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"two sly fuckers from Limerick and their brilliant album"

One of the best noisy albums to come out of Ireland in recent times... They did it - two sly fuckers from Limerick and their brilliant album"
4 œ out of 5 - Foggy Notions

"live show in your lounge room"

"This is a live show in your lounge room and I cannot sit here, inertly another second!" - Careless Talk Costs Lives


giveamanakick's second album We Are The Way Forward manages to capture their visceral live energy and wash of distorted guitars without taming the effect. The performance here is exuberant and lively and good fun. It comes off as an accomplished rock album, calling to mind early Von Bondies and Queens Of The Stone Age. There are riffs aplenty here, played with such ease that they are a pleasure to listen (and jump around) to.
Edel Coffey

- Sunday Tribune

"We are The Way Forward"

In terms of melodic noise and stylish clatter, the second album from Limerick duo Stephen Ryan and Keith Lawler is the kind of euphoric racket which will put a smile on most gobs. Punk rock by way of the usual suspects, with a big dash of loopy humour thrown in to add fibre and roughage, We Are the Way Forward will surprise you with its knockabout skills, unlikely hooks and wild sense of abandon. It certainly betters their debut album (Is It OK to Be Loud, Jesus?) because the duo have added finesse to the mix. A tune like Bobby Dazzler launches with Hüsker Dü-like bravado before finding new metallic legs and running for the hills. But its not all heavy-duty wattage: there's a pop heart stirring in Hatch 77, while explosive chords turn Pocket of Silence into a roaring storm. A ton of fun.
4/5 - Jim Carroll
- The Ticket - Irish Times Supplement


Aside from having one of the best names around, Limerick's giveamanakick (no capitals, please) announced themselves with one of the fiercest debuts to grub around in the indie margins in recent times with 2003's delightfully scabrous "Is It OK To Be Loud, Jesus?".
Indeed, anyone who got caught in the brain-flaying melee of that record without prior knowledge would struggle to believe that such mighty thunder was being kicked up by merely two individuals: namely guitarist/ vocalist Stephen Ryan and drummer/ vocalist Keith Lawler. Christ, weren't two-piece bands supposed to follow the White Stripes blues-y, minimalist blueprint, not make the sound of a thousand cement mixers churning at once?
Well, clearly no-one bothered to tell Messrs.Ryan and Lawler before or after the event, because with long-awaited follow-up (I assume the gap stretched to two years plus because of Ryan's fascinatingly skewhiff Windings project) "We Are The Way Forward", their uncompromising sonic attack has been intensified rather than neutered in any way.
Indeed, the opening salvo of tracks makes it clear that GAMAK have been storing up reserves of pent up aggression just for us. If anything, the wired and adrenalised opener "Bobby Dazzler"s furious, perpetual motion riffing even eclipses debut album highlight "Ger Canning" and finds Stephen in curiously liturgical mood, howling fascinating stuff like "Why save yourself from yourself? It's nothing to do with what's left of the soul!" Well, absolutely. If this isn't frenetic enough for you, then the ensuing "Grabbity - all supercharged beats and massive funky riffs and kind've like a hellish amalgam of the Gang Of Four and Black Flag - boots you relentlessly in the balls and the club-footed Glam riffs and amped-up desperation of "Let God Touch Your Children" (sample lyric: "I'm a fast car driving at night with no lights on!") makes a mockery of the idea of GAMAK needing something as wimpy and inessential as a (cough) bassist.
This being giveamanakick, there's naturally still reserves of tongue-in-cheek humour going down, especially in the musical sense. "Hatch 77", for example, suggests that the obvious foil for broiling guitars and steamhammer drumming must be handclaps (but of course!), while "Sick From Motion"s initial staccato-style riff sounds like a post-rock "My Sharona" before the inevitable Math-Rock tempo changes kick in, and Ryan's malevolent whisper of a vocal on "Aquaplaning" finds him vowing hilarious stuff like "I wanna be more marketable, I wanna save the world, just like...Bono." Besides, name me any other hardcore noiseniks likely to name one of their tunes "Non-Emo Outsiders"? That's enough to get a star from this reviewer all on it's lonesome.
Nonetheless, lyrically it's still fear, disappointment and a general disenchantment with human nature that dominate and resonate in many of GAMAK'S best songs. "Spit"s manic bitten-off punk, for example, finds Ryan wapping himself up in the revulsion of the lines "the crowds they spit, the crowds they pity you, people don't look people in the eye anymore"; the super-cynical, but brilliantly observed "Red Faced Killers" ("last night I made a killing, it was cruel but functional/ and I like the way it happened under your nose, so I'm going to the funeral, 'cos it makes me feel alive, ha ha ha!") matches the sneery hypocrisy of the lyric with a boastful testosterone rush of a musical backdrop and may be one of the very best things Ryan and Lawler have done to date.
Typically, they go out like a lion as well, with the snarling, soul-scouring set-piece that is "Suffer The Gowls". For non-Irish readers, this title could refer to goblins, fools or an important part of the female anatomy, and though the lyric refers to "Good old Catholic guilt", I still think it would be unwise to stick my neck out here. Suffice it to say, though, that it's the sound of two young lads getting seriously hot under the collar and losing themselves in the intensity of the moment for the good of us all.
"We Are The Way Forward", then, is a second sizzling instalment from one of Ireland's still-stupidly undervalued bands. Stephen Ryan may sing slightly ruefully of "standing on the toes of giants, they've got steel toe-caps, but I'm still trying" on "Sick From Motion", but that doesn't mean giveamanakick's furious rock'n'roll ever fails to connect here. It boots punk rock botty with the best of 'em, and by Christ it hurts real good!

Tim Peacock

"demented genius"

a reinvention of punk and hardcore from about 1970 to the present taken to its minimalist end. demented genius, so go and buy the album." -

"A Classic..."

"We Are The Way Forward combines the ugliness of brute force with the beauty of
invention. A classic"
9 out of 10 - Hot Press


3 Albums

Is It Ok To Be Loud, Jesus?
We Are The Way Forward
Welcome To The Cusp

All beautiful...



giveamanakick are Steveamanakick and giveamanakeith. Having spent the past 3 years playing with various rock luminaries and music press darlings such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Lightning Bolt, Dinosaur Jr, Deftones, Presidents of the United States Of America, Rocket From the Crypt, Electric 6, The Icarus Line, Ex-Girl, Electric Eel Shock, Isis, The Soledad Brothers, Unsane, Melt Banana, Liars, Zu, Black Eyes, The Undertones and Oxbow, as well as peddling their albums “Is It Ok To Be Loud, Jesus?” and “We Are The Way Forward” to anybody who’d listen, giveamanakick rested. Briefly. Then came an extensive UK tour with The Undertones, live TV performances, Radio Sessions, constant Local, National and International Airplay, appearances at festivals all over Europe, constant tours, and many sleepless nights… the giveamanakick way!.
So it’s been two years since giveamanakick launched their 2nd Album “We Are The Way Forward” onto the heads of the unsuspecting public. Initial reactions to the album were overwhelmingly positive, and since those first few weeks of W.A.T.W.F. easing itself (with the subtlety of a chainsaw to the face) into the publics’ collective consciousness, giveamanakick have been keeping themselves quite busy… Not content with having released their 2nd album a mere 3 months earlier, giveamanakick decided to hit the studio again early 2006 to record their half of the Berkeley/gamak split 7” single. A tour ensued, audiences were ecstatic, singles were sold. giveamanakick paused for a week.
Then came the support slots. In 2006 alone, giveamanakick managed to fulfill a couple of their lifetime ambitions by touring and playing in some of Irelands most famous venues with some of their favourite bands; Deftones in The Ambassador, Lightning Bolt in Whelans and Connollys Of Leap, Dinosaur Jr in TempleBarMusicCentre and The Warwick and their 2nd gig in Vicar St with Presidents of the United States of America. Good times were had, new fans were made, and “We Are The Way Forward” was now cemented permanently in the publics’ collective consciousness.
Festival time was approaching, and gamak were offered slots at Electric Picnic, Rock the Valley Fest, Mantua Lives, HardWorkingClassHeroes Festival, and the Bloom Festival. But inbetween all that, giveamanakick were presented with the prestigious “Album of the Year 2005” award from one of Irelands most famous venues, the Roisin Dubh, Galway, for “We Are The Way Forward”. A celebratory gig was played, champagne was popped, dances were danced, and heads were sore…
Performances at Electric Picnic came and went (that particular performance including the spectacle of an onstage fire breather and 10 masked dancers) and again new fans were made. Then giveamanakick made a quick trip to Hamburg to play at the Reeperbahn Festival alongside the likes of The Rapture, Radio 4, and Junior Senior!!!
"We Are The Way Forward" deals with everything giveamanakick want to deal with, loudly. You need it, Get it now.