ale' in it, a pop can promo is kind of a no brainer right?...but how far would YOU take it? Would you cleverly turn the nutritional information on the back of the can into info about the band and EP you're promoting? How about putting a little candy (so cute) and the usb stick, with the music on it, in the can and making the usb stick a friggin' can too?! These guys also made all 70 cans by hand! Brilliant! I would buy the EP even if I hated their music. I would just want one! If that isn't great music marketing, I don't know what is. Ginger Ale & The Monowhales, every indie band should take a page out of your book and go above and beyond to get the attention of their current and potential fans. Bravo. -The Mad Scientist - Nu-Lab


This colourful five-piece’s high energy synth-infused pop rock is infectiously reckless and rambunctious. Self-described “happy with screaming”, their combination of funky bass lines, infusing rock riffs, and the inclusion of psychedelic synth keeps the sound ridiculously fresh and interesting. On top of that, front woman Sally Shaar (whose vocals are essentially the love-child of Joan Jett and Gwen Stefani on dangerous amounts of Redbull) brings an unapologetic attitude and genuine vitality to catchy courses and cheeky verses. The Monowhales currently have their sights set on a new EP looking to be released summer of this year. Until then, the band has two shows in Toronto this month: March 12th at The ‘Shoe and April 25th at The Smiling Buddha.
CHECK OUT: “Too Late” - NU-LAB

"Review – “HA!” – Ginger Ale and the Monowhales"

First and foremost: Ginger Ale and the Monowhales is a hell of a band name! Combined with their colourful cover art and the EP’s title HA!, it’s only fitting that the band’s music is incredibly fun. Recklessly leaving behind good judgement, HA! is a four song rush of synth infused pop-rock that has one goal: to get you up and dancing.

Within the opening bars of the EP’s first song “Too Late,” it is evident that lead vocalist Sally Shaar sings with attitude. Never afraid to belt out a scream (which can be heard throughout), Shaar’s vocals play off of Monowhale Zach Zanardo’s tendency to launch into guitar solos, funky bass lines provided by Sara D’Alimonte (the heart of “Told You So”) and the synth riffs from Holly Jamieson for an electrifying party.

Where parts of “Too Late” offer a more restrained side of the band, until the last minute where everything is let loose, “Say What You Want To Say” doesn’t hold back a thing. Highlighted by the delivery of the line “this might be wrong but you’re useless, pathetic,” “Say What You Want To Say” struts from angry verses, to a catchy chorus, to a big time bridge for a surprisingly wordy and dark (careful listening will reveal this) number.

“To The Curb” provides the big-time ending that this musically and lyrically packed EP needs. Beginning with a light synth inclusion, walking beat, and fun melody, “To The Curb” builds to a huge and communal ending. By exaggerating the doo-wop style backing vocals, “To The Curb” is cheeky and downright empowering. You would be a fool to get yourself kicked to the curb.

Top Track: “To The Curb”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) - Grayowl Point

"The Other North America"

Summer is HERE!!!!! Let’s welcome the sun and summer with some proper fun and fizzy sounds for your ears. Hailing from our northern neighbors in Toronto, Canada let me introduce you to Ginger Ale and the Monowhales.

Flashback two summers ago to a cute little jam space with perhaps not the most pleasant of smells and a group of musicians just looking to jam and have some fun and hang out. Lo and behold some magic started happening. Friendships formed and musical chemistry blossomed. Fast Forward to the present and their recently released EP. The 4 song EP- HA! is great for summers riding with the top down or a casual get together among friends. The music has a refreshing quality about it. It is very upbeat and jovial. I steer away from using the term “bubblegum pop” because there is enough of an alternative edge to keep you out of the candy aisle.

The lyrics while delivered in a very “fun” kinda way are well written and the music dances with the lyrics and they play off of each other. “Say what you want to say” for example plays with the sounds of guitars and lyrics. “To the Curb”is another one of the energetic songs on the EP, actually they all are, and in this one the dude is getting kicked to the curb and you don’t feel bad for him because the song is so fun.

ginger ale 2Ginger Ale and the Monowhales are Sally Shaar (vocals), Zach Zanardo (guitars), Jordan Circosta (percussion), Holly Jamieson (synth) and Sara D’Alimonte. This quintet though only together for a relatively short time seem to have found their groove. Sally provides the direction with her vocals and the rest of the band follows. Her vocal ups and downs are not typical of today’s songstresses a plus in today’s age of vocal effects. Her style is quirky and that is something that I like. There is almost a flirtiness about her vocals sometimes that conjures up Gwen Stefani and her “I’m just a girl” style. I am reminded of earlier bands such as San Francisco’s Jellyfish or a Swedish export Whale (Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe).

Overall, this is an enjoyable release and in a short time Ginger Ale and the Monowhales have managed to gather quite a following in the Toronto area. You can visit them on their webpage the page istelf is pretty basic but there is contact info and links to their bandcamp page if you would like to check out or purchase their EP, and links to their facebook page, which seems to be where the action is at. If you are looking for fun, look no further, this could be your ear candy.

Happy Listening

-NotHaydn - Not Haydn

"Funky Fresh and Cider In Abundance"

This weekend we attended a groovy show at Moskito+bite (College&Bathurst). It was our first time at the venue and we weren’t really sure what to expect, but it is definitely a place we will be returning to. This bistro/bar has done a stellar job of combining all the things people love: tasty food, roomy seating, a wide beverage selection and live music. We opted for a jug – not a pitcher – of Blackthorn. Starting off the set was Ginger Ale & the Monowhales followed by headliners Fat As Fuck. These bands proved to be unparalleled, both translating super unique sounds.

Ginger Ale & the Monowhales consists of 5 very talented musicians. Watching them play, each member was so profoundly absorbed by what they were doing yet managed to maintain great cohesiveness. One aspect that makes the Monowhales such a recognizable group has to be accredited to their incredible lead singer…girl, you have got some crazy pipes! Seriously, everyone seemed so comfortable in their element, whether it was creating psychedelic guitar shreds, groovy keyboard tunes, keeping time on the drums (and flipping hair everywhere) or rad bass vibes. During the second half of their set, the Monowales did a cover of the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army. Seeing as we’re part of Jack White’s secret super fan army (in our dreams), we were skeptical when the song first started, feeling certain that it would be impossible to do the song justice. Let us say, the Monowhales succeeded in rocking the hell out of this song, rearranging the song to achieve an original and creative cover. Overall, this talented band had great stage presence and it was a true pleasure to watch them play! - This is where it's at

"Ginger Ale and the Monowhales at Baltic Avenue, Toronto – Review and photos"

Who: Ginger Ale & the Monowhales
When: Thursday, 27 February 2014
Where: Baltic Avenue, Toronto
In One Word: Bouncy
While the club was empty, Toronto band Ginger Ale and the Monowhales packed enough energy to make up for it.
The five-piece outfit played a tight set, infusing rock riffs with psychedelic synth to keep things fresh and interesting. All seasoned musicians, there was a clear chemistry between members which was brought out in their music.
Singer Sally Shaar packs a punch in her vocals as she danced, jumped and ran on and off the stage without missing a beat. Shaar and the rest of Ginger Ale and the Monowhales treated the night like it was a full house, making me wonder how much more impressive the set would be with a crowd’s energy to feed off of.
Ginger Ale and the Monowhales have a clear give and take on stage, interacting with one another and the few audience members of the night. Even better, it’s clear they are having fun while performing. Their upbeat and rocking set left everyone toe-tapping, head-bobbing and grooving – a performance worthy of a packed venue and room to dance along to the infectiously catchy songs.
Ginger Ale and the Monowhales are anticipating the release of their first album this June, and you can catch them next at The Horseshoe Tavern, March 26th. - Music Vice

"I HATE TODD brings high-energy, big fun & kickass sounds @ Horseshoe Tavern for The Moves – Pt. 1 CD launch"

At long last, Toronto band I HATE TODD launched their debut CD The Moves Pt. 1 at the iconic Horseshoe Tavern last night – and what a big fun night of music and celebration it was! In addition to an outstanding performance from I HATE TODD, the evening’s festivities also included some truly kickass opening performances by bands Rotary Dial, Giraffe and Ginger Ale & the Monowhales.

The Moves Pt. 1 is a powerful, darkly whimsical and playful record. Full of eclectic sounds, there’s Brit pop-inspired harmonies on songs like “8 Bullets,” celtic-inspired violin strains on “Sweet Drinks and Supplements” and country fiddle sounds on “Still Got The Moves,” spoken performances on the goth-flavoured “Zombie Love” and alt rock “Holiday With No Rest,” plus virtuoso guitar riffs, and rocking out bass and percussion all around – all delivered with outstanding vocals and musicianship. Lyrics are inspired by modern-day events, everyday life moments and, of course, love. Charismatic front man Todd Preston is part pop idol/part shaman, making every song a performance piece, interacting with band mates and entrancing the audience, wrapping us into the music. With its six tight, head-bopping tracks, I dare you to listen to The Moves Pt. 1 and not be moved – physically and emotionally.

Here are some snaps I took of the evening’s music, friends and fun. In order of appearance: Rotary Dial, Giraffe, Wendy at the merch booth, Ginger Ale & the Monowhales, I HATE TODD:

You can also find I HATE TODD on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

And if you haven’t seen it, you must check out I HATE TODD’s video for “Zombie Love.”

I HATE TODD is: Todd Preston (vocals/guitar), Nelson Sobral (guitar/vocals), Capucine Onn (violin/vocals), Kev Carney (bass/vocals) and Troy Larabie (percussion/vocals). The Moves Pt.1 was engineered by Jeff Elliott. Shouts to Todd’s mom Wendy for heading up the merch booth. Congrats to the band for an awesome debut record and launch event! - life with more cowbell

"Battle of Humber’s musical talent"

It was a Battle of the Bands on Friday, Feb. 28, with five bands competing for $1,600 worth of prizes.

The event, hosted by the Humber Students’ Federation (HSF), was held in the A/B Auditorium at Lakeshore campus. Thirty bands applied, with five chosen to compete.

“This is a great event because it gives bands a chance to perform, whereas Humber’s Got Talent showcases individuals,” said Vice President of Student Life at Lakeshore Colin Edwards-Crewe.

The first band, The Plugs, have been together for almost six years and brought to the stage a pop/punk/alternative sound, with influences from bands like Rise Against and Blink-182.

“I’m just happy to show ourselves to people who have never seen us perform before; it’s great exposure,” said The Plugs’ bass player, Matt Coluccio, a second-year Early Childhood Education student.

The second band, The Steady Rebels, switched things up with their easygoing reggae/pop sound. In describing the band’s influences, Sean Felton, lead vocalist and fourth-year Criminal Justice student, said it’s a mix between “pop and obviously reggae.”

Ginger Ale and the Monowhales performed next, delivering a unique sound that even the lead vocalist had a hard time describing.

“People say we’re happy with screaming; we get quark rock, and there’s punk parts too, but I wouldn’t call us punk,” said Sally Shaar, vocalist and fourth-year Music Degree student.

Next was The Dead Penny Trio. There was nothing dead about them though; at one point, during a cover of ”Under the Sea,” a mermaid came dancing on stage. Check them out on YouTube — they did a cover of “Thrift Shop” which has almost 40,000 views.

The final band, Triumph Over Adversity, rocked out hard for an energetic finish to the evening. Each band member is influenced by many types of music including pop, punk, indie, and metal, which all adds up to an alternative/pop-punk feel.

The audience voted to decide the winners. The Steady Rebels took home first prize (and $1000 in Long and McQuade gift cards), The Dead Penny Trio second, and Ginger Ale and the Monowhales finished third.

Overall, it was less of a battle and more of a mutual love for music and a great display of sportsmanship from all bands.

- See more at: - Humber Life

"Feature / Look Out For In 2014 #2 / Twenty Canadian Acts"

LOOK OUT FOR IN 2014 #2. Yes! we’re back with another instalment. In the last feature we listed ten independent Swedish acts we feel with have a successful year ahead of them (Click the image to have fun).

Well in part two we’ve decided to take it up a notch and compile twenty independent Canadian bands/artists that’ll kick ass in 2014. Not only will they kick ass, but they’ll probably be heralded as the best artists of 2014 on numerous music websites/blogs at the end of the year. Yes! we’re that confident.

Before you take a look at the list, please remember to follow Independent Music News on Facebook/Twitter (We really do appreciate it) and let us know in the comments if we’ve missed someone out. - Independent Music News

"Canadian Music Week- 18th Annual Canadian Radio Music Awards"

Ginger Ale and the Monowhales – Sugary pop with a touch of surf describes this band and their EP Ha! - FEMMUSIC- International Online Magazine Focusing on Women in Music

"Ginger Ale & The Monowhales @ O Patro Vys – 10th September 2016"

Last Saturday night on September 10th, 2016, I was able to witness a soon to be rising star in the music community. Ginger Ale & The Monowhales put on an astounding performance at O Patro Vys. They were alongside Montreals own Pin Up, who were raising awareness for I Am That Girl‘s foundation, so that all women may be confident in themselves, lift each other up and make it safe for them to be exactly who they are as individuals.

Before this show, I had only heard a song or two, but once seeing them live I will definitely be adding them to my everyday music. The crazy amount of energy and charm that lead singer Sally Shaar portrayed alongside fellow band members leaves me speechless. If only I had half of the energy that they had on stage, life would be so much easier!

Yo-Yo Ma once said “Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks.”
Ginger Ale & The Monowhales truly proved how much passion they have for their music; and it will get them far, no doubt.

When it comes to Sally’s voice, this powerhouse of a woman is a vocal mix between Emily Haines (Metric) & Hayley Williams (Paramore). I was astounded by her vocal range, and even though her ear piece gave her trouble after it stopped working in the middle of their set, she went up to the mic and said “let’s do this old school” ; and then continued to blow us all away.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to give them a listen, they also have amazing guitar solos (lynyrd skynyrd style) when performing live. They truly know how to vibe off of each others energy and I haven’t seen a band so perky or alive in a long time. They are currently touring around the Ontario area, so if you’re thinking of taking a road trip to Toronto anytime soon, I’d definitely recommend making a pit stop to go and see this amazing and fun loving band. - Montreal Rocks

"Review – “BANG” – Ginger Ale & The Monowhales"

Home is where the heart is and Toronto has always been home to numerous hard-hitting, passionate bands. Ginger Ale & The Monowhales are no different. The four-piece indie pop rock group – Zach Zanardo, Jordan Circosta, Holly Jamieson, and Sally Shaar on vocals – have taken the local Toronto scene by storm with their high energy performances and their recorded tracks not only reflect those infectious vibes but also proudly show off the strong musicality that is both the Monowhales and Toronto.

The opening track, “Home,” of their new EP BANG, encompasses all the above and more. Shaar’s bright vocals are set to Circosta’s clever drum work and catchy guitar progressions create an upbeat ode to the band’s home city. The music video for the track features the much loved Toronto staples of Honest Ed’s, Kensington Market, High Park, Nathan Philips Square, and much more. Ginger Ale & the Monowhales take you “exactly where you need to go” (maybe even more than the six god himself).

Like “Home”, “Name For Myself” has a pop chorus surrounded with a clever rock body. Heavy guitars reverberate with Shaar’s power tones which are further accentuated by the chiming keys. “Let It Fall” keeps the strength of the record alive with echoing vocals and the addition of Jamieson’s synth harmonies.

“White Walls” hits the hardest, beginning with dynamic guitars and Shaar entering with ferocity. Zanardo’s guitar work brings to life an authentic punk element that sets the stage for the cornucopia of sounds that resolve in characteristic amplifier feedback. My favourite track off the record “Don’t Talk” exhibits the sensitivity of the group with the same dynamic instruments that set the stage of their distinctive aura.

From the darkest track (“White Walls”) to the light (“Don’t Talk”), the Monowhales have definitely translated their personalities and spirit into the record, but even more, displayed their musical talent in executing multiple genres with success. They’re never going to stop until they make it to the top, so what’re you waiting for? Hop on with the Monowhales. - Grayowl Point

"EP REVIEW: Ginger Ale & The Monowhales, ‘Bang’"

Being in the music scene is tough. Working in a band and being a female? That’s an even harder situation to contend with. Female-fronted bands have long been branded as similar to Paramore since the group’s massive success - or at least said to be influenced by them, despite the contrary. While Hayley Williams and Co. have certainly made their mark, it is unfair to paint female-fronted bands with a broad brush. If any comparison is apt for Ginger Ale & The Monowhales, it is closer to Hey Violet: fellow rockers that make room for electronics and still give plenty of swagger to their catalog.

These comparisons and preconceptions mean a band has to really stand out if their vocalist is a woman, for better or for worse. Despite having similar elements to bands like Hey Violet, Ginger Ale & The Monowhales have their distinct sound and vision intact. The group’s EP, Bang, is a collection of tracks that deliver attitude, some serious riffs, and a pop sensibility that never feels too polished.

The energy is highly present in the exciting third cut, “Let It Fall,” which is driven by riffs. It has an entrancing vibe, with a guitar solo also making itself heard amidst well-placed electronics. While they can certainly be full of thrash-y attitude in other tracks like EP opener “Home” and second track “Name For Myself,” there is also some room for vulnerability. The last song “Don’t Talk” uses somber vocals and more subtle instruments to talk about a relationship clearly going through tough times. Vocalist Sally Shaar sings, “Face it/You don’t want it/Don’t know why I need to make it better” as the track’s instruments compliment her delivery.

In “White Walls,” the fourth track, Shaar takes us to a place we’ve all been before: rock bottom. She details her struggle, saying “I’m at the bottom of the pit/And there’s no way out it.” Still, she remains positive as she states, “I’ve made so many mistakes/But I won’t let them take me away.” It is a realistic outlook to have, and the grounded attitude carries throughout plenty of the group’s lyrical themes.

“Name For Myself” is all about staying positive through it all, and its energetic tone really drives home the infectious positivity the group has to offer without coming off as cheesy. Self-worth is celebrated in lines like “I’m a warrior/I set myself free.” The chorus, painted by the lyrics “Gonna push, gonna fight, make a name for myself,” becomes a passionate mantra instead of a simplified lyrical cliche. The group’s songwriting and Shaar’s sheer determination in her voice really sells their outlook, and it is clear that they mean what they are saying.

Ginger Ale & The Monowhales crafted an EP that makes for a fun, uplifting listen without the standard trademarks or tired lyrics that float around consistently. Instead, this female-fronted outfit have decided to go against expectations of female softness and deliver passionate, driven music with some serious attitude. Though it is fine to express yourself and be feminine, it is refreshing to hear a band with women in it be unapologetically raw and honest while using rough, passionate vocals. If they continue at the rate they are going, Ginger Ale & The Monowhales will “make a name for themselves” indeed. - That's Why We Musyc


Ginger Ale & The Monowhales are bolder, louder and proud to be ‘Home’ with new EP.

Since the release of their 2014 EP, HA!, the band has been widely recognized within the Toronto music scene. The Monowhales have built a reputation as a live act, described on their website as ‘Flaming Lips-esque’.

Last week they released their second full length EP titled BANG, and celebrated it with a show at The Horseshoe Tavern. If you missed the show (just like I did), do not fear. If the reviews of their live shows are to be believed, the Monowhales are one of those few bands whose studio material holds up to the intensity and energy of their live shows.

BANG begins with the lead single “Home,” a powerful, synth-drum-and-riff-infused piece of indie pop, complete with powerful pop vocals from singer Sally Shaar. “Home” was released with a music video back in August, paying much homage to the great city of Toronto.

While “Home” is very much single material, the rest of the album is much less pop-y but just as powerful. “Name For Myself” and “Let it Fall” are guitar driven, riff-y rockers, while “White Walls” and “Don’t Talk” take on a dreamier and laid back texture, but keep the powerful delivery.

“Let it Fall” shines brightly in the middle of the EP as a groovy, punchy, in-your-face blend of guitar, synth, drums and those consistently powerful vocals.

BANG is an honest and good example of a band bringing their all into the studio (and if there’s this much energy in the EP, their live show as well).

If you are looking for a fresh hot band to follow, BANG is a very strongly worded letter by the band to the world (especially Toronto) that they deserve our attention. - The Scope at Ryerson


Friday night was bursting with confetti, neon lights and a whole lot of dancing at the Horseshoe Tavern. To celebrate the release of their new EP, “BANG,” Ginger Ale & The Monowhales held one heck of a party. With a packed crowd of Monowhale fans, and a stage bursting with colourful glowing lights, the band took over the famous concert hall and demanded the attention of every member of the audience. Sally, the petite singer of the indie-rock group, proved that size is not all that matters. Commanding a crowd whom had quite obviously shown up to party, she made her presence known and quite frankly stole the show.

The Monowhales, known for their quirky style and in your face live performances, displayed their true colours on the Tavern stage. Playing a large range of their material, from pop hit, “Home” to heavier rock songs like “White Walls,” the band provided the perfect atmosphere for singing along, but also moshing, if you so felt the urge. When the band jumped into some of their better know tracks like “Looking Simple,” the crowd became excitable and anxious to help Sally with the catchy melody. The band debuted “Name for Myself” from their new EP, and gave listeners a little taste of their latest release.

Needless to say, if you had gone to the concert to hear your favourite Monowhales songs, you were not disappointed. If you had happened to stumble into the venue randomly that night, you would have found yourself mesmerized by a a wild rock concert, and most likely left as a fan of the band’s. The crowd became a sight to see alone, with confetti and colourful foam props darting around in mid-air. The weirdo aesthetic of the Ginger Ale and The Monowhales splattered like paint off of the stage. While at some points overwhelmingly florescent, it allowed for an interesting take on audience interaction. Onstage, the band kept their energy high, dancing along to the music and head banging throughout the evening. The show was mesmerizing; it was hard to look away from everything that was going on in front of you.

The music played well past 1AM, but left the audience begging for more. Coming back to us with an enthusiastic encore, the Monowhales finished, leaving everything they had in them on that stage.

Be sure to check out their new EP “BANG” on the streaming service of your choice. - nu


BANG (EP) - October 14, 2016

Home (single) - August 16, 2016

White Walls (single) - April 22, 2016

Looking Simple (single) - October 17, 2015

Blue Balls (single) - April 25, 2015

HA! (EP) June 13, 2014

Out Of My Head (single) - July, 2013



Ginger Ale & the Monowhales are a four-piece indie pop/rock band from Toronto, Ontario known for their onstage antics and raucous performances. The band has released two EP’s and four singles to date including breakout single “Home”, the video for which garnered over 220K views on Facebook and landed them features on Global News, CP24, and CBC Radio 1 (Song Of The Week). Staying true to their roots, the Monowhales have also kept up a heavy gigging schedule, playing in support of heavyweight acts such as FIDLAR, Electric Six, Hank and Cupcakes, and In-Flight Safety. In October 2016, the Monowhales played a sold-out show at Toronto's legendary Horseshoe Tavern to celebrate the release of their latest EP “BANG”.

Carving out a niche with their high energy, “Flaming Lips-esque” live show, the Monowhales quickly began to make a name for themselves in the Toronto music scene. However it wasn't until the release of their self-produced studio effort "HA!" that the Monowhales began to receive attention for their recorded music. On Friday the 13th of June 2014, crowds filled Toronto independent music hub The Garrison to celebrate the release of the new EP, sold in Monowhales’ own unique music delivery system - the FANCAN. Since then, Ginger Ale and the Monowhales have gone on to play venues such as Lee's Palace, Nathan Philips Square, and The Rivoli.

In April 2015, Ginger Ale & The Monowhales sold out Toronto venue The Smiling Buddha for the release of their single "Blue Balls". Soon to follow was a single/video entitled "Looking Simple”, resulting in a sold-out show at Toronto's legendary Horseshoe Tavern in October 2015. Riding high off one of their best shows to date, the band began work on their new EP - "BANG". With demand for the band at an all time high, it wasn’t long before the Monowhales took a break from recording to release another single - "White Walls" in April 2016. Once again selling out the Horseshoe Tavern, the Monowhales firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

​Leading up to the release of their latest EP, Ginger Ale & the Monowhales released their newest single - "Home" in August 2016. A love letter to their hometown, “Home” was accompanied by a video showcasing a point-of-view tour of the best the city of Toronto has to offer. Little did they know the video would garner over 200K views in the first seven days of its release, becoming an internet sensation that would land the Monowhales airtime on Global News, Sirius XM, CP24, and CBC Radio 1, write-ups by, 102.1 The Edge, and Kiss 92.5, and a direct mention from the mayor of Toronto himself - John Tory. When it came time to release their latest EP “BANG” in October 2016, a 400-strong crowd packed Toronto's legendary Horseshoe Tavern to see Ginger Ale & the Monowhales take the stage. Since its release, “BANG” has received reviews from numerous blogs and lead single “Home” has been streamed over 60K times on Spotify. The coming year will see Monowhales take their explosive live show on the road, having already performed to warm receptions in Ottawa, Peterborough, and Montreal.

Band Members