Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy


As a band we bring high energy to every stage we play on, having fans connect and feel the music is our biggest goal. Creating good original music is what we are always striving for, you can say the music we create falls into more then one genre.


GIN RUMMY is a 4 piece punk rock band hailing from Stoney Creek, Ontario. The band takes inspiration from many different artists such as Sublime, Blink 182, The Fullblast etc. the band is committed to providing loud and fun songs that everyone can relate to. Mixing different genres and sounds to create somethign totally original and unique is what Gin Rummy is about, the sweet tangy sounds of Mike and Joey's guitars, the rythmical orgy of Marks bass, and the mind blowing sounds of Foster's drums is enough to make you scream of pleasure. With a Disc out right now Gin Rummy shows no signs of slowing down and are determined to conquer the world.


E.P - Gin Rummy (2008)

Set List

1. Nightlife
2. The Muscle
3. Shit Happens (when you party naked)
4. Bruce Trail
5. No Cop, No Stop
6. Beyond me
7. Summertime