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The best kept secret in music


""The Word" MTV Local"

"The suprise of the evening had to be Euclid's GIRTH. These are not all that well known, but certainly won over two to three hundred new fans with their lethal power and pinpoint precision. The band stompted! They even brought MBL editor Chris Akin onto the stage to lay down some vocal growls on "Freedom Rising". An excellent Set from a band who's name is sure to become synonymous with great power metal in Cleveland." - Music's Bottom Line


It's no secret that we have many strong metal bands working the local scene today. Some of them have really large followings, like Cryptkicker or Spawn, while others have yet to catch on with you metalheads out there that go to local shows. That, by no means indicates that theri music is any less solid or that their live show is any less good. One young band that hasn't quite built the fan base, but is easily as good musically as anyone is GIRTH.
The members of GIRTH are a tight, cohesive band who's debut CD, FREEDOM RISING, is anything but short on displaying their Talent. This is a band that will be fun to watch develop, as they hit on many of the best elements of modern metal while incorporating a taste of classic thrath in to round out their sound.
You can basically feel tha various influences as you go through track by track. Songs like "Freedom Rising" remind a great deal of songs like Stuck Mojo's "Twisted" or "Southern Pride," with the exception of lyrical content. In the tow Mojo tunes, the message was generally up, while on "FR", vocalist Dan Potter portrays a degree of cynicism toward the direction the United States Civil liberties have Taken. Don't read this to say that GIRTH are another Rage Against The Machine full of bullsh*t ideals that they want to force upon you. That's not the case. This one Song, However, has a very distinct message.
As far as being instrumentalists, Girth shows that they can hold their own with anyone. Guitarist Pat Mahnke is a witch with the six strings, unleashing vicious assault on top of vicious assoult throughout tunes like "Ghengis Kahn." Drummer Toby Rogusta is Equally impressive, providing the rhythmic backdrop need to Potter to rage like a lunatic over. Bassist Curt Briscar has a strong presence as well, quite the uncommon feature with most local recordings. Overall, GIRTH is one cohesive unit, Clearly on the climb and ready for you to become a fan.

BOTTOM LINE: They may not be as big as Cryptkicker. Thay may not have the draw of a Mushroomhead. But note for note, Girth can stand with anyone making heavy metal in our scene todat, probably in any other as well. If they are playing your favorite night spot, you'd be a fool to miss them! Excellent CD.

Chris Akin - Music's Bottomline Magazine

"GIRTH "Freedom Rising""

Here we have a band from Ohio that has theri own self Financed CD offering. It has nine songs of straght metal. Unpon hearing "Forever Forward" I couldn't help but think of old thrashers Hallow's Eve. Some who know them might hear it in the vocals. This is more of a metal geared record. Not trying to be the next Korn crap or like that ilk. More fist in the face up front metal. Of course a bit of Pantera comes to mind. "In Vein" has some really well placed guitar changes. "Freedom Rising" has more of a core vibe to it. Definately probably a local crowd favorite. Machine Head came up a bit here. "Blood, Lust, Lies" had a beginning sludge like Obituary then changes gears. More of a chant metal track. "Lost" again returns to more Machine Head area and some Prong into a sort of ST feel. Pretty cool track here. "Pedals" & "Woman" stick out more in a traditional area. "Prelude" is one that comes out of nowhere. Very Progressive. Almost something like guitar god slinger James Murphy would do. I'd like to see more of this mixed with the other style more. WOW! "Ghengis Kahn" closes this metal record. No super budget or Producer. Just a band Trying to Break. - Hammerhead E-Zine

""Take it to the Road 2000""

Fatal Order
Piece of Mind
Location: The Cove Geneva, Ohio
September, 11

"I've got wo words that best describes the current music that GIRTH is making - Pit Riffs! This band has come a long way since I first Saw them a year or so ago, opening a show for MBL as a favor when we brought Boiler to the Backstreet Cafe. That have gone from a solid collection of musicians looking for a direction to go into one of the most cohesive, solid melodic thrath bands this area has to offer. On this night, they were perticularly lethal. Songs like "Blood, lust, Lies" and "Pedals" struck with a vengence, showcasing powerful musical integrity and the true draw to the band, the charismatic actions of frontman Dan Potter. Potter is so reminiscent of Phil Anselmo of Pantera, not only in his sound, but his mannerisms and the looseness he has in front of a crowd. That's not to say that he's the only reason to see Girth. If you want power guitars, you need to look no further that Pat Mahnke. Thumping bass that will make your heart skip a beat? Curt Briscar is your man. Rage to the point od an alomst OJ -like assault on the drums-check out Toby Rogusta. Throughout their hour long set, it was clear that GIRTH was out to make yet another statement to the audience at the Cove. By the time it was over, it's pretty clear that they did!"

Chris Akin - Music's Bottom Line Magazine


Freedom Rising -1999
Girth -3 Song Demo -2001
New Full length release due out April, 05


Feeling a bit camera shy


There comes a time in the career of every musician when he or she has to make the decision that alters their lives – become a professional musician, or just make music for the fun of it. That decision came in 1997 for Pat Mahnke. In ’97, he decided to take his 20 years of guitar playing and harness it’s raw aggression into a top flight metal band that would showcase not only talent, but the drive and determination that it takes to come out of the local scene and onto the national market.
With this decision intact, Mahnke began formulating a plan that would soon become the Cleveland metal band known as Girth. Throughout several member changes due to lack of commitment to succeed, Girth finally found what, at the time, seemed to be the right combination. Their FREEDOM RISING release in ’99 was highly acclaimed throughout their regional market, which included places like Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. A second three-song demo followed, but the grueling schedule this band kept (playing approx. 100 gigs a year during this time) wore on the less focused members of the band, who decided to leave to pursue other, less focused projects.
Following came a year when most people assumed that Girth was in hiatus. Nothing could be farther from the truth, however. Mahnke holed up with longtime drummer Toby Rogusta and began an exhaustive search to find people that didn’t lack integrity or commitment. In short, they looked for people that had the talent, but even more so had the cohones to stick with it and go to the next level. After an exhaustive search, he reunited with vocalist Dan Potter and new bassist Adam Rich. Rich is regarded in Cleveland as one of the best bassists in the area, having recorded with the band Tadpol and releasing solo material prior to committing to Girth.
Girth is now a solid unit in motion. They are forging ahead with an energy that is revered by most, and a sound that is undeniably ready to be heard by much larger than regional audiences. Look for big things from Girth in the near future.