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Ginsu Wives

Band Alternative Avant-garde


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Annual Top 5o Best New Bands in America"

Ginsu Wives

CITY: Little Rock
SONGS THAT GOT US: “Hello My Love,” “ Paula Abdul Jabbar”
ON THE TUBES: MySpace, You Tube
RECORD LABEL: Negative Art

WHY THEM? Ginsu Wives bust out some of the ickiest, most coked-out robot disco ever. There was a time when Providence’s Men’s Recovery Project released scads of this kind of material — fat synth grooves and the misan-thropic, vocal blank stares that you’re afraid to look behind — but that throne’s been vacant for a while. “The party is right here,” the Wives repeat ad nauseam on the plodding dirge of the same name, while the nasty fuzz-bass in “Hello My Love” marks the unholy marriage of punk and G-funk under a creepy falsetto chorus that would make Gene Ween blush. If Prince had grown up as Jon Lovitz’s adopted baby brother, we might have had the Ginsu Wives 25 years ago.

BONUS BIT! Fans of Nam June Paik, pantomimed money shots, PCP, and chubby, oiled-up shirtless men might enjoy the thoroughly NSFW video for “ Hello My Love.” The rest of you have been warned.
- Boston Phoenix


Surviving SIDS 3" CD EP

Sassy Goose/ Ginsu Wives 3" CD split

8088 Record Collective Volume ll compilation CD (Song and Video)

Sex With Miners Full length CD

8088 Record Collective Volume lll compilation CD

Ginsu Wives/ Transmography split Cassette

Bizarkansas 7" vinyl record compilation w/ Church of the Snake, Color Club, Perpetual Werewolves

Soft Beast full length CD (Available October 2009)



Ginsu Wives began in 2007 in Conway, AR as a result of the basturd love child between Sly and the Family Stone and Black Moth Super Rainbow with frequent conjugal visits by the milkman, who in this case is the great Mike Patton. Influences be damned (yet embraced)... This band is attempting to cut away it's own niche in experimental/ independent music.

The father of this chaotic, between the sheets bed-in is as vague and mysterious as the lyrics belted out by vocalist Chris Hairston, who's ever-so-sweetly falsetto voice defies all conventional pharyngeal paradigms. Outside the box? Not so fast my friends... This band certainly doesn't subscribe to such played out colloquialisms. Sometimes the Ginsu Wives are as guilty as the next post-punk influenced disco quartet of wreaking havoc on the 1-4-5 blueprint of typical rock and roll, but simply put, the stuff delivers in way that even the drunkest sorority pledge can easily find the groove and shake her thang. The rhythm enforcement is policed by bassist Tracy Prince, who's 3 week old canola oil-down-the-back bass lines are greasy enough to make even Bootsy Collins blush. Accompanied by the drum beat-down from battleskin player Daniel Olah with his bombastic yet technically precise percussion flirtations, the two double down oh so deliciously. Goose the Moog specialist ubiquitously layers the tapestry while providing backing vocals and trumpet squawks that not only a pterodactyl's mother could love, but hipsters and cool kids alike.

Over the course of the last couple years the Ginsu Wives have found the road to be a friendly companion. Calling Little Rock home makes for cheap rent, but the Siren's song from college towns and bigger cities all points on the compass is unrelenting in it's urgency; to stay in Central Arkansas for too long is a great way to wake up 65 and pot-bellied. Armed with a van that can make any 30,000 square foot Bible Belt Baptist church call down fire and brimstone in a jealous rage, the GW-4 have made their purpose clear... get out as much as possible. Thank the lord baby Jesus for a geographic location nestled in the middle of America.

Great gigs in the past have not been few and far between as being a big indie fish in a redneck pond makes opportunity combine wonderfully with perseverance. appearnaces with the likes of Jucifer, Aids Wolf, Thrones, When Dinosaurs ruled the Earth and Clip'd Beaks, both on the road and at home base have given Ginsu Wives a great opportunity to play with the awesome and learn trade secrets with some of the best in the biz. Is it the spirit of true full disclosure to reveal that each member of the band has taken turns sleeping in the same bed that has twice given a restful night sleep to god of rock Joe Preston of Melvins fame in an effort to soak up any residual immortal powers? One can only hope these endeavors have been fruitful and not just borderline creepy.

With 2 full length albums (The latest becoming available in early October), appearances on several compilations and web down-loadable K Mart-special MP3's offerings, Ginsu Wives are ready to sell sell sell to music enthusiasts nationwide. Now where is that darn merch table...