Revamped all girl grunge rock with a british twist!


Where can you find decent female musicians these days? hardly anywhere is the correct answer - lack of encouragment, ambition and expectation means that girls are still not picking up guitars.....

But.... lo and behold in our midst comes a new girl band - formed from 4 individual members all living in and around london who have learned their craft in other bands (Insofar - Not On Your Radio Records/ROTF - Circulation Records) and now come together to create not only a sonic rock experience but with quality musicianship too.

Once described as "pomp rock stomp box troubadours" many of the themes of love and hatred are still hanging around the necks of these 3 feminists......but equality is what they are after.

Big things indeed are expected from these young ladies, so be sure to keep a watchful eye over them.

More info to follow shortly…


Demo's Currently up on our myspace page.

Set List

Holdall Snowstorm
Hit & Miss
Unmarked Shield
Bleeding Heart
Your going to hell in a hand cart

(Approx 30 min set)