Gingerly (mostly, ...sometimes)

Gingerly (mostly, ...sometimes)


She's a folkie who likes some punk. He's a punk who likes some folk. She sings with a voice people stop and listen too. He writes tunes that you feel. This is one month later.


John McGrath has found a wonderful singer to do beautiful things to his words. Margaret Vetare likes the way he sings them. We are working out a compromise as we speak.
We played an open mic as the featured artist for our first show. A local band asked us to open up for there next show. Now the club wants us to come back every month.
Our first month has been interesting.


We are starting that as month two project.

Set List

We have only done two half-hour shows.
Cover songs have featured Steve Earle "More Than I Can Do"; Husker Du's "Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely"; James McMurtry's "Angeline"