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"BBC Berkshire - Local Bands - Interview - GINNI"

Interview: Ginni

She's won a BBC music contest, she describes her music as "versatile, emotive and edgy", she's amassed hundreds of fans and she's got a new album coming out. We catch up with Berkshire's Ginni.

So Ginni, it's been quite a few years since you won BBC Berkshire Online's music competition, what have you been up to since then?
"Through this competition, I won 3 days recording at Running Frog, a local Windsor studio. This led to the completion of my second solo album with my band – completely self-financed. I released this album in July 2004 at The Windsor Arts centre”
Listen to Ginni on the Henry Kelly show on Thursday 13 April 2006:
LISTEN: Ginni interview and live acoustic track > (GO TO: )

"On 2 September 2004 I signed to Madam Music Records and have since recorded a new album at Westside Studio in London and filmed a video for the single Jump The Sky – this was an exhilarating experience. I was also given the privilege of keeping my band on board for this – they are very special to me as friends and as musicians."

I see looking at your new single cover that you've got a new image – what amazing red hair!
"Thank you! I have had many colours for my hair over the years and it has been one of my trademarks – I have always gone for fiery colours . In 2004 I left my hair without colour to give it a breather before colouring it red for my wedding, which was two days after signing the record deal. It’s been a great asset for the label and stylist to build a new image around”

Now you're originally from South Africa, what brought you to Berkshire?
"I made a name for myself doing Broadway-type shows in South Africa in theatres and Sun International Hotels, but my passion has always been writing and performing my own songs. So, I came to the UK, initially for one year, to visit my father who was living in Hurst at the time, with the goal to further my studies in dance and music. Unfortunately, the studies never came into fruition; my one year open air ticket had expired and I ended up staying in the UK.
"Some friends encouraged me to start busking and one day I was busking on Eton Bridge and the landlord of the Hog’s Head (now the George) in Eton heard me and offered me my first pub gig. This opened the door for me to acquire many gigs all over the Thames Valley and the UK. I love the live music scene over here and being a part of it."

Who/what inspired you to write and perform music?
"That has been something that has lived deep inside me since birth. From as far back as I can remember I have been in love with music, dance and performing. My entire family is musical in some form. As children, we grew were surrounded by music. My mother being a jazz singer and music promoter in South Africa/ my father played in many bands and is now a composer of film and television music.
"The piano is my favourite instrument and I just have to sit down at the piano and I will write a song. It just happens. I never plan to write a song, but my piano or guitar has to be there. It’s like a joined force between woman and instrument."

You know us music journalists love to make up genres, so tell us, how would you describe your music yourself?
"Versatile, emotive and edgy."

How are you promoting your single?
"Prior to the recording, I opened the 2005 May Music Festival at the Windsor Royal Station. I had a fantastic response to the single and Madam Music Records had quite a few album pre-orders through this day. It’s being promoted on my website,, (forum). Also, Madam Music Records has been to MIDEM promoting the single and the album to international industry.
"I have solo gigs lined up for the end of February and will be touring with my band throughout March/April/May. I am really looking forward to this."

One review has dubbed you: "Brilliant oddball, precious artiste, brainy heartthrob"... Do tell us more!
"This always puts a smile on my face. I sent my fist solo album to Panartist in London in 2001 and they loved the album. Sarah, from Panartist wrote this review on listening to the album – I have not met her to this day, but this was her review on the vibe that she got from the songs. I would assume that she has written this with her understanding of my emotion and drive behind each song, the lyrics and some of the madness that was portrayed in the performance."

So tell us about your forthcoming single?
Now this is very exciting. I played this to the record label and the producer and we decided that this was definitely the single. I remember playing it to James, the producer, down the phone as he was overseas at the time.
"’Jump The Sky’ was born through my love for my best friend who was a complete adventurer and a skydiver. It started as a celebration of life encouraging him to do a “jump” and forget about all the stresses of his life at the time. The song is about a free-spirit.
"Unfortunately, he died in a tragic accident about three months after I wrote the song and ironically, this has given ‘Jump The Sky’ a twist in its meaning. It still holds the celebration of life and at the same time, it now leans towards a spirit hanging out with another spirit up there in the big old blue. This makes the release of this single so much more special and poignant"

I hear you've got a tour planned to promote the album - have you any details on this yet?
"Not as yet. All I can tell you now is that there will be some solo and many band gigs. As I said earlier, I will be starting solo gigs at the end of February and the band will join me in March. The dates will be posted on my website,, in time for fans to plan their nights out with ‘GINNI’ "

Read Review with Links at: - BBC Berkshire 2006

"Ginni Hogarth album launch @ Bier Keller, Coppid Beech Hotel, Bracknell – 5 June 2001"

Hosted by Unplugged and Intimate, the launch of the Ginni Hogarth’s album was a very successful event. Promoter Hadyn Wood always manages to showcase the best in local talent pulling in DaftLane, Jelutong and Seela to support Ginni.
As well as being an accomplished pianist, self-taught guitarist and a wonderful songwriter, Ginni is also a fantastic performer. Her 'girl at piano' songs are dreamy, particularly the title track of her album Between These Walls, and Starburst (not on the CD sadly) where she sings, “bathing in the language, soaking up the sun, drowning in forever, falling just for fun”. It’s her acoustic guitar songs that allow her to project her spunky attitude as she throws her head back, jerks her shoulders and stamps her feet. For her posture and mannerisms Ginni has been described as a female Paul Weller, and a member of her audience described her as sounding like a “Tori Amos, with her pants still on” (whatever did he mean by that I wonder?). She has a unique vocal style that can be compared to Skin of Skunk Anansie, (only not when she’s screaming her head off) Kate Bush and Sinead O’Conner – all rolled into one.
Ginni has the vocal versatility to transform from childlike innocence and sweetness to the powerful and heartfelt emotions of a woman scorned as in Hold On - "stop searching for something to hide 'coz you know he'll find you there". During this track the professionalism and the high level of musicianship of Ginni’s band becomes even more apparent as they alternate from 6/8 to 5/4 time – very impressive if you’re a muso-type and tighter than a gnat’s nostrils.
The fantastic band backing Ginni were Brian Greene (drums), Jerry Payle (lead and acoustic guitar), Chris McCartney (percussion) and Jerry Soffe (bass).
The production on the CD is very crisp, not too much reverb on the vocals, which is so often the case, and of course Ginni has a wonderful band to back her up. You could argue that a couple of the songs are lyrically predictable, typically female – but I think that’s just the difference between men and women. Lads will write about one-night-stands and shagging, girlies will write about love and shagging. For men, good sex brings love, for women, good love brings sex. Know what I mean? This doesn’t necessarily mean that birds can’t write good songs just because they happen to be mostly about how it feels falling in love, falling out of love and all the feelings in between.
Ginni sold a shed load of CD’s at her launch and deservedly so. If you fancy a sneak preview of Ginni before buying her CD you can catch her most Friday nights at the Three Elms in Windsor or contact her at through her website for more details of how to buy.

For full articla & links - visit - - Samantha Carter - JOSAKA 2001

"Unplugged & Intimate @ Bier Keller, Coppid Beech Hotel, Bracknell - 13 March 2001"

A few weeks ago I reviewed a ladies’ night here and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw that Ginni Hogarth had returned. She writes inspiring lyrics that evoke all sorts of emotions, and captivates the crowd with her unique voice. She played a couple of mellow piano tunes but really comes into her own when playing her guitar. During Big Yellow Sun, Ginni stomps her feet, curls her lip and projects confidence daring to look right into the eyes of her audience. Her album Between These Walls, is due for release in the near future and you can find out more by emailing. Or watch this space of course.

For full article & links - visit - - Samantha Carter - JOSAKA 2001

"Ladies Night @ Bier Kellar, Coppid Beech Hotel, Bracknell - 6 February 2001"

Included in the line-up was KD Lang look-a-like Ginni. This lady oozes charisma, playing meaningful songs that she writes herself and displays a wonderful stage presence. Originally from South Africa, she has a twang to her accent that actually reminds me of Sinead O’Connor. Unafraid of her audience, which is in close proximity at the Bier Kellar, she stamps her feet and jerks her guitar around as she plays. Ginny projects attitude and is obviously passionate about what she is saying. Apparently this gig was a one-off for her, but let’s hope it has given her a taste for it.

For full article & links - visit - - Samantha Carter - JOSAKA 2001

"Ginni Hogarth Album Review - 2002"

"Brilliant oddball, precious artiste, brainy heartthrob - Ginni Hogarth may be considered any or all of these, but whatever ID tag one sticks her with, there's no secret as to what makes for a powerful Ginni composition. When she hooks together her accomplished piano, her live band and that voice, the results can't help but grab an ear.
Expect bigger things..." - Sarah - PANARTIST - London


2001:'Between these Walls' (released on her own label Kano Music)

2004:'sweetest dream' (released on her own label Kano Music Ltd)

2006:'GINNI' (Ginni's first album with Madam Music - following the release of her debut single 'Jump the Sky'. Both are available in both digital and CD format via

More info about Ginni available at

You can also visit Ginni at



Previous winner of "BBC Song of the Year" Competition, singer-songwriter and performer, Ginni Hogarth, is a powerful talent not to be ignored. As an accomplished pianist, cellist and self-taught guitarist, Ginni has become very versatile in her song writing and performance. She is a vibrant performer with a captivating affect on her audience.

After a successful career in Musical Theatre/TV in South Africa gaining national press and TV coverage, Ginni moved to the UK to pursue her vocation as a singer/songwriter and pianist. However, with many challenges and without a piano to hand, she took to learning the guitar.
Ginni has performed at various venues around the UK, as well as Amsterdam, California and South Africa. Her self-financed debut solo album "Between These Walls", was released in June 2001 and she toured the UK solo and with her band and sold over 2500 copies at gigs alone. This tour included venues such as The Kings Head in Fulham; The Halfmoon in Putney; Break for the Border in Oxford Circus and many more.

In July 2004, Ginni released her 2nd album "sweetest dream", which became a limited edition album due to her signing to Madam Music Records in September that same year.

Ginni's deal with Madam Music in 2004 led to her recording her 3rd album "GINNI" at London's Westside Studios in collaboration with producer James Hallawell.

GINNI's album was released on March 20th 2006 following her single 'Jump the Sky' which was aired on radio stations around the UK.

Ginni's single 'Jump the Sky' also appeared on the 'British at Midem' sampler cd, alongside music from artists such as Nizlope, Goldie Lookin Chain and the Delays.

In October 2006 the 2 year deal came to an end and Ginni and Madam Music parted ways.

Ginni has an enormous catalogue of songs and is looking forward to releasing many more albums.