Los Angeles, California, USA

SPIRITFUNKnMETALBLUES Is The VIBE. Gino is a power house of music with the lyric consciousness of India Arie, the Power of Aretha Franklin & the Sassy Spirit of Tina Turner. Blending the heart and strength of our legendary singers. Her energy fills your essence and frees your soul.


Gino began singing at an early age. Born in St.Louis Missouri she was surrounded by the blues, gospel and jazz. Her music on her CD reflects her soul "ReBirth" “Check the Mirror" & Xmas Soul Gino is rooted in "SPIRITFUNKnMETALBLUES"

Performing at many local clubs in Los Angeles, The Whiskey a Go-Go, Roxy, Troubadour, Cinegrill & B.B.King's Blues Club. Finding a following of fans devoted to her sound and style. Moving on to Las Vegas, doing shows at The Flamingo, The Stardust, Mirage and The Imperial Palace. Returning to Los Angeles Gino created " Divas of Song" a tribute show to Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Ella Fitzgerald. Taking the Divas on Tour throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. Having the opportunity to support our U.S.Troops over seas, was a magical moment that Gino will never forget.

Feeling the Call to Spread the Gift of Song in her Spiritual Community Gino join the World renown Agape International Choir under the Direction of Rickie Byars Beckwith (Rickie Be). As a former lead vocalist with the Agape Choir Gino performed at the Ford Theater, the Getty Museum, Asilomar and Hollywood Bowl. Inspired to touch all, Gino regular sings at many different Churches & Spiritual Communities throughout the country.

Gino has worked with many talented people, Ray Charles at the Temecula Film Festival, The Drifters & Ike Turner at the Long Beach Old School Jam, Mary Wilson, Brenda Russell and Mike Douglas just to mention a few, with appearances on the Keenan Ivory Wayans Show and Howard Stern Show.

Gino has collaborated her songwriter and producing skill's with Lanny Perry a songwriter and musician, Rhys Moody an engineer and producer to create "CHECK THE MIRROR" a Sound, a Soul and Individuality To Be Who You Are!!

Welcome New My Sophomore CD "ReBirth" and My Xmas CD "Xmas Soul" Recorded Live at the "Center of the Heart Church" in Santa Barbara. A powerful vibration from the soul.

I AM Lifting & Shifting the Light of Consciousness All Over the World. Through Inspired Song & Word



The Thang

Written By: Gino & Lanny Perry

Have you Ever Felt the Thang
Some many names and never changing
The Thangg is the feeling that moves you everyday
Have you ever felt the Thang
that loves you whispers too you
The Thang is is the feeling that lives in you

You see Baptist, Catholic, Seven Day of Aventist, Jewish the list continues Jehovah Witness, Muslim no matter what cha name it is work'n
It's here as a guide for u God's love willsee u through recognixe what's in u


Have U ever felt the thing
With so many names
Ang never changing

The Thing
It is the feeling
That moves you everyday

Have U ever felt the thang
that loves U
Whispers too u

The thing
It is the feeling
That lives in u

We all thing we known about life, ooh we struggle to get it right the book gave us tools to use
Faith, Free Will & a Single Eye
No sparation from God, the power, & presence is in u Lift your voice in prayer, It will get you through


In the beginning He said "Let There Be Light" and there was light
The word is the power and the power is in the word
Peace Be still, Peace be still, I want u to lift your voice up & Praise Him
It is the Father within that doth the work Metaphysical, Bahia
Let's get with it
Stop making one wrong or right
This journey is apersonal flight
God is the gift & the giver
Don't lose sight, don't lose sight
Hey, God is life



Written By: gino/lanny/rickie

Sometimes I can't sit down
Sometimes I won't be still
Sometimes emotion roar
And only pain I fell
And then a voice not far away sings into my heart
Ease's my trouble mind
Just like a Mother's love I take the time to listen, to listen

Hush, Hush
Somebody's callin my name
Hushm Hush, Hush
Spirit is callin your name
Ooh my lord, Ooh my lord
what shall I do
Well it sounds like sweet spirit , Spirit is calling my name, Sounds like Spirit, spirit is callin my name Sounds like sweet spirit
Spirit is callin your name Ooh my Lord ooh my Lord what shall I do

I'm so glad
I got anchored in my peace
I'm glad, I got anchored in Peace
I'm so glad I got anchored in Peace
Ooh lord, ooh my lord
What shall I do

Early this morning, joy come movin in my heart
Early this morning joy come movin
in my heart
Early this morning Joy was movin
Ooh lord ooh my Lord
What shall I do


Rebirth/Release October 30, 2010

Xmas Soul/Release November 15, 2010

Check the Mirror/Release August 1, 2005

Set List

Set List is a complication of covers and orginial music.