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Vancouver, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Vancouver, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Folk Indie




"Giselle Janette’s Video for “Suspiras” Will Put a Smile on Your Face Instantly"

Whimsical with a mellow side that settles into your every pore, “Suspiras” is a breath of fresh air. Giselle Janette’s music video suspends the hustle and bustle of everyday life by gently whisking you into a world filled with color and hot air balloons.

If I have one piece of advice for you today, it is to go on this journey with Giselle. You may never want to touch down again. At least not until she releases another song.

This music video was shot by up and coming photographer Ian Barin. - Milk Crater


Intimate, homey, and unique are the three words that come to mind to describe tonight at 99 Yorkville Ave. The unconventional venue, located upstairs in an office building, featured a stage setup with the kitchen as a backdrop. Fairy lights lit the room up to a warm glow and fresh baked goods were on offer on the counter. All of this added up to a wonderful experience celebrating the launch of Gisun’s album Partes.

The evening commenced with a poetry reading of passages from “Don’t Say The Rings On Saturn Don’t Spin”. Christie and Josh, the authors of the book, were also the culinary minds behind the provided snacks. One could hear a pin drop during these readings as the audience listened attentively.

Immediately following the first act was Estyr + Kidou, one half of Toronto band Tiger Bomb. Kidou’s ambient harp playing and Estyr’s soothing guitar strumming combined with their soft sweet vocals provided a captivating live performance. Emotions evoked from the sincerity in songs such as “Welcome Home” and “Saving Face” were offset by lighthearted jokes of difficulties of playing the harp in dim light and working in co-op spaces.

A half hour interlude then allowed for the mingling of the crowd, which seemed to be a tight-knit supportive group. Frequent thanks were offered to the many members whose participation contributed to the success of the evening.

Gisun was welcomed to the stage by Estyr with a “tea-toast” and an introduction filled with kind words. The first two songs were performed as a two-piece, Gisun’s soulful voice paired perfect with soft percussion. Estyr joined on the third song adding a sweet harmonious effect.

The full band then took the stage, with guitar, upright bass, and flute accompaniment. The show continued as a well-meshed collaboration between musicians, showcasing each member’s talent. Anne’s prolific flute solos were certainly a highlight.

Songs were often introduced with brief anecdotes, such as that “Sail On” is based on The Old Man and The Sea, “Marching” was inspired by a meeting under a bridge and “Step Away” was conceived on an airplane to Asia. The set finished with a wonderful rendition of “Wanderer”, an ode to adventures outside.

The event made for a lovely evening, not only with great music but a welcoming atmosphere and sense of community. - Spill Magazine


-Sail On



Feeling a bit camera shy


Gisun's latest EP, 'Partes', seamlessly stitches together sombre ballads with colourful splashes. Influenced by vision, truth, and honesty, Gisun incorporates thoughtful lyricism into her songwriting process. Partes navigates through neo-soul, jazz, and folky singer-songwriter sounds to remind us that we are all whole no matter how disparate our parts.

Elements of outdoor exploration and adventure are weaved into the journeys of Marching and Wanderer. Self-awareness through acceptance and moments of grief are recounted in the Partes story . Away experiments with percussion and voice, blending the unique sounds of the kalimba and harmonies into reflections of familial loss.

By exploring new instrumentations, detailing recent adventures, and shining her incisive songwriter gaze upon past events, Gisun transports her audience through space and time, lightly touching down on an assortment of moments and leaving listeners with the indelible feeling that they themselves have shared in the experience of Partes- to be released December 2018 on Verbrilli Recordings.

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