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The T!Katz are a band with a catchy sound and energetic personas to match. With their new single “3AM” dropping soon, it’s only a matter of time before they score a massive following. Joining the Universal/Motown family and being the first hip hop/pop band signed to The INC, formerly Murder Inc., the T!Katz hope to bring their 1980s influenced sound to you with a shot of Jack Daniels to chase.

T!Katz vocalist, Ginger Coyle, has the voice and talent to backup her vivacious personality and killer looks. She’s sassy and we like it. She also has some sweet tattoos, which we like even more.

For PRICK readers who are being introduced to you for the first time: who are you, where did you come from and what are you doing now?

Ginger Coyle is the name that appears on my driver's license. I've been called Gin, Ging, G-Co, G.C. Deville, Ginga Turtle, Shitty-Bear, The Ging, and Miss Coyle if you're nasty. I hail from New Jersey and currently stomp around Atlanta with my band, the T!Katz. The T! stands for thunder! We are a six-piece, but not original recipe...extra crispy! Band members are Ginger and o8o on vocals, Jon on guitar, Mel on keys, Jive on bass and Juno bangin' the drums.

The T!Katz began as the Thunderkatz; when o8o named the group he was looking for something iconic to ‘80s pop culture. After we signed, the labels wanted to make sure we didn't get the pants sued off of us. Even though the name was spelled with a ‘k’ and a ‘z,’ it still sounded like the cartoon, so we had to change the name but still keep it similar. That's how T!Katz was born.
What’s your take on being the only girl in the band?

Being the only girl in the band rules! I was quite a tomboy when I was growing up on the farm in New Jersey. My older brother showed me the ropes to building forts, ramps and blowing shit up. When I joined the band in 2006 not everyone wanted a girl in the band but once they realized I wasn't a typical chick, they let that go. I can hang with the boys, and I prefer to!

Tell us about the T!Katz blog ( as it has an eclectic mix of information on it as opposed to being purely band-centric. Have you looked into having Nike officially sponsor the blog?

I must say, I am not the one to take credit for the blog site. That would be all Juno! He really mixes it up with his Nike of the week, T!katz news and let's not forget to mention his random posts on new technology, gadgets and even politics. I contributed with one episode of the "g-spot video blog" but I have yet to do a follow-up—video editing is a pain in the ass! We aren't sponsored by Nike yet, but I know it's something the label is looking into for us. Jack Daniels Sponsored us for a couple shows though (see useless facts below).

In 2006, you blogged on your MySpace about “Useless Ginger Facts,” one of my favorite being that you had reoccurring dreams about hanging out with Rod Stewart. Do you still have those dreams two years later? Rod and I go way back. It all started back in 2003 when I had many dreams of meeting Rod at a cigar bar and shootin' the shit. Three years later I dreamed that I met him at a casino in Atlantic City where he recognized me from the cigar bar. I haven't had any dreams since then, however I did name my Mazda 626 "Rod." Yeah, Rod Stewart’s like a million years old, and I sure as hell wouldn't wanna see him in one of those spandex leotards he used to rock, but I still heart him, shhhhhhhh! Okay. If you were to blog about “Useless T!Katz Facts” what would you include on the list?

A few useless T!Katz facts:
1. T!Katz started out playing at the original CBGB's in NYC.
2. In the summer of 2006, the T!Katz were banned from not just the venue we played, but the city of Asbury Park, N.J. (home of the boss) after an unfortunate event where a beer was poured into a stage monitor during a kick ass show. Oops.
3. Lil' Jon crowned T!Katz the winner of the 2006 BMI Urban Showcase in ATL. yay-yuh!
4. MTV recently featured o8o and me on episode four of “Buckle Down or Bottoms Up” of the show From G's to Gents.
5. Our bass player, Jive, has reached the eighth dimension and is currently in search of the ninth.
6.We have been known to team up with Jack Daniels for shows.

The people want to know, what’s the 411 on your tattoos?

My tats are a work-in-progress right now. I guess we'll go in order from first to last.When I turned 18 I was eager to go out and get tramp-stamped with a Japanese koi, which really just turned out to look like a tiny gold fish swimming out of my ass crack. It's not pictured for a reason. The swallows on the top of my back were done by Mike at A Lasting Image in Orlando, Fla. They read "No Compromise, No Regret.” My memories of Orlando are, um..."blurry" to say the least. That particular parlor was set on fire and burned to the ground.

The tiny prison-style music note was jabbed into my right hip by way of a sewing needle and India ink one wasted evening courtesy of alcohol and boredom. That one is not pictured for a reason, too. Now for the real work: my right arm was done by Josh Brewer at Tru Blu Tatu in Bristol, Pa. The top of my forearm has an old microphone with "Weapon of Choice" in cursive. The underside is a pin-up girl that my grandmother drew back in the ‘40s. She passed away years ago, so when I discovered the drawing I had to get it worked into my sleeve before I packed up to move down south. Eric Thrice at Liberty Tattoo in ATL did my left arm. When T!Katz signed last summer I got the anchor to stay grounded and prepare for the storm ahead.The rope in the anchor is shaped like a treble clef and there's a lightning bolt at the very top to rep the T!Katz. The banner reads "Hold Fast" for a dear ol' sailor, Slifko, back in Jersey—he got a “Hold Fast” anchor with my name in the base of his. On my last visit to Liberty, Eric garnished my shoulder with some of his signature roses. Mister Thrice is also responsible for (drummer) Juno's "Hendrix" piece and Jon's hand tattoos. Jon also has a sick chest piece that reads, "Whatever doesn't kill me, makes me stronger" by Trevor (aka Troublez) at Marked Tattoo in the ATL.Troublez also did o8o’s work. He has a couple random stars; one behind his ear and one on his arm. He recently added the letter 's' to his left ring finger that reps his wife. What are some of your favorite tattoo styles?

I am in love with traditional-style work, hands down! Sailor Jerry is so classic and simple to me. His delicious spiced navy rum will get you where you need to go, and most likely sprout a couple hairs on your chest if you drink enough!

What tattoos do you see yourself getting in the future and who do you want to be tattooed by?

I want Eric to finish my left arm for me. I absolutely adore his style and use of vibrant colors. I think the next tattoo for me is my long-awaited mermaid with a boom box on her shoulder. Also a Super 8 Motel logo. I had a little too much to drink last summer on the Midwest tour and, long story short, woke up in the wrong state! I had to take a taxi from Iowa back to the Super 8 in Nebraska! That tattoo will remind me to be more careful. As for the band, I know Jon was looking to get Corey Davis at City of Ink, also in the ATL, to do his stomach next.

Alright, time for shameless self-promotion: describe the new album, what the future holds (tours, etc.) and how people can get to know you and your music better.

Being a group that is heavily influenced by the sounds and pop culture of the 1980s, our title for the new album is 19 hundred 80 sumthin. It will feature songs reminiscent of The Police, early Madonna, and even Prince. To find us in Atlanta, your best bet is to check the local paper; we usually throw shows at the Masquerade or the Drunken Unicorn/MJQ on a monthly basis. Our single "3AM" is currently being bumped at a club near you and is also available on Rhythmic and Pop Radio Stations in the United States. If you haven't heard it yet, request that issssh! Hit us up if you want to book us or team up for a show. Also, Rod, if you're out there, I love you.

- PRICK Magazine Oct. 2008


Hello and welcome to Vibe Rated! Please, introduce yourself to us!
Hello! My name is Ginger Coyle. I'm an old souled, brown eyed, singer songwriter. I was formerly in a hip hop/pop group called T!katz signed with Murder Inc. These days I'm working on my first solo record, and raising my daughter.
You deal with a kind of music which is able to be influenced by various artists. So, who were your influences up to now?
One of my favorite childhood memories is driving around with my dad in his pick up truck listening to The Police, The Doors, and Billy Joel! When I was a teenager I was very into Tori Amos, Prince, Ben Folds, Tom Waits, The Beatles, Jill Scott, Eyrkah Badu, Dave Matthews and Ani Difranco. If you were to look in my ipod now you'd see a lot of older artists like Neil Young, Patsy Cline, Carol King, & Billie Holiday
How did you take the decision to start writing songs?
I began piano lessons at the age of 7. I could not read music very well, but I had an ear for it. I would watch my teacher's hands and listen closely. When I would practice at home, I would stray away from the music and improvise putting my own twist to the tunes. This lead me to eventually start writing music of my own when I was about 10. By the age of 13, it was something that I began to take very seriously. My father took notice, and for my 8th grade graduation present he took me into a studio to record 2 of my songs. That was the start of my career.
Could you remember how your close people faced your will to sing?
I had been singing in front of people since I could talk, so it was no surprise to anyone that I wanted to do it professionally.
How did you decide to continue your career as a solo artist?
After my previous band (T!Katz) broke up in early 2009, I knew I had to get back to my solo music. I had too much unfinished business! Luckily, I had some help getting a home studio to record all of my ideas. I had to really figure out what I wanted to say, and it took a lot of soul searching. Now I'm in a good place. I'm playing lots of solo shows and planning to record my debut album this year.
I know that artists avoid to put labels in their music, but if you had to do so, what label would that be?
I would say that my music is Americana with just a hint of retro swagger!
I think, that your lyrics include everyday-life elements. So, in case you agree, which are these things that inspire you?
One of my songs was inspired by the sqeek of the my dryer running! What can I say? I'm inspired by the simple things in life. I'm very inspired by love of any kind. When I'm writing and searching for a melody and my daughter starts to dance around to the music, that is a feeling like no other. I would say that she inspires me to do and be my best.
What instruments do you play, and which one is the most difficult to learn?
I can play Piano, Guitar, & Sing. The piano came very naturally to me. I took lessons for 5 years, then I quit and started to write my own music. When I was 14 I got my first guitar. I thought it was going to be easy to pick up, but it turned out to be a very difficult transition for me. I would tune the strings in my own special tuning to make it easier for me to play and learn how to control my hands. Once I learned the control, I tuned it the standard way and locked myself in my bedroom with a chord chart. I pretty much faked it and made people believe I knew what I was doing, even when I had no clue... then one day I actually did know. Somehow, every little thing I learned along the way made me into a better musician. I still am learning new things with every instrument, including my voice. I've always sang, but it wasn't until recently that I really have gotten comfortable in my own voice... I'm not trying to "sound" any certain way, I'm just being me. And that is one of the hardest parts of singing... finding your own voice.
One of the most cliché questions is about the best live show of an artist. If I reverse the question, could you tell me the worst time in your career until now?
When I was 19, I was on national TV in a singing contest on the Wayne Brady Show. The producers instructed me to come out of a doorway and smile and wave to the crowd after Wayne introduced me. So I walked through the doorway, looked up at the crowd, smiled, waved, and TRIPPED because no body bothered to tell me there was a step! I thought they would re-take it, but they kept on going... The news paper headline was "Singer trips but doesn't fall from contest". Pretty embarrassing.
Tell us a few things about your upcoming album. When is it to be released and what will it contain?
Right now I'm actually raising money through to make my upcoming album "Homeward Bound". I have about 3 weeks left to meet my minimum goal of $8,000. The price of a full length album is about $16,000. So the more money I make, the more music I make. There are lots of really cool rewards for the money that the fans pledge. (t-shirts, bootlegs, tattoos, custom songs, original art work, and even a chance to come in the studio with me and assist on handclaps!) This will be my first official solo album. Charles Patierno and Ross Bellenoit are on board to produce.
Could you tell us what’s the kind of music that you cannot stand no matter what?
I try to give all music a chance. I don't really dig the cheapness of new pop. Everything is starting to sound the same. I just want it to be about REAL music again!
Any last word for your Vibe Rated fans?
Please take the time to check out my Kickstarter Page and check out my video and rewards. If you want to get involved with the making of my record it's that easy! For music and everything else my website is Follow me!
- VIBE RATED online music blog

"Her song strikes a chord"

She couldn’t contribute a lot of money, but if she could write a song and donate the proceeds from its sale, she might be able to do her part.

Then she heard about the beach rally. She wrote her song in one night, completing it as she drove to Barnegat.

“People were coming up to say, ‘You should do something with that,’ ” Coyle recalled.

So four days later, accompanied by Philadelphia cellist Alethea Norton Washburn, Coyle recorded her tune at Why Me? Recording in Gibbsboro, Camden County.

“I play acoustic. This wonderful cello player came in and laid down some cello in the background. It turned out to be beautiful,” the Medford resident said.

Now she’d like to sell the recording to raise funds for People Protecting Animals and Their Habitats (PATH).

Pegg Quan
- - Peg Quann, Burlington County times (Aug 30, 2010)

"Local singer raising funds to help animal vicitms in oil spill"

Coyle was inspired to write a song that would not only provide a sympathetic voice about the tragedy in the Gulf, but would also raise money to help the animals suffering through the crisis.

“I was watching the news on the oil spill every day,” said Coyle. “It was really starting to bring me down. I wanted to donate something to help.”

Coyle wrote “Tears in the Sand,” a song with a heartfelt message that, she hopes, portrays the heartbreaking nature of the crisis.
Ed Benkin - - Ed Benkin, The Central Record (Sep 06, 2010)

"Hands Across the Sand"

"Musician Ginger Coyle volunteered to strum her guitar and sing while participants clasped hands for 15 minutes. She sang an original song called "Tears in the Sand." "She was amazing and really excited about it," Neal said. " - JESSICA INFANTE, Asbury Park Press (Jun 29, 2010)


Tears in the Sand
Single released 7/2011 to raise funds for the animals suffering in the gulf oil spill.

5|12 Homeward Bound EP Released



Back in the 80's, Ginger was a typical 3 year old girl from a small town in NJ. She would sit on the family room floor, basking in the blue light from the monsterous television. What set her apart from other toddlers in the neighborhood was her infatuation with MTV. While her peers were busy watching Care Bears and G.I. Joe, Ginger studied and mimicked artists like Cyndi Lauper and Billy Joel. To this day she still considers the Christmas she received her Kermit the Frog Keyboard, the day she knew that she wanted to create music for the rest of her life.

That spark of ambition is what ignited her to start playing her original music in coffee houses and bars around South Jersey and Philly throughout high school. In 2003 her hard work finally began to pay off. She found herself on national television at the age of 19 singing Sting's "Every breath you take" on The Wayne Brady Show, taking first place in the "Hard Rock Talent Search" .

Over the years many doors opened. In 2006 she joined hiphop/pop group The Thunderkatz (T!katz) as co-front woman in the eclectic band. They quickly won a BMI urban showcase and signed with Murder Inc /Universal Motown in 2007.

The T!katz shook up the Atlanta music scene opening for acts like Flobots, Cobra Starship, Hollywood Undead, Chrisette Michele, and B.O.B. They toured the Midwest with Third Eye Blind and were even featured on an episode of MTV's G's to Gent's. But it wasn't too long before the band broke up due to differences with their labels.

After the breakup Ginger had the experience to do a lot of different things. She ultimately decided to get back to her folk rock roots to take care of some unfinished business. She retreated to her tiny basement apartment with her upright piano, guitars, and home studio.

Many hours were spent pounding on keys, plucking on strings, and nurturing her sound as a singer songwriter. In the end she has come forward wtih a more mature sound that compliments her soulful yet playful spirit. In early 2011 she will independently release her first solo ep "Homeward Bound". This is a special record not only because it is her debut, but also because it is completely being funded by the fans she made along the way. Charles Patierno and Ross Bellenoit are on board to produce the project.