Gin House

Gin House


Combining raw, honest songwriting with crisp harmonies, Gin House plays their own blend of roots-pop music. Whether playing as a duo or with additional musicians, you can hear a mixture of folk, rock, and pop but what you feel is the heart and soul of American music.


Despite the trends and the state of popular music these days, you’ll find Gin House. They remain a band built on the basics and feeling of the heart and soul of American music. The music they play is honest, raw, and elemental. From ballads to foot stomping songs – anyone and everyone can feel the language in their music.

Paul Lynch and Brandon Clark are, although sometimes appearing full band, the central core of Gin House. Years of being in bands, and charting their individual musical journeys lead them to each other. The music industry can sometimes be an interesting territory, and despite several name changes, label contracts and member changes -- together they fought on and found a new found sense of musical clarity.

Their first official release as Gin House, the Gin House – EP illustrates their sound, energy and songwriting in just five songs and was recorded in March of 2012 with producer, mixing engineer and songwriter, Jeremy SH Griffith at Singing Serpent Studios in New York City. Oddly, enough the album was recorded in just under a week, and features Brandon, Paul and Jeremy as the primary musicians. Although short, the Gin House - EP is a testament to their vision. Some might say it sounds vaguely country, or southern-tinged but ultimately, it is their own blend of roots-pop music.

The best way to understand what Gin House is all about is to catch them live. They will be touring in late 2012 and early 2013 along with the release of their new album and are currently working on material for their first full length album, to-be-recorded and released sometime in the future.

They might remind you of the music from the past – but rest assured, Gin House was born in the present, here to stay and heading towards the future.


Gin House - EP
released 11 May 2012 (digitally)
released 26 Aug 2012 (physically)
Produced by Jeremy Griffith
Engineered by Jeremy Griffith
Assistant: Lee Salevan
Additional Engineer: Tyler Walker
Mixed by Jeremy Griffith
Mastered by Drew Lavyne at ALL Digital Mastering, NYC -
Recorded at Singing Serpent Studios - New York City

All Songs Written by Brandon Clark (BMI)
Except "Marianna" & "The Fire Is Alive" - Written by Brandon Clark (BMI) & Paul Lynch (ASCAP)