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Ghost in the Machine

Orlando, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1996 | INDIE

Orlando, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1996
Band Rock Industrial


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Morbid Outlook - Radio Esoterica"

Reviewed by Mike Ventarola
The Hidden Sanctuary
Admittedly, I was never a huge fan of industrial music. However, GITM offers more than your typical cookie cutter stylization. The band goes out on a limb to mix various styles while providing the right crunchy essences that is popular in the scene. More importantly, these guys can sing! While there are tracks which feature the more gravelly throated vocals, overall, there are a number of songs where they also utilize their harmonious vocals. GITM demonstrates that industrial music can be approachable and stylized without losing one iota of its edginess. -

"MUSIC EXTREME #34 The Repo Session"

Some keyboards and electronics open this recording and then comes the vocals doing a melodic line before the rhythm section enters in a climatic mood. Ghost in the Machine is a combination of power and melody showing how well can this two elements be combined. the music is modern metal with many interesting and original ideas. The programmed drums and the use of keyboards give a mechanical feeling to the music that suits perfectly the mood of the songs, taking them close to an industrial mood. The vocals sound powerful and modern fitting really well the feeling of the music and adding more heaviness to the heaviest parts. The guitars are loud and extremely heavy here being the soul of the music.Here we have also multiple remixes of different tracks showing how you can transform a song with a remix adding elements and taking others (just check the different remixes of "Rodeo"). Pure experimentation with eleectronics and a lot of imagination.


"Behind the Veil 07-2005"

Ghost In The Machine is a band from the United States that sent us their latest release which includes seventeen tracks. The basic songs are eight and all the others are bonus tracks which are remixes from the original songs. So you can think that we have a lot of stuff to hear on this album. Ghost In The Machine is a difficult situation, since they combine industrial with electronic music and with a lot of modern elements from the rock and metal music. When I heard the album for the first time I didn't like it at all, but while I listened to it again and again, I found some really interesting ideas and I discovered that their compositions are well worked even though they don’t have the traditional metal elements. I believe that only the openminded metal heads will understand the vision of Ghost In The Machine. In my opinion the band has a very good vision of their music and they did the best in order to have a very nice result. The fans of industrial music will adore Ghost In The Machine. -

"MUSIC EXTREME #34 The Haunting Begins..."

THis album is definitely more electronic than "The REPO Sessiopns" with not that much emphasis on the heaviness of the music but more on the industrial feeling of the compositions. But don`t get me wrong....the guitars are really heavy too but used in a different way. There is a lot of experimentation here and I really like the way in which this guys generate a really dense atmosphere with the use of electronics and heavy guitars. The vocals sound processed and fitting the music perfectly. The electronics are the essential feature here, giving the unique sound that Ghost in the Machine has. There is experimentation here because this guys are constantly exploring new paths for their music adding different elements on each composition. Open minded people will surely like this release ! -

"Darklife issue IV"

reviewed by PJVD
Heavy guitars and distorted beats to create music that makes you confused. The album starts calm but after a minute electronic beats and industrial sounds overwhelm you. You can hear a good mixture of electro-goth, powerful (almost aggressive) industrial and electronic orientated music. -

"Gothic Paradise"

This entire disc is full of hard-edged, guitar driven, industrial dance music. Of course not every track is fit for the dance floor, but they're all full of a variety of types of music which make them all very interesting to listen to. Those that are ready for the dance floor are certainly written to move the entire floor. -

"Darker Than The Bat"

The Haunting Begins...
You can hear a good mixture of electro-goth, powerful (almost aggressive) industrial and electronical orientated music. When listening to their music you start thinking of bands such as Front Line assembly, Suture Seven and some work of Nine Inch Nails. Some good tracks on The Haunting Begins are Lies, Do You Believe?, Electric, Supergod, Big Gimmick and especially The Shepherd. -


Hard breaks spill like crude oil, a dark, lurching substance to make you wary. Angry dual vocals toast over the mix of beats, eerie synths, background bass lines and nasty riffs. -

"Musician's Realm"

reviewed by Tom Yanno
When Frankenstein meets Darkwave, what results is contained in The Haunting Begins… If you are a fan of Dark Techno, Gothic, Industrial or just superior thumping music, you will love this CD from Milwaukee based Ghost In The Machine. -

"GITM Press Statement"

- GITM USA Commercial Specialty Radio Campaign! Final result: "Redemption" #21 on FMQB Commercial Specialty Spins Top 100 Charts!
- GITM USA/Canada College Radio Campaign! Final Result: #4 Most Added RPM Electronic!

- GITMs "Contact" featured in the movie "Souls of Strife"!
- GITMs "King of my World" featured in FOX's "DRIVE"!
- GITMs "Embrace" featured in MTV's "Why Can't I Be You"!
- GITMs "Lady Love" featured in MTV's "Tiara Girls"!
- GITMs "Contact" featured in MTV's "Final Fu"!
- GITMs "Embrace (Love Boat mix)" featured in the movie "Screw Cupid"!
- GITMs "Standalone", "Revolution" featured in Fitphonic's "In the Facility" DVD!
- GITMs "The Shepherd", "Motor", "Revolution" and "Rokstar" featured in National Geographic's "Tools of the Trade"!
- GITMs "F.I.S.T." featured in the movie "A Night at the Cat"!
- GITMs "Death's Second Self" featured in Spike TV's "Ride with Funkmaster Flex"!
- GITMs "Revolution", "Backlash" and "Redemption" featured in MTV's "Making the Band"!
- GITMs "Rodeo" featured in The History Channel's "Vampire Secrets"!
- GITMs "The Shepherd" featured in VH1's "Web Junk 20"!
- GITMs "Backlash" featured in MTV's "Miss Seventeen"
- GITMs "Birth (of a Monster)", "King of my World", "Three" and "Supergod (Long Hair mix)" featured in Mastercraft's Rewind 2007"!
- GITMs "The Shepherd" featured in "Power Rangers Mystic Force"!
- GITMs "Backlash" featured in MTV's "Making the Band IV"!
- GITMs "Rokstar" featured in MTV's "Pimp My Ride"!
- GITMs "Revolution", "Rokstar" featured in HGTV's "That's Clever"!
- GITMs "Redemption" featured in The Discovery Channel's "Conspiracy Files"!
- GITMs "Standalone" featured in The Discovery Channel's "The Bourdain Experience: Food & Loathing in Las Vegas"!
- GITMs "Second Coming (Trail mix)" featured in The History Channel's "History of Hell: The Devil's Domain"!
- GITMs "Redemption" featured in YES' "YES Ultimate Road Trip"!
- GITMs "Backlash" featured in NBC/TLC's "Maximum Disclosure"!
- GITMs "Standalone" featured in The Travel Channel's "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations"!
- GITMs "Death's Second Self" featured in VH1's "Big in 2005"!
- GITMs "Rokstar" featured in VH1's "Kept"!
- GITMs "Rokstar" featured in MTV's "MTV Presents: The World of Aeon Flux"!
- GITMs "The Shepherd" featured in MTV's "From Game to Fame: The CPL World Tour Finals"!
- GITMs "Backlash", "Death's Second Self" featured in VH1's "Breaking Bonaduce"!
- GITMs "The Shepherd" featured in Spike TV's Video Game Awards Show
- GITMs "The Shepherd", "Lady Love", "Rodeo" featured in VH1's "Best Week Ever"!
- GITMs "The Shepherd" featured in MTV2's "WildBoyz"!
- GITMs "Wish" featured in A&E's "The Secret Life of Vampires"!
- GITMs "The Shepherd" featured in MTV's "Room Raiders"!
- GITMs "Embrace" featured in the Discovery Health Channel's "Strictly Sex with Dr Drew"!
- BEST BUY picks GITMs "Redemption" - its featured on BEST BUY's Serenity DVD!
- GITMs "Backlash", "Everyone is Dead", "Embrace" and "Garden of Stone" featured in MTV's "NEXT"!
- GITMs "Rodeo", "Second Coming" and "Redemption" featured in soundtrack of upcoming movie June Cabin!
- GITMs "King of my World", "Pieces of Eight", "Invincible", "Lies", "Everyone is Dead", "Contact", "Standalone" and "Kill Site" featured in soundtrack of upcoming movie GameBox 1.0!
- GITMs "Everyone is Dead", "Garden of Stone", "Lady Love", "Revolution", "Second Coming" and "Supergod" featured in VH1's "From Flab to Fab"!
- GITMs "Embrace" featured in MTV's "Date My Mom"!
- GITMs "Embrace", "Redemption", "The Haunting Begins", "Second Coming" and "The Water's Edge" featured in VH1's "Bands Reunited"!
- GITMs "Backlash" featured in the Animal Planet's "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom"!
- GITMs "Underbelly", "Death's Second Self", "Motor", "Redemption" and "Standalone" featured in the Discovery Health Channel's "The Critical Hour"!
- GITMs "Lies" and "Acidbelly" chosen for upcoming German Indie Film "Mord, Tot In Der Nacht"!
- GITMs "Rodeo", "Standalone" and "Kill Site" featured in the movie "Standalone"!
- GITMs "King of my World" featured in the independent movie "A Day in the Life of Coog"!
- GITMs "The Shepherd" featured in Discovery Channel's Extreme Engineering!
- GITMs "Motor (Frankenstein mix)" featured in Discovery Channel's Extreme Engineering!
- NIKE picks GITMs "Supergod" - featured on NIKEs Lance Armstrong DVD!
- GITMs "Redemption" was featured on MTV's Punk'd episode 207!!
- GITMs "Second Coming" was featured on MTV's Punk'd episodes 207 and 208!
- GITMs "The Shepherd" featured in Sci-Fi channel special "Hulk: The Lowdown"!
- GITMs "The Shepherd" featured in "The Hulk" Sci-Fi international DVD special!
- GITMs "The Shepherd" featured in "The Hulk" international TV special!
- GITMs "Supergod" featured on MTVs Home Video "The Best of Making the Band II" -


Still working on that hot first release.



Ghost in the Machine is reborn!  The U.S. band that has fused Rock, Electronica, and Industrial into their own form of “Rocktronica” has now evolved an organic rock sound only GITM could deliver – a perfect blending of Electronic Hard Rock, Industrial, and Electronic Dance music. Its latest album, Broken from Binary, is truly the reinvention of Ghost in the Machine.

Released in 2015, Broken from Binary brings a new, modern, dark and edgy sound with pop appeal.  Featuring GITM's cover of Billy Joel's song "Pressure," the voice of Ghost in the Machine takes you on a journey through the dark side.  As an unseen ghost, you are witness to what happens inside the machine - love and hate, oppression and enlightenment woven into well-crafted songs with thundering grooves, heavy guitars and lush electronics. 

The duo of C4 and Face, both former members of late-‘80s metal band Hangman, formed GITM in 1995.  Wanting to create music that fused elements of different musical styles, the band name Ghost in the Machine was chosen, symbolizing the band’s music -- created in, and coming from, a seemingly lifeless and emotionless computer brought to life by the music.  It is that music that is the ghost in the machine. 

Acclaim for the band has grown steady over the years.  One year after the release of Ghost in the Machine, the band released its first full-length effort, The Haunting Begins, pushing GITM into prominence in charts at sites such as the former, former and  Next came The Repo Session in 2005, then The One Within in 2006, winning Best Industrial Album at the 2009 JPF Music Awards.  GITM songs have placed in international songwriting competitions.  In both 2012 and 2013, GITM was selected as one of Supercuts “Rock the Cut” Ambassador Artists, and two of their songs have been featured on Supercuts radio commercials and in-store programming.

GITM songs have been chosen for numerous network TV shows, including “Friends with Better Lives,” “The Mindy Project,” “Arrow,” “Miss USA,” “Raising Hope,” “Castle,” “Burn Notice,” “Fastlane,” “Greek,” and “Drive.”  Its songs have also been licensed for cable TV shows on nearly every major channel. Its songs can also be heard in feature films, such as “The Marine 4: Moving Target,” “Face for Sale,” “H2O Extreme,” “Frakenhood,” “Ace of Hearts,” “Souls of Strife,” “A Night at the Cat,” “Shred,” and “Shred II."  In addition, major corporations, from Verizon to Lockheed Martin to Mountain Dew have licensed GITM songs for commercial use.

For additional information, please contact their label and management firm:

808 Multi Media
Orlando, FL.

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