Girl Friday

Girl Friday


Earthy, edgy and hauntingly evocative, Girl Friday's infectious melodies and alluring lyrics are hard to forget. Dive deep on this very enjoyable ride.


Amidst legions of bands that play the Lower East Side clubs in New York City, Girl Friday stands out as one to watch. Fronted by charismatic singer-guitarist Amanda Dora, who hails from the Midwest, and backed by Texan natives Byron Isaacs on bass and Konrad Meissner on drums, this rock trio is steadily gaining a cult following. While doing session work as a cellist, Amanda started writing a group of songs that would eventually become the nucleus of Girl Friday’s first record, Swimmer. She met Byron and Konrad through mutual friends and the three have been making trouble together ever since.

Released on their own Get Fresh Records in 2005, Swimmer features songs who's themes range from personal, and at times confessional, to social and universal. Its sonic landscapes draw as much inspiration from the immediacy of indie rock bands like The Arcade Fire as they do from the aggressive energy of artists like PJ Harvey. Producer Pete Keppler, just off tour doing live sound for David Bowie, recorded the album with the band over the course of a year. Pete’s production and Hector Castillo's nuanced mixes showcase the band's skillful playing and surging arrangements, as well as Amanda’s stirring, earthy vocals, which reach deep into the emotional heart of the listener.

Building on the momentum of Swimmer's critical acclaim and national radio play, culminating in an interview broadcast nationally on NPR, Girl Friday is wrapping up work on their second full length record set for release later this year. The band toured last summer behind a three song EP which showcases a leaner, meaner sound while still featuring their lush three-part harmonies and plan to head out west this fall for another tour.


Run Away

Written By: Girl Friday

What to do with all the love?
Makes you feel so good inside
It fills you up and then you can't take it any longer
You gotta run away

Run away, oh yeah

The world is smiling down on you
Relax and let the good vibes in
Yoga, meditation still don't change the situation
You wanna run away

Run away, oh yeah

What if it were true
Love's not just for fools
Could you see this through, ooh, ooh

Run away, oh yeah

This Place

Written By: Girl Friday

Speaking softly, you don't refuse
All these years and...
What you got to lose?
You're holding on again

This place it calls you back
This place it makes a bed for you
Just like you want it to

Walking sideways might bring you here
Turn a corner, you know your time is near
You're holding on again

This place it calls you back
This place it makes a bed for you
You'll come and rest your head
Just like you wanted to
You've always wanted to

You're holding on again

Tell Me

Written By: Girl Friday

I'm giving back all illusions of control
They've got me tangled up
Gonna straighten out my head

Tell me, tell me, tell me
What am I doing?
Tell me, tell me, tell me

We're born and then we die
Love is in between
Every moment slipping by
Time primordial

Tell me, tell me, tell me
What are we doing?
Tell me, tell me, tell me
Living is only an

Act of love
It's an act of love


Girl Friday 2006 (EP)
Swimmer 2005 (LP)

Set List

Our sets are generally comprised of all original music, including new material, and a few covers thrown in occasionally. We can play typically 45 min to an hour and a half. Here's a possible set list:

Ooh La La
Fast Machine
Days Go By
This Place
Georgia Yvonne
Forgive Us
Give Over
Leave No Worry
Tell Me
No Big Deal
Sinking Like A Ship
Give You My Heart
When You Could Fly
Precious Melody
Leave It Alone