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The best kept secret in music


"1 - Review of "Nothing Ever Changes"."

Read Magazine (Editor’s Pick)
October 2003

Very cool, unique hardcore. The musicianship is progressive without sacrificing any heaviness. They claim Kid Dynamite and Jawbreaker to be influences, but they're almost Frodus-esque in their unique song structures and top-notch talent. They also have some really neat metal riffing, and I don't mean the sludgy crap you hear in metalcore, but actual impressive guitarwork. The production also shines - it's crisp and clean, and even though you don't associate that with aggressive hardcore, somehow it sounds great here. Highly recommended for new school hardcore fans who aren't afraid to listen to something that isn't complete shit.

- Read Magazine

"2 - Review of "Nothing Ever Changes"."
September 2003

Pennsylvania's GIVING CHASE play a contemporary mix of punk and hardcore, with mild metal tendencies, not unlike a combination of BOY SETS FIRE and THRICE. This stuff is pretty furious and technical, which makes for explosive listening, but not very compact in delivery. The vocals on here are strong, with a hazy, consistent style of yelling - thankfully keeping away from diluted attempts of screaming/singing. It's unfortunate that many bands just don't appreciate anymore the veracity of a biting vocal howl. I keep on coming back to the BOY SETS FIRE influence on this band, specifically the "After The Eulogy" era, and without a doubt, it's an ode to GIVING CHASE's penchant for diverse rhythms and raging' guitars that race along like Wile E. Coyete in hot pursuit of a most tasty roadrunner. Scathing, personal/sociopolitical lyrics fill up the entirety of this disc, and the fourth track, "You Can't Rape The Willing" is about as intense, both lyrically and musically as it gets. Balanced production and slick artwork round out this disc, further solidifying the high-quality impression that it stomps down. I think I'd like to see GIVING CHASE develop a more unique style as the band progresses to future releases, but this is definitely a starting point worthy of notice.


"3 - Review of "Nothing Ever Changes"."

Many times when I first listen to an album I’ve been sent for review, it takes a backseat to what I’m doing at the time. It’s rare that anything completely commands my attention on the first listen. This EP did just that. In fact, within two listens I was screaming and singing along and playing air guitar like a complete idiot….Michael Woliansky’s vocals stand out here, as his ability to provide throat ripping screams or sung vocals adds to this bands ability to convey exactly how they are feeling through their music. His singing style is very distinct and recognizable, which is another very good asset that will help set this band apart from the pack….I don’t remember the last time I was so moved by a band upon just discovering them. Everything here is exactly what I’d want in a band….I really try to avoid fawning over a release like I’m doing here, but in this case I will make an exception. This EP is damned good and this band deserves every bit of positive attention they can get.


"4 - Review of "Nothing Ever Changes"."

"I have never given a perfect score in the short time of this website, but then again no one has ever deserved one. That is until now….Giving Chase has put out a melodic hardcore masterpiece…..For melodic hardcore with songs that last more than 30 seconds you will not find a better album this year. Anyone looking for another TBS or Brand New, well you won't find them here. This is what melodic hardcore is supposed to sound like, no whining, and no sappy ass lyrics. I may have just found my new favorite band and this is definitely going on my top 5 list for the year. "

- Pop Tart Zine

"5 - Review of "Nothing Ever Changes"."

"From the beginning seconds of this EP, the hairs on the back of my neck suddenly arise to the spooky and complex sounds of held out chords, and a haunting test of genius. Giving Chase's debut on Jumpstart Records is a different sound of today's punk rock…. Upbeat, and fun, yet dark and very emotional….Cool CD artwork. Good songs. Overall a good CD. Check it out. "

"6 - Review of "Nothing Ever Changes"."

"The raw production, combined with Giving Chase’s honest lyrics, and powerful guitar-work made this EP a very eye opening, and fun listen....Giving Chase's sound involves many different elements. The band takes the hardcore riffage of bands like Snapcase, and Kid Dynamite, and mixes it with the raw emotion of a band like Thursday. The end result is not a textbook copy of their influences, but a sound all their own…."Simple Self" is a fast little number, which could make even the calmest of church congregations erupt into a sea of windmills and floorpunches… “Nothing Ever Changes” was very enjoyable, despite the fact it doesn’t have trillion- dollar production containing 50 layers of guitar, and special guest vocals by Oscar The Grouch and Polly The Parrot. I highly urge you to pick up this 7 song EP. Giving Chase will be on the road a lot in the coming months, so make sure to check them out. I am very interested to see what the future holds in store for these guys. "


"While Nero Played" 7-inch Jump Start Records 2006
"Nothing Ever Changes" EP Jump Start Records 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


Keith Morris, legendary front man for Black Flag and The Circle Jerks, once said, “If you’re starting a band and think that you’re going to make a lot of money, you’re fooling yourself. Maybe the machinery kicks in behind you and it turns into the golden brick road, but for most of us, we just had to go out and bust our asses.” Like many bands before them, Giving Chase has always been a band busting their ass. Four nights a week of rehearsal, twelve hour drives to shows, recording demo tracks until 2am followed by early mornings grinding away at a mind-numbing 9-5—whatever it takes. Few bands would still be together—few people would still be so determined—if they’d gone through much of what this band has endured, but not Giving Chase. For these five guys, giving up has never been an option.

Take progressive and challenging arrangements, smash them to bits under the mallet of a sledgehammer, glue them back together, add catchy vocal harmonies, soak in alcohol, and set ablaze—this is the sound of Giving Chase. Raging loud, smart and provocative; pissed off and fueled by angst and confusion, but striving toward a real sense of hope and optimism about the future. Harnessing these dark elements to empower a positive message, and getting that message to the ears of anyone who will listen is their mission.

Since the band’s inception, founding members Mike Woliansky and Ryan Wilcox have worked together to create music and lyrics that make a statement. Grab the listener’s attention, make a real intellectual and emotional connection, and never let go. While the two weathered a rotating cast of fair-weather drummers and bassists over the first few years, they still managed to release a solid, if unrefined EP and tour extensively as a young band just learning the ropes.

July 2003 saw the addition of Brian Dougherty to the band’s lineup and the release of Nothing Ever Changes on Jump Start Records (A Wilhelm Scream, Belvedere). Recorded at Clay Creek Studios with Nick Rotundo (Boy Sets Fire, None More Black, Paint It Black), Nothing Ever Changes is progressive and intense, capturing the raw energy of the band’s live performance. Lyrically, the album touches on issues across the spectrum, but an underlying theme connects all seven tracks—the realization that nothing will ever change, in your own life or in the world around you, unless you do something to change it. With a solid record under their belt, the band set out on tour.

With a move to Philadelphia in July of 2004, and the addition of long time friends of the band, Carlin Brown on drums and Jeremy Myers on bass, the band’s lineup finally solidified. Brown and Myers’ addition and the much needed move helped to breathe new life into the band and their music. Collectively, the genre-defying five-piece now has over 70 years experience playing and performing music as a part of the punk and hardcore community.

While creating music and touring are their primary focus, Giving Chase has always been eager to step-up and give back to their scene: putting out and contributing to zines, putting on shows, operating DIY venues, running record labels, booking tours, and screen printing t-shirts and posters are just some of the ways they’ve helped to support a community that’s given so much to them. Being an underground band has always meant being a part of something bigger and greater than yourself—a scene that has the potential to open minds and change lives.

This year alone the band has already recorded material for a yet unreleased full-length record, released a seven-inch and DVD, and is on pace to perform over 150 shows across North America. Their devotion to their music and their scene has earned them a far-flung, loyal following. Unlike so many young bands today, they choose their music and a strong conviction of ideals over posturing, image and fashion. It is this sincerity that is quickly earning them a voice in underground music.