Ginger LaBella

Ginger LaBella

BandPopAdult Contemporary

Female singer/songwriter. Simple yet powerful lyrics. Vocal harmonies. Adult Contemporary Pop with hints of jazz, funk, folk and country. In the tradition of Lyle Lovett, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, Sarah McLachlan.


Music is my true passion. I love to dabble with instruments, but my main instrument is my voice. People ask when I started singing, and I don’t know what they mean. I feel I was born singing. I wrote my first song at age 15, and have been writing ever since.

My music is influenced by jazz, folk, classical, funk, bluegrass and other genres. I love vocal harmonies, and incorporate them whenever possible. Lyrically, I am inspired by songwriters whose writing is simple yet powerful, and I strive for that balance in my own work.

My first ablum, Crazy Quilt, was self-released in 2009. Like the relationships that inspired them, the songs range from melancholy to joyful. With this album, I embraced the idea of completing a completely self-produced project, and I now carry that forward as part of my identity.


Crazy Quilt (12-track LP) 2009

Set List

1 Crazy Quilt 3:33
2 Ivy Street 3:03
3 Do You Know What I’m Thinking? 4:20
4 Old Red Dress 3:25
5 What Would We Change? 4:05
6 Why Couldn’t We? 3:48
7 Mystery 5:29
8 I’ll Get Over You 4:07
9 Let Me 3:56
10 Shelter from the Storm 5:04
11 Harder, Faster, Deeper 3:26

May choose cover songs that are in keeping with my genre, and appropriate for a particular performance.