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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | AFTRA

Brooklyn, New York, United States | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Pop Alternative




"Giulia. Drops Her New Single "Waiting" and We Are Speechless"

From Toronto to New York, the singer/songwriter with a heavy jazz influence, Giulia. releases her wishful single "Waiting." Continually developing her sound that is both relevant and beyond her years, Giulia. mentioned that her music does not conform with any genre, as her influences come from many legendary female artists throughout the decades. Showcasing her third single "Waiting," we can feel the longing and contemplating that Giulia. has experienced after separating from someone else. She sings a jazzy alternative mid-tempo tune with such catchy melodies and an overall bright atmosphere. Wanting to reconnect with this person, Giulia. vocalizes these emotions in a remarkably poetic way.

"Waiting" starts with sharp electric guitar picking and smooth rhythmic percussion. As Giulia. begins singing, her vocals provide a warm embrace while she sings about wishing to be around someone who still has her heart. A variety of background vocals perfectly support Giulia. and give off that unifying feeling of connection. The jazzy instrumentals are so mellow and heartwarming, especially as they grow into a whole-sounding masterpiece through keys, bass, percussion, and electric guitar. We're more than impressed with this touching single, not to mention Giulia.'s vulnerability that allows her message to stand unhindered. "Waiting" has us waiting for Giulia.'s upcoming releases. - Buzz Music LA

"Soundtracked - July 12th - Track of the Week"

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Waiting’ – Giulia. : New York based artist, Giulia’s second single of the year comes after the release of ‘Hurtin”, melding gorgeously catchy vocal hooks with glowing melodies and feel-good harmonies. FFO: Janelle Monae - Little Dose of Indie


1. Giulia. "Dreams" - Single - releasing on September 25th
2. Giulia. "Waiting" - Single - July 2020
3. Giulia. "Hurtin'" - Single - May 2020
4. Giulia. "Back to Shore" - Single - February 2019



Under stage name Giulia. (with a G and a period), Toronto born Julia D'Angelo writes anything from indie-pop to jazzy-folk, connecting with listeners no matter their age or sound preference. Currently living in New York studying acting, writing, music and film, the 21-year old singer/songwriter began recording her own music in early 2019 and has since released three singles with new material on the way. Focusing on the lyricism within her tracks, Giulia. seeks to defy genre conforming rules and curate music that is both honest and authentic to who she is and how she views the world around her. 

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