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Gist The Essence and DJ Whutevva are a duo that consists of a Rapper and DJ From Queens New York who have on their headlined sold out shows in NYC at famed venues such as Webster Hall and Club Rebel, been featured on MTV Rap Fix with Sway and host other hip hop blogs and websites. Youtube Views over 600k. Success for them is a must, not an option.


Gist The Essence­ - If you aren’t already familiar with the name, you will be. The Emcee from Queens, NY has been making major moves as he boroughs his way to the top. Always “the quiet kid” in an otherwise loud environment, the formerly unnoticed middle child has managed to make himself one of the most talked about artist to emerge onto the hip hop scene. In the past 12 months Gist has headlined two sold out shows at the famed Webster Hall, and Club Rebel in NYC and has been featured on MTVnews, , , , , , ,and the CW 11 Morning News.
2012 has been no different for Gist as he has started off the year strong with the release of two new videos, most notably “Church for the wild” which has received extensive coverage on hip hop blogs and websites for its gritty lyrics and introspective look at life in America for todays youth. In addition to releasing new videos and music Gist was a featured act on the “City of God tour” which was headlined by XXL’s 2011 Freshman pick Fred the Godson.

It’s no surprise that the 4 year old who loved to rap into his Fisher Price tape recorder would amass such a great talent. But in a time when many emerging artists are struggling, we have to ask the question: How does Gist continue to achieve these many successes? The answer: raw, undeniable talent. Born and raised in NYC Gist takes pride in his foundation and pulls bits and pieces from his environment to incorporate into his music. Although an entertainer since childhood there is no doubt the influence of his father, an accomplished Haitian Kompa musician...but it wasn't until college when Gist began to pursue music full time. His quiet gift catapulted him to local celebrity status as he became a dorm room name in a matter of months. On campus, he performed on the same stages with Kanye West, Nas, Mobb Deep, The Clipse & Ludacris to name a few. Post graduation he went on to bury all challengers in online contests and on radio competitions such as Power 105.1's Future Flavors with the legendary Marley Marl. Amongst the sea of unsigned hype, every ripple he creates explodes into a forceful wave that will soon crash and spill out of speakers and headsets worldwide. To that end, Gist’s music remains in rotation on Power 105 and on cable’s Music Choice stations. Additionally, his recent release the Summer Madness mixtape hosted by Power 105's DJ Envy and DJ Whutevva, received over 2500 downloads within the first 12 hours of its post. Gist The Essence’s main appeal is and will always be his versatility and his realism. In fact, the life he displays may be your own. The youthful rap phenom with a seasoned gift for penning masterpieces in between "Saved By The Bell reruns” brings a sense of real to life. No ashtrays or table coaster here just hit, after hit, after irrefutable hit. While he waits for the world to open up, Gist continues to make the music he wants to make for whoever is brave enough to listen.

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Over 650k+ total youtube video views 2500+ first day downloads of Summer Madness mixtape hosted by The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy and DJ Whutevva Solo sold out performances include the legendary CBGB’s, the studio @ Webster Hall & Club Rebel Air play on NYC’s two premiere radio stations Power 105 & Hot 97 and Music Choice
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“Lyrically he has something to say, it stuck to me. I like artist who after I hear their verse, I feel like I felt something”- Sway, MTVnews
“There is no doubt, his mixtapes are fire!” - “Hopefully, Gist the Essence is the future!” –


DJ Envy & DJ Whutevva Present Gist The Essence- Summer Madness

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