Original rock music with a familiar sound. Songs you may never have heard but think you have.


Blend classic rock influences with a modern approach to sound and style and you begin to get an idea of Girth. Over 3 years the band has developed an entertaining set of songs utilising dynamics, powerful drums, guitar riffs and fresh arrangements.
The band has gained a loyal following of supporters through numerous gigs throughout the East Coast of Australia. Recent television screenings of their film clip for 'Rock it' has exposed them to an even larger audience. Now they are here to rock you.


Debut EP - Self Titled includes the songs Rock It, Briteyes, Lap Lovin and Money

Set List

We have nearly 90 minutes of original songs but usually are required to play 45 mins to an hour.
Current set list is: Money, Lap Lovin, Travel Bug, Hidden Tone, Recipe, Run, 1968, Toughguy, Rock It, Brite Eyes, Sexy By Title, Chips Are Down