Gino Lispi

Gino Lispi

BandHip HopSoul

I am a true EMCEE. I perform as hard as I can. I stand apart from gimmicks, gore, an guns. While maintaining an edgy, thought provoking technique. And I thought underage drinking was a lot of fun when I was underage. listen to the music PEACE!


Would love to visit GA for this B.o.B event. Check out the music, pics, and the short video.

A hip-hopper from the burbs. Hip-hop, with a modern-day sound. A lot of my music carries a positive message. I'm not out to change the world or anything, just trying to have some fun.
I have opened up for such acts as Louis Logic and Asher Roth, and rocked shows with countless acts from my area of Northeaster PA. The feedback I received from the larger shows was great. We worked hard on the sets and it went off really nicely. The shows were dope.
The emotion that drives me to create, is the same emotion that drives me to perform at %100, and try to connect with people. Not to mention, I take what I do very seriously, and want my words and my messages to be heard. I want to be respected as an artist, as an intelligent individual; much like I respect my favorite artists. (mos def, common, method man, talib, wyclef and the fugees, Q-tip...the list goes on)Also, I always look forward to hanging around after the show to chat and party as well.
Its kind of hard accurately categorize your my stuff. The music player (if you haven't located it) is in the upper left hand part of this window.

Thank you for taking the time to read and or listen. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.



I released "The Prelude" in 2006 with local success (Wilkes-Barre PA) and am currently working on my first official album.

Set List

Typical set of original music can be as long as 40 minutes, or chopped down to a shorter time. Typically about 7-8 tracks, with some classic hip-hop tracks (covers) mixed in to keep the crowd focused. nice late 90's stuff, but nothing corny.