Gipeto The Music Maker

Gipeto The Music Maker


Gipeto The Music Maker can create music from scratch and has examples and finished work under genres such as Jazz, Blues, Country, Hip Hop, Bluegrass, R & B, and his newest creation J-Hop, consisting of upbeat Jazz mixed with Hip Hop and R & B


Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Kevin ‘Gipeto The Music Maker’ Dickson has always had a determination for success. He has been producing music for over 20 years.

CD's Currently Available For Retail Purchase:
Quantum Unity-
Ebony & Ivory -

Music and entertainment has always been a goal for him and working a mediocre career has never satisfied him. His roots for music ran deep. Gipeto’s mother was a dancer and his brothers and father were all musicians. His father’s sister, Tina Dickson, was a comedian and singer who performed with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and wrote songs.

At an early age, Gipeto enjoyed all kinds of music and would visit a neighbor, Mrs. Thompson to play on her piano. She always told him not to bang the piano, but to play it lightly. From then on he was attached to mastering the art of music. One day, he was watching the Ed Sullivan show and Louis Armstrong was a guest performing on stage playing a coronet. Gipeto decided to learn to play and the coronet was his first instrument where he took lessons in school practicing everyday to the position of first chair.

At age 14, Gipeto joined local bands as their horn player. He then learned his first song by ear titled “Keep on Bumpin’” by Kool and the Gang. When he was 16, in high school, Gipeto became the top musician in marching, concert and jazz bands, obtaining high marks in all of his music courses. He won awards every year.

Gipeto joined a band when he turned 18 years old called ‘Energy” which was an 11 piece band. They performed with bands including: Chapter 8, The Winans, Anita Baker, and Mike Powell.

By the time Gipeto was 20 years old, he was already writing and introducing contemporary gospel music to the Winans and Commissioned. By the end of the year, he wrote over 200 songs. He can write 10 songs in a day.

Gipeto left the Energy group at age 25 and began producing music for local artists. He delved into the Rap and Hip Hop Genres.

Currently, Gipeto The Music Maker is producing bluegrass, country and hiphop. He mixes down bluegrass music as a sound engineer at a well known and popular dinner theatre.


GIPETO The Music Maker has produced the arrangements for the following CD Projects:
Quantum Unity(2005)
Ebony & Ivory(2006)
Tommy Hannah's Reminesce(2004)
Papa Lee and the Body Shop Blues Band(2004)