Girl Nobody

Girl Nobody


Blending driving trip-hop and dub beats with pop sensibility, crunchy guitars, and shoegazer edge, the music is unique yet familiar.


Vancouver’s Girl Nobody formed in 1999 and has since become one of the few bands that can offer cerebral charm and sexual bravado within a lullaby of pop swoon, all the while continually stretching musical parameters. The band’s stunning live shows, along with their critically acclaimed self-released debut album The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be (2004), produced by Futcher (The Be Good Tanyas) proved that the hype Girl Nobody had been generating was warranted.

Girl Nobody’s true strength is their sheer unpredictability. Their live performance has been described as anything from “an eerie Berlin cabaret”, “electro-pop meets The Who”, to “adventurous music that sounds more inspired by Kurt Weill than modern pop.” Marta Jaciubek-McKeever, with her intoxicating voice and stage presence, effortlessly glides through songs spinning tales of alienation and aliens one minute, firing off political rants the next. All the while the rest of the band (Joey Turco, James Northey, Jeremiah Schneider) provides huge helpings of sophistication and flair, switching instruments from song to song.

Girl Nobody’s sophomore album Balaclava Casino Heist (due out in the fall of 2007)
is an exploration of the band’s identity. As in the spirit of their debut, here the band further expands the bounds of genres and refuses to be confined by them. Much of Balaclava… is propelled by driving trip-pop and dub beats supporting the ever present Rhodes piano, Moog and compelling electric guitars. The band’s innovative song-writing offers fresh variations on the classic structures of pop songs, ballads and dance numbers.

Due to the fact that most of the press surrounding The Future… focused around Marta and singled her out for her sex appeal, Girl Nobody’s main objective for their sophomore album was to bring the focus back to the band as a unit. Hence, the most striking departure from their debut is found in the vocals. The band’s dashing, almost defiant harmonies lead by Joey Turco, James Northey and Jeremiah Schneider shine through the entire album. In fact, it is the bassist Jeremiah Schneider even shares the lead vocal honours and although most of the album still showcases Marta Jaciubek-McKeever’s vibrant vocals, the rest of the band’s strong presence throughout the album is a refreshing change of direction for Girl Nobody.

During the release of The Future… Girl Nobody, while maintaining full control as an independent outfit, teamed up with Toronto’s vinyl label Release Records to remix their entire album by various dj’s, including New York based Delicate Impostor (Bjork) and Lemon8. The latter’s remix of “Cages” was also released on Paul Oakenfold’s most recent album Cream Fields. They are planning to do this again with Balaclava Casino Heist.

2004 saw the five members of Girl Nobody through two Canadian tours and countless TV appearances. Their live performance on CBC’s ZeD TV was released on the show’s ‘best of’ album, which also included such notable acts as Sam Roberts and BUCK 65, as well as Cinematic Orchestra. Girl Nobody's music has also been placed in TV shows, such as The L Word (in which Marta also appeared), Nickleodeon’s Radio Free Roscoe, as well as many independent film projects.

Girl Nobody have also produced three music videos: “Cages” directed by Vancouver’s Darcy Van Poelgeest, “Aliens” by Montreal’s NuFilm and “Let You Down” directed by Rose M. Pietrovito from Dzinenmotion, from their upcoming sophomore album Balaclava Casino Heist.

Girl Nobody has charmed a legion of fans that span an international stage. Their mailing list goes out as far as Edinburgh, New York and Tokyo and perhaps their most revered fan is Banksy, who graciously agreed to let the band continue using his image for the cover of The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be after Marta unwittingly used it without the artist’s permission.


MANAGEMENT - Mandy Wheelwright, Ms. Management
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The Future Isn't What It Used to Be - 2004 - Scratch/Maple Music

Balaclava Casino Heist - 2007 - Jericho Beach Records.