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GioSafari is a singer-songwriter who draws influence from many different genres of music. He plays guitar, harmonica, percussion, and sings. The product is folksy but edgy; the lyrics are autobiographical, spiritual, existential, and occasionally politically-tinged.


GioSafari is the pseudonym for NYC-based singer-songwriter, DIY musician, busker, freegan, feisty activist, performance artist, and peace activator Gio Andollo.

Shortly after graduating from UCF (Orlando) with a BA in Music, he was struck by a motor vehicle while riding his bicycle. Suffering from deep bouts of depression and existential frustration, he began busking in November 2008; thus GioSafari was born, performing as a solo artist in downtown Orlando.

In July 2009, he hosted the release of his debut EP "Life is a bike wreck (better wear your helmet)", followed up by his first DIY tour, five weeks across the US. Within days of his return to Orlando he was back on the road to make New York City his new stomping grounds. He has since booked multiple DIY tours around the US and released his sophomore album, Protest Songs (Are Dead), in August 2011.

His music is largely influenced by American folk and punk; but his tastes, writing, and performing style are also influenced by classical, jazz, avant garde, and electronic music.

The lyrics are autobiographical, existential, spiritual. He sings for peace and justice and advocates the use of bicycle helmets.

GioSafari headlined his first SonicBids show in March 2010, Denton, TX for the second annual NX35 Music Conferette.

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Written By: Gio Andollo

I don't remember a single thing,
I don't remember pain.
I can hardly remember where I was going
All I have left is blood stains
on my backpack to remind me
what happened on that fateful day,
the day that cosmic tragedy
washed all my hope away.

Life was hard before,
I was focused only on survival
from devastation begun months prior
my emotional condition viral.
I rode my bike from place to place
in hope of some kind of relief,
escape from everything in my life
that caused me so much grief.

But I couldn't escape the clutch of fate which clearly had other plans:
my grief to show an exponential rate of growth over months' timespan.
Without a home or job,
any life purpose or vision
I succumbed to fate's cruel plan,
I hated God and Her decision.

Over time things got much better and began to fall back in line.
I made plans to move to the next city that God put on my mind
and in my heart which beats now
for this insomniatic place,
plans I'd hoped to share with her,
our destinies interlaced.

But I'm no fool for I have learned
from my own past experience.
My hopes and dreams like a match have burned away when not in agreement.
With God and Her intentions
in any certain season or hour.
So I don't say "this or that will happen," but "I'll do everything in my power."

Now my joy is mostly general,
like the gray of a cloudy sky.
I can see and it's not raining
but there is never any sunlight.
Perhaps this will change when I get to New York,
perhaps it never will.
Perhaps I'll one day see her there,
every hope and dream fulfilled.

Homeless Thursday

Written By: Gio Andollo

St. Patrick's falls on a Tuesday this year,
but that's certainly not always the case.
For example, it once fell on a Friday,
just hours away from one of
the most significant moments
of my entire life.

I was a homeless man then,
huddled over the steps
of a whitewashed church courtyard.
I was a homeless man then,
huddled over the steps,
I prayed as I awaited her arrival.

That we would glorify the creator of such situations.
She sat beside me on the steps
and I began to stammer nonsensically
about how I felt about her,
that she might feel the same way.

We talked much longer, I know,
but I can't remember about what.
I only recall feeling true happiness again
as I laid with my head resting in her lap
and ate chocolate cake
and dozed off quite characteristically.

Sleeping curled in the corner
of a whitewashed church courtyard,
a homeless man awakes alone.

It's St Patty's day.

Pax Americana

Written By: Gio Andollo

Shalom is a way of life,
yes peace goes far beyond fashion:
love for one's brothers and sisters,
respect for oneself and creation.
This peace is absent in countries
where the work of small hands is forgotten,
where human rights take a back seat
to the profits of corporate production.

Two fingers form a letter which stands for victory.
We hold it up in protests for all the world to see.
We say it stands for peace, for which we'll take a stand;
nevermind the fact our goods were all produced by broken hands.

Such goods are then shipped to lands
where the first-world consumer hordes (hoards)
pillage and plunder display shelves
of clothing and grocery stores.
'Til nothing is left in their tracks,
least of all the sad memory
that the ones who provide them their food and clothes
are naked and going hungry.

Encircled broken crosses, symbolic imagery
emblazoned on our t-shirts and dangling jewelry
we say it stands for peace, for which we're all in favor;
nevermind the fact our goods were all produced by sweatshop labor.

Our logos we proudly display,
corporate slogans we wear as our banners.
Even peace has done well to pay
the checks of graphic designers.
But what do these signs mean to those
who work over them night and day
while violent military forces
are at work to keep it that way?

Hegemonic power secures our corporate interests.
Free trade law legitimate by our destiny manifest.
We say it stands for peace we'll spread throughout the nations,
nevermind the fact our goods were all produced by exploitation.


Protest Songs (Are Dead) EP
August 2011

Vagrants & Vagabonds, Outlaws & Thieves
July 2011

Pax Americana
May 2010

Life is a Bike Wreck (Better Wear Your Helmet) EP
July 2009
Featuring Melanie Castro on clarinatto: track 5.

A Light Has Dawned
December 2009
Featuring Emily McGuire on vocals: track 1, 5

All music available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon

Select songs available for streaming at:

Set List

1) Everything I Ever Needed To Say (In 17 Syllables)
2) The Silence and the Sound
3) Vagrants & Vagabonds, Outlaws & Thieves
4) Homeless Thursday
5) Why Lie? I Want A Beer
6) Pax Americana
7) Psychology of a Bike Wreck Survivor

Original set can be up to 45 minutes; with covers, set can be 2 hours or more.

Bob Dylan, Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Against Me!, NOFX, Bright Eyes