Ginger Redcliff

Ginger Redcliff


It's pop music. Free of scheme and form. Questioning the given, letting go of the ordinary. Reduced to the main aspect of making the own soul jingle. Self-confidence and the knowledge about he own strenght. You have to engage with Ginger Redcliff. You have to!


For Ginger Redcliff music is a grand experiment. The 18-year-old, in London born artist, experiments, rips apart and revises - and all above with a magical voice. Preferably in a one-minute-beat.
Classical instruments like piano, bass and drums fit as well as electronic beats and sounds. Together they sound suitably unintrustive and atmospheric.

Just let it sink in and you can drown in Ginger Redcliff's own sound world, where the lyrics descibe just the way reality is. A parodox that fits.

Set List

Another Way
Can You Dance
Hunt it Down
Tommorow and Today
Laughing Boy
Waste Time