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Girl + The Machine


The true underground. An authentic aberration. Sexy, sweet and dark. ... What you always really wanted to hear.


Girl + the Machine is arts group specializing in audio/visual production and performance. Based in Toronto,
Canada, Girl + the Machine is a small collective that works with experimental music and video to create exciting recorded and live productions.

As the name suggests, there are two general components to the G+M group: the “Girl” and the “Machine”. Girl represents the organic, feminine, and gentle elements of this group. The Machine, in turn, acts as the yang to Girl's yin - an electronic force of artistic fire. The G+M project was forged in the autumn of 2003. It was at this time that Girl (Jackie Liew) recruited the experimental combo of musical mad scientists (Neil, Geoff, and Fred) and visual alchemist (Paul), whom would become 'The Machine'.

Girl + the Machine is globally conscious, and social / environmentally active. The innovative power of G+M is channeled in positive directions. Through lyrical and visual content, G+M promotes peace, love, compassion and understanding as alternatives to violence, oppression, sexism, and racism. A multi-cultural group, G+M incorporates images, languages, fashion, instruments, and musical styles from around the world.
Drawing from a unique combination of inspirational sources, G+M produces a musical synergy of tribal trance, psychedelic rock, and space-pop. Sonic brilliance is the result. Organic instruments compliment electronic loops and trippy samples. Raunchy guitars meld with groove bass, which is in turn driven by break beat drums. Sugar sweet vocals delivered by Girl yield hypnotic seduction. Girl sings in many languages, as she is multilingual. Lyrical content is most often spiritual, political, and poetical. This diverse interfusion of musical styles and lyrical gestures appropriately serve the movements of collective conscience and progressive thought for which G+M is an artistic vehicle.

In live performance, Girl + the Machine delivers a phenomenal experience known as the 'psychotropic audio-visual circus'. The G+M show entails a very thoughtful and conceptual production: Music is choreographed with an imaginative celebration of fashion, dance, and video projections. Experimental music mini-adventures synchronize intelligently with video images projected on a multi-layered canvas backdrop. The projected video clips depict subject matters of social and environmental concern, as well as eye-candy conclusive to psychedelic mind expansion. On stage, Girl incorporates ethnic and futuristic costumes (Japanese kimonos, illuminating space suits, cow-girl out fit, etc.) along with interesting props (Chinese fans, samurai sword, whip, etc.) Girl also takes the opportunity on stage to express herself through dance (both modern and traditional-indigenous). This powerful experience of sight and sound theatrics thrusts audiences into a state of deep trance at one moment, only later to explode into a dance frenzy.

Girl + the Machine is honoured to have gained many fans and allies across the globe. This network of loyal fans converge on the G+M web-site. This web sight is an open space for interactive dialogue and expressive collaboration - musically, visually, and intellectually. On this site, one can find samples of audio, video and photography, as well as a collection of Girl's acclaimed line art, poetry, fashion, and craft creations. Even included are delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes. This creative collection is reflective of G+M's grass roots, community empowering, do-it-ourselves initiative. G+M is openly welcomes contributions and co-action with other like-minded artists seeking purposeful alternatives to corporate consumerist culture.

Girl + The Machine was voted "Runner-up" as best band during Toronto Indie Week
Girl + The Machine has been featured in the following media:
20 htz Music (On the cover)
Dayjob magazine (Fashion Layout)
York Excalibur (Various reviews) (Various reviews) (Various Reviews)
Are You Familiar (Various reviews)
Zed TV (Featured artist)
New Music Canada (Featured artist)
Exclaim! (2005 Fall sampler cd)
The Expressionist Magazine (Featured artist)

To see video Clips of our live performances in Brazil, and Canada please follow this link

More info and music can be found on Girl + The Machine @


Lala Songs E.P. (Jan 2004)
Long & McQuade CD Compilation (Jan 2005)
New Mittens E.P. (September 2005)
Exclaim! Magazine Sampler (September 2005. 10,000 pressed)
Girl + The Machine Live At CBGB DVD (November 2005)

Set List

1. We Take The Train
2. Inside Outside
3. Eyes On You
4. Honeyjump
5. Hiroshima
6. Two Tigers
7. Elderado Brown
8. Bobby vs Jamie
9. Aries (Curse Your War)
10. Secret Agent 009
11. Buddha in Disguise
12. Seven Gables
13. Dharma
14. Ansering Machine
15. Blunder
16. The Gypsy
17. Buddha Is Sleeping
18. mermaid
19. Interplanetary Communication Attempt

(Our setlist info is provided in our past shows)