We are a unique electropop trio with an edge. Funky costumes, unconventional instruments, and high energy music that will make you dance, scream, and cheer! We believe that an awesome performance is just as important as awesome music. Come to one of our shows for an exciting dance party!


This band started off as somewhat of an accident. Logan had decided it would be a good idea to go and play a battle of the bands for fun, with no intentions of winning, and more to confuse the audience. After that show (played under the name B.Saget) we were approached with an offer to play at the Drake Underground as part of the Elvis Mondays series. We went, and though we had a late slot, the people who stuck around had a good time, and we were invited back for a much better time slot!

We decided our shows would be more enjoyable if we dressed up like idiots (thrift shops are our main source of stage dress) and played unconventional instruments, including videogame controllers such as Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. During some songs, our members may put more into the performance than the song, like when Logan draws pictures instead of playing to a certain song.

Overall, we are highly unique and creative, and we are always looking for new things to enhance the live experience, without forgetting to make the music sound good! Have a listen!


To be released in early 2008:
The Guffle EP
The Wibble EP

To be released in mid 2008:
Hooplar Riddles LP

Set List

Our sets generally include these songs:
-Baking with Mike Wazowski (Drum'n'Bass mixed with cat noises and Dance Dance Revolution triggered samples)
-Foster Children (Disco-house; crowd favourite, everyone sings along and toys are given out)
-Can't Get Barpy (Electrofunk, Logan draws nice pictures while Aaron and Nan play)
-Saddle Up (High energy, usually our finale)
-Torpedo (Fast, heavy electro-rock, very danceable)

Along with whichever songs we decide are good for that night!

We usually take up about half an hour, but we can make this shorter or longer depending on what is needed. We have lots of energy so you don't need to worry about us tiring out!