giveamanakick are one of the best bands that ever picked up a guitar or set up a drum kit. giveamanakick are the sound of two people , a bunch of instruments and the sheer power of rock n roll. their sound combines brute force with sublime invention


giveamanakick are two sly young fuckers from limerick in ireland. formed in 2003, they have created a repertoire of infectious aural delights that will be required listening for music students of the future, just as beethoven, beatles and sonic youth are today. in terms of melodic noise and stylish clatter, giveamanakicks sound is the kind of euphoric racket that will put a smile on most faces. The giveamanakick sound is perched somewhere between the raucous punk rock of fugazi and the punchy melodies of the pixies and the fairies. giveamanakick are recording a new album that will be released in the autumn of 2007



Written By: steven ryan

wont stay long. why hang around when you´re waiting, waiting for nothing. but waiting. she has no time. no time for someone with no time.. and i have time to burn. my time.timetime.i´m climbing up walls.but i slide slide slide. . you give me a push up up up. the crowds they spit. the crowds they pity youand people dont look people in the eye anymore...


title - is it ok to be loud, jesus?
released 2003
title - we are the way forward
released 2005

Set List

we just play for a while and then go away again