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Girls Girls Girls


Girls Girls Girls are an all male pop punk trio based in London, UK. A band of wit, intelligence and joy, they perform explosive pop music.


Girls Girls Girls are an all male pop punk trio based in London, UK.

‘This Has Got To Stop’, is their debut album on Ex-Libris Records and contains 12 explosive, energetic and frenetic songs about girls. Playing ferocious music described as “The Buzzcocks meets Tom Waits”, or the sound of “a joyful nervous breakdown with a pop sensibility”, their debut album captures the energy of their notorious live show in one 31-minute long pink-coloured package.

From their punk-oom-pah stomp of 'Last Tango', to the accordion-led folk balladry of 'Sweetness, Our Love' to the preposterous arch-art-funk of 'No Gak Required', 'This Has Got To Stop' truly is an album to fall violently in love with.

Girls Girls Girls continue to relentless tour both London and the wider country armed will bullhorns, energy drinks, historical costumes and several kilograms of fresh flowers.


'This Has Got To Stop' [2007, LP]

1. God
2. Last Tango
3. Teenage Slave
4. Bratislava
5. Smelling Salts
6. Sweetness
7. Sex
8. No Gak Required
9. Titanic
10. Fanfare For The Girls
11. South America
12. How I Learnt to Love 'How I Learnt to Love The Bootboys'
Release December 20th 2007

The Fanfare for the Girls EP
Released July 31, 2007

Promotional release April 2007

The Love and Loss on an Epic Scale EP
Released June 2006

Set List

Set is generally 30 - 40 minutes long, including short breaks between songs to say some very, very funny things and tune things that need tuning. Typical set list:

Last Tango
How I Learned to Love "How I Learned to Love The Bootboys"
Teenage Slave
Sweetness, Our Love
South America
No Gak Required
How I Learnt To Love 'How I Learnt To Love The Bootboys'