We are a band that puts it all out there on stage. We believe that people come to a show to be entertained and we deliver every time. We are metal through and through and, most importantly we entertain.


We are a metal band from a small town. Most of us grew up together in school. Bob, Jeremy, and Jim (skrap) started the band about 5 years ago and we've went through a couple of lineup changes through the years, always for the better. We are a close knit group of friends who have mostly the same influences such as: MushroomHead, Mudvayne, Clutch, Pantera, Metallica, Tool and Korn to name a few. Which helps us in the writing process because we all like the same music. We all believe that putting on a great live show is what keeps people coming back again and again, so we try to make our live show as intense as possible every time we play.


"In God's Disgust" 2008
Our singles from this album can be heard on youngstown ohio's 93.3 homegrown show, which include:

Bath Time

Set List

Our set lists can vary depending on what is required of us. It ranges from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.