BandHip HopSoul

A warm blanket that wraps itself around you on a blistery day. An ice cold drink on a hot summer's day. The opiate based substance that the junky shakes and aches for.g.i.p. is simply, what you need.


I began m.c.ing when I heard it on the east coast . I never really believed it would be for me until I heard Scarface. He taught me that Texas had a chance to be respected and sell records in the rap game. I've been wrecking mics ever since., much to the chagrin of my parents, who are deep into the church, and would rather I was still singing solos in the choir, instead of opening shows for Snoop, and Slim Thug, and Too Short, and any other major artist to visit my one horse town.(Amarillo isn't the hot bed of music it seems to be!) I almost ceded to their demands until I attended a Face concert and he handed me the mic in the crowd and I rocked it for three minutes tight, then I knew it was real!


The Cold, Cold Shot is an 11 track LP that I created in 06, and the following year I released a the follow up album Fed Ed. I self distributed these CD's and I sold over 4000 copies combined.
Pigs vs Hogs was the first singleI took to the radio and I promptly won the new music battle 5 weeks in a row.(93.1 the Beat Amarillo Texas)

Set List

30 minute sets are my typical shows. I usually begin with an acapella sung vocal then move into acrowd rouser like Pigs vs Hogs,then Hater Cologne, next I go for the jugular with Bumpers. I tell the audience a gangsta story in Kevin, and I wrap my set with Today,a shout out to soldiers and prisoners.