Give Away The Plot

Give Away The Plot


Give Away The Plot is all the music that we enjoy, all those influences strewn together, really to the songs we personally write, truly creating a definable sound, that constantly evolves from itself.


Formed in 2006, Give Away The Plot's entire aim was to take all the elements they loved about music, and from that put their own unique stamp on it. Soft, Loud. Day and night, with each painting a picture. The bands founding line-up of Andy Ferris (vox/guitar), Shawn Hoffman (guitar), Jake Nichols (drums), also joined by former member Seth McDuffee(bass/vocals) came together to write what is now their debut album, "The Ecliptic." The disc released on Brown Coat Records, is your traditional "concept album," telling the story of what is the impending doom destined for the planet, artfully delving into the lives and inner delusions that our inhabitants experience through it all. The band now expanding their live shows and sound, enter a new era with current member Audrey Robinson (bass) writing new material, for their upcoming tour. Free your mind, and encourage your ears to give us a listen.


The Ecliptic-Brown Coat Recordings-LP

Set List

Anything off our LP.
New set of Dancy, Heavy, Melodic, and psychedlic tinged material, mixed in.
We have performed covers by The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.