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“‘Combustible You’ is a masterpiece of genius lyric writing and melody. Everything about the song is perfect. The sweet groove and smooth feel are such magnificently sublime counterparts to the bitter, vengeful lyric. Where has this band been hiding and why are they not world-famous?” -

“Girls Like Cigarettes are no joke...” – DJ MOJO, BREAKTHRU RADIO DJ, writer for SPIN MAGAZINE, and former member of legendary NYC band SWANS

"'Combustible You' rides a Stuart Davis-esque wave of radio-ready pop, but, like that enigmatic singer/songwriter's works, the lyrics aren't typical Top 40 fare: 'For better or worse / You exploded first.'" - 15 on Matt Perrine's "Shake*Your*Shores" Awesome Mixtape Series No. 29 @ - FlyHighDuluth.Blogspot.Com

"Girls Like Cigarettes offers a pop sensation, but with an off-beat, alternative side. Listen up though because this album does not offer poppy happiness and sunshine—exact opposite as a matter of fact: more like a Pop sound with a dark undertone...It’s almost like playing a trick on “Pop” by incorporating happy-go lucky phrases with horrid and dismal takes. Very interesting and very different...Definitely a band to watch out for on the Alternative scene!" - SKOPE MAGAZINE ONLINE REVIEW - Skope Magazine

“Girls Like Cigarettes is already being compared to REM, The Cure, and Early-U2...not bad company if you ask me...” - WDBK 91.1 “REAL 91" - The Starting Five Showcase / TOP 30 Charting Artist
- WDBK 91.1 "REAL 91"

"Girls Like Cigarettes is one of the best 3-piece bands around today. Smart, catchy, loud....very rarely does a band pull off all three so well." --Tim Poggioli, DJ, Insomnia Radio
- Insomnia Radio

"Girls Like Cigarettes was the best band I saw at CMJ08! These guys just freaking ROCK..." --Revolution 91.7 WWHR
- WWHR Revolution 91.7

“I don’t know if girls like cigarettes...but they’re going to LOVE Girls Like Cigarettes...” - Tim Qualls, Host of the Tim Qualls Show, Comcast 28, Philadelphia/NJ/Delaware
- Tim Qualls Show

“I received the new Girls Like Cigarettes CD today and, if their mission was to blow my mind, they have valiantly succeeded. Wonder how many spins in my car's cd player it'll take to melt this f*cker...” - Smoke Ring Productions Online Blog - Smoke Ring Productions

"Girls Like Cigarettes are an alt-rock band in the most traditional sense of the term...they love the Pixies and Hüsker Dü...TIMELESS!!!" --The L Magazine NYC's CMJ ISSUE
- The L Magazine - CMJ ISSUE


Nervous Twitch 3 Song Limited EP - 2006
Beautiful Death Machines 3 Song EP
She's A Politician / Whatever Happened? SINGLE

All songs available at Emusic, Rhapsody, Undergroundmusix, AmazonMP3, and NAPSTER.



The Story So Far...

New York-based, Baltimore transplants, Girls Like Cigarettes boast not only the type of infectiously catchy alternative rock one might've heard on 120 Minutes during the formidable early 1990's -- thus channeling groups like Husker Du/Sugar, Catherine Wheel, Pixies, Radiohead, Everclear, and Nirvana, all of whom loom large in the band's output -- but have the impressive ability to be supremely populist yet to truly sound like nobody else on the scene today. As a result, both fans and tastemakers alike have acknowledged the band’s unforgettable hooks and undeniable energy, leading national music magazines like SKOPE to hail the band as one of the hottest new bands on the alternative music scene and prompting multiple Grammy-Award winning producer John Seymour (U2, Alice in Chains, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Bouncing Souls, Dave Matthews Band, Guided by Voices, Vertical Horizon) to say that listening to the band’s new online single “Whatever Happened?” made him feel the same way he felt when he first heard Nirvana’s “Nevermind” and Everclear’s “Santa Monica.” Christ, those are big shoes to fill, but maybe...just maybe...these guys from Baltimore CAN save rock and roll.

Sonically, the group pulls few punches, both in their songwriting and their incendiary and visually impressive live performance. Lead singer and bassist Joe Black writes songs so timeless in their subject matter and delivery that they transcend what’s “hot” or “not” in the music industry, leading Matt Perrine, music critic for to note that the band’s first underground hit Combustible You “rides a Stuart Davis-esque wave of radio-ready pop, but, like that enigmatic singer/songwriter's works, the lyrics aren't typical Top 40 fare: 'For better or worse / You exploded first.'" These songs, dealing with issues of loss, love, hope, redemption, and hoping your ex gets sucked into the propeller of an airplane, are then wrapped in a decidedly catchy and melodic sheen, not unlike taking your napalm with a spoonful of sugar. The end product could’ve been released in the 80's, 90's, today, tomorrow, 20 years from now? Possibly this is the reason for the persistent comparisons to such legendary and timeless bands.

Also bolstering the comparisons to the "golden 90's" is Pat Fisher's obvious guitar virtuosity, which careens from pummeling rock n' roll heaviness to introspectively shimmering solos, and matches the sonic lushness and experimentation of Fisher’s own guitar heroes: Johnny Marr, The Edge, Joey Santiago, and is a welcome break from the current (and tired) slog of of metal-influenced “screamo,” and 7-String shredders. One listen to the solo in “Beautiful Death Machines” shows Fisher emulating the cascading sounds of machine guns, if bullets were musical notes; In “Whatever Happened,” Fisher merely pulls out all the stops and pummels his Gibson SG into the stratosphere between massive power chords, bluesy Black Flag-inspired bends and runs, and issues a guitar solo that would make Weezer green with envy. All of this shredding, has earned Fisher both accolades from Guitar Player Magazine Associate Editor Matt Blackett, who hailed the band's ridiculously thick guitar tones, and assisted GLC in scoring a prestigious equipment endorsement from boutique amplifier manufacturer BUDDA -- all before any major label record deals were signed. In the interests of spreading the love around, over at stage center, drummer Jeff Reed, who approaches his job like a seasoned studio vet -- and in fact has done session work with major label artists like Evan Taubenfeld -- produces a massive drum sound and meticulous rhythm. On top of all this, of course, are Joe Black's exquisitely depressing, yet possibly tongue-in-cheek, lyrics which are issued, at times, as if he is ripping his heart out onto the microphone. And who could ignore Black's massive, propulsive basslines, all bashed out Peter Hook-style through 2500 Watts directly into his artist endorsed 810 BASSON SOUND EQUIPMENT cabinet. Brutal.

In Summer 2007, the group recorded three songs at Baltimore's WRIGHTWAY STUDIOS with up-and-coming producer/engineer Stephen Wright (SR71, Jimmies Chicken Shack, Lake Trout, Evan Taubenfeld, Dru Hill, 2 Live Crew). Not surprisingly, after posting the songs on MYSPACE MUSIC, the band quickly exploded on the MYSPACE TOP ARTIST CHARTS, lingering in the TOP 100 NATIONAL CHARTS in the Indie, Alternative, and Powerpop categories while crashing the TOP TEN for NYC POWERPOP, TOP 20 INDIE/ALTERNATIVE. Their 7000+ friends and 250,000+ plays highlights the band’s growing legion of fans, a dedicated core of whom have pasted the mini-hits “COMBUSTIBLE YOU” and "WHATEVER HAPPENED" on their own players all across the world. Not a day goes by when someone new doesn't discover the group and connect with the message they’re sending. As a result, in December 2007, the group signed with FOLEY ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, who