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The best kept secret in music


"Weekly Dig"

Dog Days of Summer EP
It takes only the most casual of listens to recognize that Give have got the goods: platinum hooks, a dead smart backbeat, and enough of a leaden edge to give the post-grunge crowd something to latch onto. Featuring the songwriting talents of ex-Honkeyball main man George Tsiaras, Give picks up right where Honkeyball's swan song Down By Three (Wonderdrug) left off, only this time with a little more nut and a more streamlined, radio-ready format. Tuneful power chord anthems like "You Never Miss the Water Till the Well Runs Dry" and "Speeding Bullet" could easily dominate on commercial radio today, and quite frankly, the world would be a better place for it. The potential for six-figure rock here is limitless; Tsiaras seems to have the ability to crank out infectious three-minute FM power nuggets like McDonald's pumps out beef-blanched fries. With a formidable lineup filled out by Claude Yama (ex-Honkeyball, replacing Dave Link, who played on this record) on bass, Steve "Harbo" Hart (ex-Claymore) on skins and Chris Link on guitar, Give opened up for Staind last weekend, and although they can certainly play to that crowd, it's unlikely we'll see Tsiaras singing a duet with Fred Durst anytime soon-primarily because Give is just the kind of band that could infiltrate the comm-rock circuit undetected before reorganizing the ranks to suit their own design. There are plenty of bands in Boston who should be huge; Give is one of the few who could actually pull it off. (Get 'Em Off Records)
- J. Bennett
- J. Bennet


Dog Days of Summer E.P


Feeling a bit camera shy


Based in Boston, Massachusetts, GIVE is the result of
an unlikely collaboration between a diverse set of
musicians, who themselves hail from an equally diverse
set of bands.
From Honkeyball, Boston's premier heavy band in the
late 1990's, come George Tsiaras (guitar/vocals) and
Claude Yama (bass). From pop songsmiths Lazlo Bane
comes Chris Link (guitar/vocals). And from the
post-metal noise band Claymore comes Stephen Hart
GIVE is part aggro-pop, part hard rock. strong vocals,
loud guitars, and a killer rhythm section joined in
the quest for the perfect song