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"An exceptional mix of electronic meets pop with some soul and a little bit of folk tossed in. The songwriting is top-notch."

Girl Without Fear
Mix Messages
Grade: A

Girl Without Fear vocalist Demetria has a tremendous voice and is now one of my favorite singers. She has a smooth, mellifluous voice that would fit into any style of music. That fact is evident on Mix Messages with the various styles of songs like “Avalanche”, “Sundown”, “Stretch”, and “Look Like Angels”. This recording is an exceptional mix of electronic meets pop with some soul and a little bit of folk tossed in. The songwriting is top-notch and I am truly expecting to hear more from and about Girl Without Fear in the mainstream in the future. Fans of groups like Garbage, Deee-Lite, the Cardigans and Stereo Deluxx will absolutely love Girl Without Fear. - The Audio Nut

"You get a real mixed bag on Mix Messages"

You get a real mixed bag on Mix Messages. Once the lead singer of The Cardigans learned English, she started to sing the way lead singer Demetria of Girl Without Fear sings. It's not to say that Girl Without Fear sound like The Cardigans, but there is definitely a similarity in style.
Speaking of similar styles, "Ashes to Roses" reminds me of a redheaded Book Of Love song. This is my favorite song on the album. It belongs on a movie soundtrack. When I get the girl, I know I will want this song playing in the background. There's no way she wouldn't put out. "Another Summer" has great music. There is a very San Francisco feel to this song. There's a lot going on here, and it is pretty good. by Joel Edelman - Agouti Music

"Girl Without Fear has a refreshingly different sound"

Girl Without Fear has a refreshingly different sound. Heavily steeped in electronic sounds and singer-songwriter flare this album takes a couple of listens to really sink in but when it does it’s quite enjoyable.

Mix Message wisely starts out with the more straightforward sound of “Avalanche.” This is one of the more straightforward songs on the record. Once they have introduced themselves though it’s onto the dance floor with the catchy sounds of “Sundown.” I’m not much of a dancer but this song moves you irregardless of your level of coordination. The band show that there are many facets to their sound with the off kilter ballad “The Right Potion” as well. The song has a sort of alt-rock sound that explodes into…well something entirely different…something that sounds like it shouldn’t work but for some reason it works well. “Love is a Drug” is my favorite with its heavy dance house influence and sultry vocal. Eat your heart out Madonna.

Overall this is a pretty solid album. As long as electronic music is enjoyable to you then you should find a lot to love here. The production is excellent and the songs are well written and thoughtful- something you don’t get from you average electronic band. This album is a lot of fun, I suggest checking it out. by Mark Fisher
- 1340 Mag

"A pent-up ball of creative energy that appeared ready to pop at any second."

My favorite character in The Breakfast Club was Allison, the brooding self-proclaimed “basket-case” that — for me — stole the movie while sitting very, very still; a pent-up ball of creative energy that appeared ready to pop at any second.

Demetria, singer and songwriter for Girl Without Fear, is Allison after The Big Bang.

This is one hip chick. After spending her formative years as a shy outsider in Brooklyn and Greece, she has “settled down” in the Los Angeles music scene and exploded with high-rad artistic force and an infectious philosophy: to live, and create, without fear. Her debut CD, Mix Messages, is wonderfully faithful to this creed; it’s hook-rich melly-tronica that follows no herd and throws most rules to the wind. I almost want to call it “poppy”, but I can’t get over the feeling that the term would do Demetria’s music a huge injustice. It is catchy, and definitely upbeat. But the tracks also have depth and intelligence, like a cheerleader with a big brain. She jumps in with both feet throughout the whole CD, and the fun she’s having just being herself is sunshine-obvious and as transmittable as a flu bug.

Girl Without Fear draws on any musical influence...channeling spirits such as Blondie (as she does on “Love is a Drug”) one minute, then shaking it up with African tribal rhythms the next.

Unafraid and daring to be itself, Mix Messages is a tight, consistent first album that recalls the best of early Sheryl Crow and Bjork but never loses Girl Without Fear. - Indie Music

"Have No Fear, its Girl Without Fear"

M i x M e s s a g e s
Deep Pocket Records

Sometimes your mind can be your best friend or your worse enemy. Girl Without Fear knows this all too well. Their debut album, Mix Messages is a journey out of the dark shackles of modern day living and human idiosyncrasies and into a boundless playground filled with plenty of freedom for self-expression. It feels good but the catch is you have to leave your doubt at the door. The raw and mesmerizing vocals combined with unique arrangements make way for 12 positively supercharged tracks. At first listen, you hear some made-for-radio songs but listen closer and you will find that the music and lyrics are touching new ground. The album combines Rock, Electro, Rap, and Drum and Bass, proving that there are no boundaries for the fearless. Listen to the entrancing vocals on Sundown as she asks how long should I wait/sparkle another day/hold on its too late/sundown, then cracks out a rap flow with impeccable style, coming soon to a dance floor near you. Ashes to Roses, The Right Potion, Violet Crush, and Love is a Drug touch upon one of the greatest mysteries of humankind. These songs talk of heartbreak with a refreshing new batch of catchy phrases like /love burns/i'm feeling black and blue/I took the right potion/numbs all of the emotions and rolling down a waterfall to adore you/i need your love/hand it over/love is a drug/hand it over. The fun-loving tracks On the Go and Another Summer are beautifully emotive, showcasing instrumentation and musicianship, while once again proving it takes skill to write hooky lyrics with such descriptive visualization. Look like Angels pumps out a Drum-n-Bass mix with a heavy metal twist. The closing track, Dee-toxify flows effortlessly into a gothic hip hop take of the holistic bandwagon. As she sings: out with the bad/in with the good/deetoxify yourself, you can't help but hope this will cause a second new wave for pop music with a brain. Girl Without Fear's Mix Messages sends out a clear signal that is the real deal. This duo knows how to create a unique soundscape and are not afraid to tell you. They have soared across the musical universe to bring back their favorite pieces of the spectrum and produced an album that will inspire and astound while remaining fun and inviting. It is a celebration of evolution and a necessity for anyone who feels or has felt held back. Hold onto your seats folks, continued listening may cause your life and body to take off.
-- Raine Roner / Moon G Music Magazine - MoonG Music Magazine


LP - GIRL WITHOUT FEAR "MiX MeSsAgEs" released 2006
-- KROQ 106.7 FM Los Angeles, CA
-- KCRW 89.9 FM Los Angeles, CA
-- INDIE 103.1 FM Los Angeles, CA
-- KCLA 99Rock FM Los Angeles, CA
-- SOMA Web Radio Santa Barbara, CA
-- Kill Radio
-- Pulse Sky Channel 905 London, UK
-- Radio Crystal Blue / Podcast & Online Broadcast




GIRL WITHOUT FEAR is here and wide awake with the energy of the debut record “Mix Messages”. Those with their finger on the pulse have already pricked up their ears. Three of the biggest national taste makers in Los Angeles radio, namely KROQ (RODNEY ON THE ROQ hosted by legendary DJ RODNEY BINGENHEIMER) and KCRW (POP SECRET hosted by DJ CATHY TAMKIN), and INDIE 103.1 (Check One, Two) have aired the bands music with positive response. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster of musically fresh and lyrically rich songs that manage to set themselves apart without going over our heads, etching a heart in the music machine. Fear not who you are, fear not what you want, fear not what others think. Armed with this message and the means to deliver it with a self produced, 12 song debut album, Girl Without Fear now stands on the threshold of discovery, poised to burst on the scene like a gum bubble on a safety pin.

Emerging in the year of the music shuffle, Girl Without Fear play out their musical influences like a monster mash-up of Synth Pop, Indie-Rock, Electronica and Hip Hop. singer/songwriter Demetria and producer/songwriter J.D. Shultz look at the music they create as an extension of their record collection: a giant shape shifting, multi-colored kaleidoscope, where Blondie collides with the Beach Boys, Dr Dré with Led Zeppelin, the Beastie Boys with Madonna. As a quintessential indie-pop band, Girl Without Fear is a self propelled engine running on its own creative juices, and a visceral need to perform and thrive in an adverse environment where old biz rules no longer apply.